Yamaha CLP-F01 Slimline Clavinova

Yamaha CLP-F01 Slimline Clavinova

A division from this corporation was Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., which focused on the engineering in motorcycles in 1955, but now has moved away as being a division to an independently known company. Yamaha Corporation came into existence in 1887, which is 133 years ago, founded by Torakusu Yamaha and its headquarters is situated in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. It initially produced piano and read organ instruments.

Since Yamaha burgeoned around the world, it has been used by many instrument lovers and well-known people. Of the many artists who use Yamaha keyboards are Matt Otley, Christian Lo-Russo, and Ben Grayson, who are independent artists, then there’s Jae Laffer and Julian Douglas from The Panics. Those are just a pinch of artists who have used Yamaha keyboards.

The reason for the above-mentioned artists who play keyboards is because the closest related instrument to a digital piano is the keyboard. A digital piano is an instrument that does not frequently appear for us to grasp hold of it. However, Yamaha has released a new model from the Clavinova series, called CLP-F01 Slimline Clavinova, which will be our main topic of discussion today.

The Clavinova series was introduced in 1983, a piano combined with an electric keyboard. The main objective by doing so is to enhance the sound to be more likely used at concerts or performances and to improve the power of the entire system.

From the Clavinova series, particularly the CLP-F01 Slimline, this is a very small digital piano made to the finest details to produce the best sound quality and elegantly crossed with modernized appearances. Unlike a standardized upright piano, this digital piano is so compact and with a 1,427mm width, depth of 400mm, and height of 995mm, it can fit into any place and will not take up much space.

The backplate of this classy instrument fits like a glove against the war which makes it look like the missing part of the piano magically disappeared into the wall. Four unique colors embody the backplate: Polished Ebony, Polished, Red, Polished Orange, Polished Blue.
There are 88 keys made of natural wood and depending on whoever is playing the piano, 4 touch-sensitive options are available for the feel of the keys (hard, medium, soft, and fixed). There is also an AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) with 3 levels for technological stereo sampling, used to balance the volume and sound reverberation, which also depends on the person playing the keyboard of the piano.

To give that level of sound that matches the user’s touch, the AWM coexists with 64 polyphonic notes for a variety of effects and 30 banks of sound presets. The CLP-F01 also features 14 instrument sounds (similar to a Keyboard where you can choose what instrument sound your heart desires) that contain 3 categories of Grand Piano (because one is clearly not enough) and 2 kinds of Electric pianos.

In addition to the number of characteristics this digital piano has, there are also 50 songs that have been fused into the piano, so you can immediately fiddle around with the songs.

The Yamaha CLP-F01 Slimline Clavinova includes a built-in 40 W sound system, a metronome, and output ports (headphones and audio) so that the user can connect the digital piano onto a computer. The exterior features and the sound that it produces aims to replicate the pragmatism of a grand piano by implementing the samples of Stereo Sustain (this produces the same sound made by a grand piano) and Key-Off (this creates subtle sounds like releasing the keys after the damper caressing the strings).

Unlike keyboards that are unable to keep that Key-Off sample, the CLP-F01 is an evolution for both a piano and a keyboard.

Features and Specifications:

• Number of Keys: 88
• Type of Wood: Natural wood keyboard
• Touch Sensitivity: 4 Options (hard; medium; soft; fixed)
• Number of Pedals: 3 (also a half-pedal is included)
• Pedal Functions: Damper; Sostenuto; Soft
• Type of Display: LED
• Display Size: 7 segments and 3 digits
• Tone Generating Technology: AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling
• Number of Dynamic Levels: 3
• Stereo sustain and key-off samples featured by the piano voices
• Number of Polyphonic notes: Max. 64
• Number of Voices: 10 x 2 variations
• Effects: Reverb; Dual; Split
• Number of Preset Songs: 50 (Classic; Jazz)
• Recording the Number of Songs/Tracks: 1
• Data Recording Capacity: 65KB (± 11,000 notes)
• Data Format Compatibility: Playback (SMF Format 0 & 1; ESEQ) and Recording (SMF Format 0)
• Controls: Metronome; Tempo Range (32-280); Transpose (-12 to 0 to +12); Tuning
• Internal Memory Storage: 512KB
• External Drive Storage: Optional
• Connectivity: 2 x Headphones; MIDI In/Out; Aux In/Out; USB
• Amplifiers: 2 x 40 W
• Speakers: 2 x 16 cm + 2 x 5 cm
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 1,427 x 995 x 400 mm
• Weight: 76 Kg

Its internal memory can store up to 11,000 notes of 65KB capacity, which is the equivalent of 2 tracks or 3 songs. A dual and split function of the keyboard for both a solo or a duet recital and more than one voice from the 14 choices of instruments can be played simultaneously. Known for its class and intricate designs, played by famous composers and pianists in the world, Yamaha never ceases to surprise the world.