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Best Yamaha Synthesizer 2021 – Budget & Top Picks for Professional

Are you a loyal customer of the Yamaha brand? Then, you are in for some great news! Yamaha has brought its new chain of synthesizers under the MOXF8 series, the Best Yamaha Synthesizer in the USA within your budget! Not just this, all the instruments reviewed here are portable, and come with a built-in audio interface, and are velocity-sensitive.

Overall Best Yamaha Synthesizer#

Yamaha Montage8 88-key Synthesizer Workstation,...
  • The Motion Control Synthesis Engine unifies and controls two iconic Sound Engines: AWM2 (high-quality waveform and synthesis)...
  • Motion Sequences are tempo-synchronized, completely customizable control sequences that can be assigned to virtually any...
  • Montage features professional, stereo balanced outputs with “Pure Analog Circuit” digital to analog conversion.
  • Eight rotary encoders and faders with step ladder LED. Note Capacity: Approx. 130,000 notes
  • From high definition reverbs to incredibly detailed Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects, Montage is loaded

Overall Budget Yamaha Synthesizer#

Yamaha REFACE CP Portable Electric Piano and...
  • Vintage Keyboard Sound Engine with six incredibly detailed vintage keyboard types
  • Five stomp box-style effects with direct control
  • 128-note polyphony ensures dropout-free performance
  • HQ mini keyboard (37-keys) allows fast, natural performance with premium feel and response
  • Built-in speaker system lets you play any place, any time!

We know how hard it is to choose the right kind of synthesizer that is affordable but also provides value for money. Therefore, we have also prepared a buying guide for you based on the best Yamaha synthesizer reviews so that you can choose from our list of quality synthesizers with all their pros and cons.

1. Yamaha MOXF8 Music Production Workstation: Best Rated Synth

best yamaha synthesizer

Key Features

  • Keyboard: 88-Key GHS
  • Dimensions: 60.4 x 20.2 x 10.98 inches
  • Compatible with Flash RAM
  • Both Internal and USB port storage available.
  • The maximum range of polyphony is 128 notes.
  • Comes with 88 keys
  • LCD light at the back for display
  • Has a power adapter
  • Sensitive to velocity
  • Has MIDI Sequencer for Recording and Playback purposes
  • 1152 voices

Feature Overview

The perfect companion to your stage performances, Yamaha MOXF8 Music Production Workstation is the latest release from the Yamaha MOTIF series. As both MOTIF XF and MOX data is suited to this best Yamaha Synthesizer, the diverse library of sound and samples is sure to blow your mind. The GHS Keyboard comprises 88 keys in total, and you will experience a real-time keyboard response as if the instrument were an acoustic piano.

Like all other products of the MOXF series, this workstation is also equipped with a whopping number of 136 new voice notes, among them the S6 piano reigning supreme and most acclaimed. Want to experiment with new genres like hip-hop? MOXF Yamaha Portable Synthesizer has it all!

For users desiring to create layering or split sound effects on their synthesizer, the Performance Creator feature has been added so that you have the right sound effect with just a press of the button.

If you want to monitor your real-time performance in the future, you have the Sequencer. This highly effective instrument helps you record your performance while ensuring that the music quality is top-notch.

  • The preset feature allows you to save layered sounds as well as split points.
  • It can be connected to a microphone and a voice recorder thus allowing you to produce amazing harmonies.
  • Lightweight and can be easily carried around
  • With the CUBASE AI 7 software, you can mix and score music
  • Individual sampling is not available for the keys.

2. Yamaha REFACE CS Portable Analog Modeling Synthesizer: High Quality Synth

Yamaha Portable Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Key Features

  • Weight: – 6 pounds
  • Dimensions:-29.52 x 9.4 x 3.9 inches
  • Keyboard keys no. :- 37
  • Size:- Synthesiser

Feature Overview

This portable Yamaha synthesizer in the USA is not like any other monophonic analog clone. It is a different clone. It has the 8-note polyphonic reface CS’ five unique oscillator modules which create a tremendous variety of sounds also from analog to digital. You can animate your sound as you want with the help of LFO and EG. The LFO and EG help to add flavors with the onboard effect and filters. There is also an advantage to record song ideas which can be done using the onboard Looper.

About reface CS-

Sound:-Provided with analog Physical Modeling Engine. Produces five types of onboard effects. This helps to add depth to sound.

Control: – The High-Quality Mini Keys provide a premium feel and response for fast. It becomes easy to play with 8-note polyphony. It comes very accurately and naturally.

Mobility & Connectivity:-The stereo speaker is a 2W 3-centimeter system, lets you play any place, any time. It is specially designed to give good bass and rich sounds.

Has dual 1/4-inch unbalanced line outputs, provides a connection to mixers, audio interfaces, etc. An aux line input can be connected and heard in mobile devices, tablets, and other instruments.

