Tronical company manufactures distributes self-tuning systems and is a technological innovation which is founded in 2005 by CEO Chris Adams and situated in Hamburg, Germany. The amount of effort put into every mechanism is ensured to provide satisfactory results. This company uses a finely speculated process within the production to find the perfect solutions for musicians and their musical instruments.

Tronical’s auto-tuning devices have been used by many guitarists in the world and many of them recommend using Tronical. Artists such as Jude Gold who’s the director of Guitar Institute of Technology, Jesse Johnson from the Time (aka Original 7ven) and Douglas Blair who was the guitarist of the heavy metal band W.A.S.P. This shows how reliable this company is being used by famous musicians and by developing musicians.

TronicalPowerTune System has been mentioned previously within this website that it was only commencing a project development; however, it has now introduced in the Winter NAMM and it is becoming a reality. This powerful all-in-one tuning system consists of 3 modes of components:
• The PowerHead-Locking Tuners
• The TuneControl Bridge and TuneCore Controller
• The TuneControlMultiKnob

The PowerHead-Locking Tuners

Miniscule servomotors are featured with gears that are designed to tune the strings to great precision. The servomotor has a control that has a learning capability for intelligently optimized tuning requirements. It maintains the original manualized tuning option as well if the musician decides to tune without the autotuning effect.
The PowerHead-Locking Tuners are made to be light in weight and are designed incorporating feather-light material that is used in aircraft. This does not put any weight on the guitar and sustains the same equilibrium of the guitar, thus creating the effect as if the tuner is not there in the first place.

The TuneControl Bridge and TuneCore Controller

This 2-in-1 modular component controls the movement of the servo tuners. The TuneControl Bridge has 2 styles:
• The Gibson Style which is the Tun-o-Matic bridge which provides power using a rechargeable battery that fits in the gap of a guitar. It is charged by plugging the cable of the guitar into a charger, just that simple. Once the battery is fully charged, it would take numerous tuning activities before the battery runs out, so it is efficient in battery usage.
• The Fender Style is the tremolo bridge which is a mechanism that is integrated to be used to tune the guitar even during an extensive and aggressive use of the tremolo. The software in the electronic circuitry consists of a DSP-based tuning investigation that is fast in momentum and immediately calculates the real tuning in milliseconds.

The TuneControl Multi-Knob

This is when the volume knob is replaced by the TuneControlMultiKnob, for the reason that when the knob is positioned as being pulled then it imitates as a rotary switch for the variation of tunes for the strings. It has a component of built-in multi-colored LEDs which is advantageous for perceptibility in broad daylight or pitch-dark places, therefore it allows easy access to the controls and settings (i.e. grunge and slide).

It is attached to the guitar and is available in different finishes and styles that can match any guitar’s appearances and models. ThisPowetune equipment will blend with the guitar and complement it. The “Enter” button is used for the optical lens and the algorithm is programmed for this action to be completed quickly.

The TronicalPowertune System has taken more than 10 years of deciphering and extensive examination to create what it is currently. The pitch of every single string is determined through the use of a set of piezoelectric pickups. These pickups are dependent on the vibration of the strings which is set off by a retraction flux in the current. The vibration sends off an order to the main part of the mainframe to estimate a standard pitch included in the system but can be manually inputted.

Personal preference of tunings can be saved on the TronicalPowertune System’s memory for the unique guitars out there through one touch of a knob, the shift is done automatically and smoothly in moderation. This is an additional component for guitars that will benefit guitarists who prefer quick and fast tuning that is hassle-free.
All of this ITM (Individual Tune Memory) customized settings can be returned to its factory modeled setting with just a simple rebooting command. The price is still yet to be announced for this must-have equipment which consists of 5 different versions for the different types of guitars sold in the market.