Miranda Guitars portable instruments

Miranda Guitars portable instruments

Miranda guitars are to build a type of guitar that is portable like the violin instrument. The Miranda models prove that they make this concept. The silent guitar plays like an entirely acoustic instrument. It is very compact and light to carry around. To make the instrument’s length shorter, Miranda put the tuners of the guitar behind the back of the body.
While browsing through the internet, I found this guitar review in an ad. I found out that this brand is travel guitars. The guitars do not need to be taken apart, put the aluminum body and the guitar into the case and go immediately.
Miranda Guitars has two models that you can choose from. One of the models is CFX-200 and S-250. The CFX-200 is an acoustic guitar that uses nylon-strings. It has detachable tapping plates on the model. It also has some unique features on the 12th fret and the 15th fret. Omit, Miranda S-250 is an acoustic guitar that uses steel strings. The highlight of the guitar is that there is a cutaway on the 17th fret. It has a truss rod with strap buttons and a pickguard that can be taken away if needed.

There are so many things that have been labeled as “travel products”. People do not stop at anything. There are travel TV, travel workshops and many others. Although some of them are good, the others are ridiculous.
It is time to put another item in the highlight – the travel guitar. Travel guitars from Miranda looked like some folded up instrument. It looked like crap. The thing was after I saw people playing the tools I was surprised.

This guitar has the neck of a classical guitar, and it has a great shape and functionality. But, when you use it, you need to turn it 180 degrees to fine-tune the tuners at the back of the classical guitar.

A magazine feature writer stated that the tuner section is a bit odd. It might be difficult for other guitarists to accept such radical changes on a guitar. It is like it was crafted for someone that was in the 1950s. The millennial teenage guitarist does not know how to operate it. Imagine if you bought it for your son’s birthday. He looks at it like a kid that plays Nintendo Switch but is handed something like a fishing rod to play with. Yet, the craftsmanship of the guitar is something that people should learn to live with.

As for the body of the Miranda guitar, it has a glossy, acrylic body. The body looks like the top and bottom sides of an ordinary classical guitar. It also has the touch of a proper guitar. Yet, you can maintain the playing position of a standard classical guitar. Apply the position to the Miranda guitar.

Final Verdict
The Miranda travel guitar is excellent if you want to test out how to play an older, classical guitar. It is not the best travel guitar out there. But, if you’re going to start on getting your first travel guitar, pick Miranda guitar! It will not disappoint you.