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Top 10 Best Piano Brands in The World for All Budgets

Like the numerous codes coming from a piano instrument, there are many of its brands available now.  It is more than three centuries now from the first modern piano started playing endless music worldwide. There has been a continuous evolution of it from the upright type to the latest digital ones. But one thing that has not changed is it is the medium for expression for the whole world.

Even after 311 years after Bartolomeo Cristofori created the piano in 1709, there is no other musical instrument to fill or replace it.  It has its unique style of saying the world of sentiment, emotion, poetry, imagination, fantasy, among others. As per a wise saying, though the piano’s white keys represent happiness, the black keys of sorrow are equally crucial to produce incredible music.

Though hundreds of brands of the piano are now available, it is only the eighty-eight keys within it that makes the entire music universe.   But with the latest technological developments, pianos are also become sophisticated to give the best music as per the quality of the piano brand.

Modern pianos produce sounds by the performer’s fingers, depressing its keys for the hammers to strike the strings. They are equipped with a pedal it controls the dampers by stopping the vibration of the strings.  When the performer presses the pedal, the dampers get lifted from the strings to vibrate freely.  There is an additional pedal to reduce the volume of the piano.  For over so many years, it is the most populist musical instrument in classical, romantic, post-romantic, folk modern, jazz, pop, rock, and other music forms.

Types of pianos

As times change and so the pianos from upright pianos of the early 1700s., there are many changes in their size, shape, acoustic to digital, and many more  including

  • Upright pianos
  • Grand pianos
  • Electric pianos
  • Electronic pianos
  • Digital pianos

Best Piano Brands: Top Pianos in Budget

If you are in the search to know which the best piano brand is, you are in the right place.  But the truth is there is no particular yardstick or a method to follow to find the right brand of piano. Irrespective of this truth, there are surprisingly many lists online that give top positions to piano brands.  But there will always be a disclaimer clause on the website to disown any such recommendations.  It is a universal fact that is now more or less known to all.

There are many reasons for stating that there could not be a definitive list of top 10 or 20 or whatever. The primary goal is that choosing a piano is more of a subjective and personal matter.  And it is a different experience which changes from person to person.  It could be the reason for even the musical greats like Beethoven, Bartok, Ravel, and others to have the piano brands of their choice. Hence the piano that suits and is perfect to you may not be the same for others.

Then how will you end up with the perfect piano you want.  With hundreds of available brands is a Himalayan task to find the right one for you. There is also no objective metric to measure the real quality and value of these priceless musical instruments.  These timeless marvel musical instruments are a combination of tone, sound, action, history, and passion.

But the perfect piano choice depends on your budget, musical goals, and skill levels along with many factors. With only a few brands having the right mixture of quality and history to stand out among the crowd could be the best ones for your choice. But to identify the best piano brand, you need to know the answers to the following questions.

What are your piano playing skills?

Are you a starter and want to have one of your own to practice it all the free time.  Or you are a seasoned player who wants to take it to concerts or for any other commercial purposes.  All of these factors will determine the right piano for you.

How much space you have for your piano?

Pianos now come in many sizes and shapes.  Your available space for the piano will determine the brand, which offers the best quality for that size. In case of lesser space, you can go for a digital piano as it takes only less space, and in case of a larger area, you can opt for an upright piano or acoustic grand piano.

Apart from space, what you prefer an acoustic or a digital piano?

If you are a person with enough space or not have a preference for acoustic or digital piano matters while choosing the piano brand, you may be the one to prefer the feeling of striking acoustic piano’s keys. But with acoustic pianos apart from space issue, there is additional up keeping needed and also not to forget the annual tuning cost for it.

What is your aim for buying the piano?

If you are a starter and want to try playing piano and not with a passion for long term use, it is better to go for the cheaper and less costly brands.  If playing the piano, it is your passion to do it lifelong. Or too have it as a habit to relax and even play concerts it is a different story altogether. You must take time and choose the ones with the right weight keys that not only suits you now but for a more extended period. Also, it is better to go for the best brands in the market irrespective of the costs.

Now, the last but the not the least question of,  what is your budget for buying the piano?

Irrespective of all other factors, the budget plays a vital role in deciding the piano brand. Since hundreds of brands are available, there is one for all budgets. Maybe the quality of the piano may differ as per the cost, but still, you can buy the best one that suits your budget. It is only the passion and the right key to striking to get the music, the best one for your budgets could be among the following brands.

Tips for buying the best piano brands within budget

  • Try piano in person before buying it as only the right experience and satisfaction while playing it will help you to decide on buying it
  • While trying in person, do not stop with one brand of the piano within your budget costs, but try different pianos to choose the one for you
  • Consult the piano teacher or other experts who may practically guide to purchase the perfect piano
  • Check online for comparing prices and quality with the various features as per your need and budget

Top seven piano brands: Best Selling Pianos

As said earlier that there is no way one could know if the top list of pianos could suit anyone.  It is not perfect to have such a list. But with knowing so many details above of buying a piano of your choice, comfort, and budget, the brands mentioned below may help you.

1. Bosendorfer: Luxury Piano in Budget

For nearly two centuries, this luxury piano brand is also famous for extending the 88 keyboards with the 97 keys keyboard giving 8 octaves. It is one of the prestigious and luxury brands if it suits your budget, which should be huge.

2. Bluthner: Best Heritage Piano

Another one and half-century-old piano maker but destroyed during the second world war. It is another heritage and expensive piano brand to have Queen Victoria to play their pianos.

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3. Steinway and Sons: A Great Masterpiece Piano

It another prestigious piano company to create custom based masterpieces as pianos for their customers. Made by master craftsman with more than 12,000  parts, this brand also exists for more than one and half a century now.

4. Bechstein: Elegant Design Best Piano

Being a German piano company, it has in its client list like Queen Victoria, Beatles, Freddy Mercury, Elton John, among others. Having invested more than 18 million Euros, they are in the forefront of the piano design for today’s piano developments.

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5. Fazioli: Value for Money Piano

Making only concert grand pianos, they give value for the money purchasing it. But the purchasing money is between the range from 100,000 to 300,000 Euros. They even have a 24-carat gold leaf piano that could only be a dream for many.  Within less than forty years after starting in 1981, Fazoli has made a name for itself in the grand piano market that is unbeatable by even the prestigious older brands.

6. Shigeru Kawai: A Great Quality Piano

For nearly a century now, Shigeru Kawai started in 1927 makes nothing but the most beautiful quality pianos.  This Japanese piano maker blends all the essential credentials of a modern-day piano. They include the traditional craftsmanship, state of the art components, and the advanced innovations.  Every year they make only 250 pianos to maintain their quality that is unparalleled to others.

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7. Stuart and Sons: Best Piano in Budget

The last in our list and the youngest in the piano makers, Stuart & Sons, started piano making only in 1990.  But in all these nearly thirty years, they have made only 55 pianos.  They only make two grand pianos. One is the studio grand, and the other is the concert grand measuring 7.2′ and 9.5′, respectively.  They offer you the choice to choose them from Red Cedar, Tasmanian Huon Pine, or Tasmanian Sassafras. Their pianos also offer many Keys in the keyboard from 97 to 102 keys.  Their strong pitch is that their high pitch is not a reachable feat by any other brand pianos.

The above details of the piano brands will sure give you some insight into the piano, the types, the essential elements to know before buying a piano, and some best brands available in the piano market.

Enjoy piano playing for a happy and prosperous life.