Roland VIMA keyboards

Roland VIMA keyboards

Music is incomplete without instruments. Instrumental sounds add emotion and effect to the sounds. The keyboard sound is set as per the beat and effects of the music. Keyboards are entered to provide a new series of entertainment and fun to music lovers. We ensure most of you must have your own keyboard at home or at your friend’s place. You must have spent quality time trying to play or playing this keyboard. You must be playing your favorite song or making foolish sounds created only for enjoyment or entertainment.
This keyboard is the home entertainment center for audio as well as video thus it clarifies the main feature of the Roland VIMA keyboard. These keyboards are portable ie. can be displaced easily. They are easy to use and no special training or experience is required to play this instrument.

All you need is will power and interest in music to learn this interesting instrument. This instrument is named after a computer’s hardware equipment keyboard which has a similar function of typing as this instrument is used for creating sounds.

Special features:

1. It consists of a special feature of audio creation like iPod, CD, DVD, etc.
2. It bears an exceptional feature of video programming like DVD’s but external TV is not included.
3. Karaoke mode is also available for playing recorded sounds.
4. Vocal track muting of CD can be done.
5. We can add music to the home videos by using Mac OS X and iLife.
6. It consists of 264 in-built instruments like voice modifiers, etc.
VIMA is designed in two series of models:
• RK-500: It is a different model with a few different functions. It consists of 88 keys and two speakers each of approximately 50W.
• RK-100: It is a different version of the keyboard that has different functions. It consists of 61 keys and two speakers of 14.8W consequently. It does not support any video or image visualization. It bears the EZ navigation system.

I’m sure lots of you have a friend (or yourself) that has a keyboard and with some friends, you have spent much time playing or trying to play, your favorite songs or original “concept songs” (meaning foolish sounds made only for fun). Making this kind of thing is one of the Roland VIMA keyboards’ features because this keyboard is a home video/audio entertainment center.

The VMAs feature music (iPod, CD, DVD, …) and video (DVDs, with not-included external TV) playing, karaoke mode (with not-included mic and TV, you can even make duets with 2 mics), CD vocal track muting, video music-making (adding your played songs to your home videos, you must use Mac OS X and iLife), 264 built-in instruments (including voice modifiers) an many more. There are two VIMA models, the RK-500 with 88 keys, 2×50W speakers, USB input, … and RK-100 with 61 keys, 2×14.8W speakers, … (doesn’t have support images or video).

The VIMA is one of those products that I doubt it will be released outside Japan.