  • Connect USB to any device.
  • 6 ‘AA’ batteries with 5 hours life.
  • Doesn’t have an ac adapter.

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3. Yamaha MM8 Music Synthesizer: For Best Quality Sound

Yamaha Music Synthesizer

Key Features

  • Weight:- 48 pounds
  • Dimensions:-59.5 x 20.75 x 9.25 inches
  • Number of keys on the keyboard: – 88
  • Size: – Large

Feature Overview

Power and control can make all the difference in your music whether you produce or compose. The MM8 and MM6 Music Synthesizers in it give all the musical power and creative control you need. The MM8 and MM6 have a lot of authentic Voices that helps to create and perform virtually in any style of music. It lets you dynamically change sonic textures.

Also, special Patterns are built that gives full instrumental backing to support your song creation. It is exceptionally lightweight, portable, and very easy to use. The full-length 88-key keyboard delivers natural touch and control. According to the best Yamaha Synthesizer reviews about this product, it has a full set of Patterns that provides a rhythmic backing in various music styles.

An extra set of GM Voices is also built into the instrument providing you with all you need to playback songs recorded. The useful Category Search function lets you choose the type of instrument you want to play – synth, guitar whatever, then select the specific Voice. All your favorite songs are in one place hence easy and handy to use.

  • Has super high-quality sound.
  • Contains lots of real-time control.
  • Various songs recording features: eight normal and one pattern track.
  • Various music creation tools.
  • The keyboard doesn’t come with a sustainable pedal.

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4. Yamaha Dx7 Digital Synthesizer: Best Synth with Outstanding Sound

Yamaha Digital Synthesizer

Key Features

  • Item weight- 32 pounds
  • Item dimensions- 45.76 x 21.7 x 6.25 inches
  • Keyboard keys no. – 61
  • Colour screen – none

Feature Overview

The DX7 from Yamaha was one of the most popular digital synths. It was released in 1983. The FM that is Frequency Modulation synthesis was introduced in it. It’s is not an analog. It is somewhat hard to program on but the result we get is the outstanding sounds.

It is sometimes difficult as it is not an analog totally and hence a whole new set of parameters are available for pinching, many of which seemed to be found unusual, programming was difficult normally and had to be accomplished through membrane buttons, data slider, and small LCD screen. Even after all difficulties, the sounds transported with and a large number of users did manage to create were more complicated and different from anything produced before it.

Although the synthesizer is not like analog but thickness is the same as analog at times and the DX7 is still popular as it creates different and unique sounds. When it was first released, the DX7 was an affordable programmable synth for many. Almost every keyboard player had one for themselves. It made the DX7 one of the best selling synths of all time. It was also provided with MIDI which at that time was very unique and new.

  • 32 patch memory.
  • MIDI control.
  • Somewhat difficult to use.

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5. YAMAHA MODX6 61-Key Synthesizer: Lightweight Synth with Seamless Sound Switching

YAMAHA Synthesizer Workstations

Key Features

  • Product weight- 23 pounds
  • Product dimensions-36.89 x 13.03 x 5.28 inches
  • Keyboard keys no.- 61
  • Size of the product- 61-key

Feature Overview

This budget Yamaha synthesizer stands out as extraordinary in the ordinary world with MODX. It’s a lightweight designed for creating music. The power of the engine allows unlimited potential to create a unique sound. It controls AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sample and synthesis engine and a pure FM-X synthesizer just the same as the technology powering the flagship MONTAGE which helps in sound playback and complicated sound design. It has automation to real-time live performance with Motion Control.

It boasts of a tremendous and civil pure engine which can produce classic ‘80s, EDMs beats and sounds with tremendous vibrant range and power. MODX includes an 8-operator FM architecture and 64-note polyphony which produce a large collection of sound design options.

It has the power to controls 128-parameters in a single performance continuously without any difficulties with the help of the super knob. The seamless sound switching (SSS) feature most importantly helps in changing performances seamlessly without any effects.

  • Lightweight.
  • SanDisk SDCZ33-032G-A46 USB flash drive to save new patches.
  • Controls FM-X synthesis and AWM2.
  • Colour changing super blinking SUPER KNOB for trippy sound morphing
  • The multiple parameters are controlled easily by a super knob.
  • 4-part seamless sound switching.
  • Might not work with an acoustic guitar amp with a headphone.

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6. Yamaha MODX7 76-Key Synthesizer Workstation: For Top Quality Performance
yamahasynthesizer 06

Key Features

  • Product Weight- 26.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions-45.04 x 13.03 x 5.28 inches
  • Number of keys- 76
  • Size of the product- 76-key.
  • Best-seller ranking -11,223rd position in Musical Instruments and 30th position in synthesizer and workstation keyboard.
  • Has both Pitchbend and Mod Wheel Controllers

Feature Overview

If you want to be extraordinary and stand out in the crowd then with MODX, you got your way. It’s very easy and handy as it is a very lightweight synthesizer. It is specially designed that way for inspired music-making and creating. The power of its engine allows unlimited potential to create a unique sound.

