Midomi, Recognize the Song with Your Singing

Midomi.com is a great platform for people who are fond of singing. Those who love singing their favorite track on the tune of the instrument their friend is playing or on a karaoke night in some bar. According to reviews, most of the times the guess is completely correct.
Midomi is the child of Melodis Corporation. This venture has got this beautiful and amazing thing into real life.

To begin with, one has to register or sign up on the website by entering basic details like email, username, password, and date of birth. The password should be according to the password-related rules of the website. If someone forgets their password, they can reset it using the reset link sent to their email which they are using while registering themselves.

One can search their favorite songs with midomi.com and the weapon is your own voice. There are times when we have heard a bit of some track in a friend’s car or playing somewhere in the background. And then we forget the name of that track and we keep asking people about that. The situation is so helpless because we can’t even search on the internet because we don’t know the exact title or the name of the artist. Midomi.com is the solver in such situations. The computer’s microphone is all that is needed.

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To begin with, one has to go to the “Singing Search” option to begin the recording of their particular search. Record your humming sound using a microphone. The microphone can be tested also. For achieving the best results, the volume should be raised using the volume bar in green color. It would be better if there is no background noise. Record the song for 10 seconds or more. The results are visible by clicking the green arrow.

There is a feature “text search” on the website which makes the search process quite easy and quick. One can search for their favorite songs and people easily through this feature. Search can be done by entering an artist’s or his band’s name, some or part of the song title, for searching songs. After typing the search term, press enters, or click on the green arrow.

For recording the song, one has to press on a microphone-like icon in the “find music” section. Once you press that icon, you will be prompted to allow the “microphone” on your system to be accessed by this website. If you click on the “deny” option in that dialog box, you won’t be able to record your voice.

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What you can do with Midomi.com?

Here are some of the things which you can do with Midomi.com: –

Search: –

Midomi.com is a music search tool. It begins with singing, humming, or whistling your favorite tune or song. Then this website connects you with a community that has common musical interests. One should be trying this website. It’s quite amazing!

Contribute: –

In this website, a vast database of searchable music is created. One can contribute to this central database by humming or singing the song in any genre. Next time when someone else searches that particular song, the performance of the same kind of song comes at the top!

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Connect: –

On this website, one can create their profile, sing the track of their choice, and share the songs with their friends and get discovered other users of this website. One can listen to other’s singing sessions and even rate their performances. The option of viewing other people’s pictures, sending them messages is also available. So, you can socialize while playing with music. What’s better than that!
If someone likes the original music, they can even go for buying it.

Collect: –

Midomi.com has a rich collection of millions of legit music tracks from all genres and artists. One can listen to original recordings and can shop for their full studio versions from the website only at reasonable prices. All kinds of online payment modes are supported. Post buying, they can enjoy the music on their phones, laptops, etc.

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-Overall midomi.com is a great platform for music lovers and people who crave entertainment and socializing both. Favorite music and the option of finding people who have the same music taste, what else would one need!