It controls AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sample and synthesis engine and a pure FM-X synthesizer just the same as the technology powering the flagship MONTAGE which helps in sound playback and complicated sound design. It has automation to real-time live performance with Motion Control.

It is an awesome and sophisticated pure synthesizer engine that can produce classic ’80s, EDMs with tremendous vibrant range, power. MODX includes an 8-operator FM architecture and 64-note polyphony which produce a large collection of sound design options.

It controls 128-parameters in a single performance one after the other with any difficulties or interruption with the help of the super knob. It most importantly allows changing of performances seamlessly with any effects with seamless sound switching (SSS).

  • Control sequences can be customized according to any synthesizer parameter using the Super Knob.
  • 8 types of sounds can be layered simultaneously
  • You can install your personalized sound samples in the 1 GB flash memory.
  • While changing performances, there will not be any cutoff in sound effects.
  • Headphones output might not function properly at times.

Why choose Yamaha Synthesizer?

Yamaha, credited for manufacturing the word’s first commercially successful synthesizer in 1983, has since been relegated as one of the best manufacturers of synthesizers in the industry. Amateurs and professionals alike prefer the multiple user-friendly features Yamaha offers in its instruments. Being around for over a century, Yamaha has perfected their products by staying true to its brand image and most importantly, by building customer loyalty. Everything a musician might need is present in the instrument.

Sound quality, revered for being one of the best amongst its competitors, Yamaha synthesizers are built to offer optimum audio quality. Having been in the market for so long, Yamaha has perfected durability and build quality. The dynamic playability and enhanced ambiance offer users one choice to pick apart every note and create flawless music. When considering aesthetic value, the sleek and user-friendly design adds to its charm. This design reduces cluttered space on the mainboard and delivers an easy to use functionality. Yamaha presents synthesizers with high caliber features and the option to produce any kinds of music; this is achieved by packing a huge number of features into their products.

Yamaha synthesizers are versatile and excellent for producing tracks in the studio or performing live. Being one of the first commercially available machines to use MIDI, this DX7 formed an appropriate standard for all Yamaha synthesizers to follow. Even today, all new releases come with the best digital interface to help make the users’ experience as easy and as simple as possible.

Yamaha has built itself a respectable reputation, and rightfully so. With over a few million sales and thousands of Yamaha synthesizer reviews from satisfied customers, these instruments are arguably one of the best in the market. Offering faultless features and impeccable performance, it is safe to say that Yamaha synthesizers operate in an entirely different league from its competitors.

Why choose Yamaha Synthesizer?

Yamaha manufactures multiple synthesizers, each with its unique features. Here are a few key points you should keep in mind when choosing the best Yamaha synthesizer tailored for your needs.

Controls – The level at which a synthesizer is intended to be used will determine the range of controls present on the mainboard. Knobs, sliders, pitch as well as modulation wheels on a synthesizer will make a difference and should be taken into account when making your big purchase.

MIDI Compatibility- Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is a protocol that allows electronic instruments and other musical tools to communicate with each other. This is an important feature to consider since most synthesizers have been digitalized.

Keyboard Action – Yamaha synthesizer keys will respond differently when pressed down. This depends on whether the key is weighted or not. Unweighted keys will be easier to push down, but weighted keys will vary in resistance and firmness, like the traditional piano.

Computer Connectivity – Most Yamaha synthesizers offer computer connectivity. This feature helps your synthesizer connect to your PC, an irreplaceable feature if you wish to create your music.

Recording ability – Again, if you wish to produce your musical compositions, the recording ability of your instrument should be taken into account.

User interface – First, decide if you want to buy a traditional analog or a newer digital version of a synthesizer. The interface determines how you interact with the synthesizer, pay attention to how user friendly and convenient it is. Avoid buying a synthesizer with an interface that might become hard to navigate.

Portability – If you will need to travel with your synthesizer or move it frequently, buying a lightweight model or looking for detachable wheels should be considered. A portable Yamaha synthesizer proves to be quite a deal-breaker depending on customer needs.

Sound Quality – Last but not least, the sound quality is most definitely the first and last thing to consider when making your Yamaha synthesizer purchase. The pitch and tune of a synthesizer do vary and should be taken into account when making the final purchase.

Most importantly, don’t forget to consider your budget. A cheap Yamaha synthesizer is the dream, but may not prove to be very realistic. But, considering the wide range of features and flawless sound quality, most price points are justified.