Best P Bass Pickups Reviews (2021) – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Precision Bass PickupsFinding the best precision bass pickup is much harder than you might think, especially if you are upgrading from a cheap model or fake one.

When you get hold of high-quality p bass pickups, you will immediately feel the difference and that too without plugging it. Everyone musicians p bass pickups are one of the most popular musical instrument tools in the market.

Due to its vast popularity, you will find an abundance of choices, and it becomes tricky to decide which model will be right for you. Well, you won’t have to get into research as our list contains some finest precision bass pickups that will surely quench your thirst.

Overall Best Precision Bass Pickups#

Fender Precision Bass Pickups - Original Vintage...
  • Enamel-coated magnet wire for warm vintage tone
  • Flush-mount pole pieces for even string response
  • Alnico 5 magnets for more focus and enhanced dynamics
  • Period-correct cloth output wire and fiber bobbin
  • Installation hardware included

Overall Budget Vintage Speaker#

KAISH Black Alnico 5 Vintage Sound Precision Bass...
  • Alnico 5 Rod Magnet
  • Resistance: all position 8.5K 3.2H
  • Vintage Sound traditional P Bass open type
  • Sweet, Clear, Rich in harmony Tone
  • Includes mounting screws and springs (Please check the dimension photo carefully before you order the item)

Before we get into the review section, we would like to show you some essential information that will smoothen your buying process;

So it is time that we should head to the reviews all the most exceptional p bass pickup we have found out for you;

1. Fender Original Vintage P Bass Pickup: Best Value for Money Product

Fender is one of those brands that doesn’t require any introduction, and their pickup has always been a top choice for most of musicians.

Fender Precision Bass Pickups

Key Features:

  • Enamel coated magnet wire.
  • Alnico 5 magnets.
  • Flush mount pole piece.
  • One year warranty.
  • Period correct cloth output.

Features Overview:

Fender original vintage p bass pickup is a class apart product that will not only amaze you with the clarity in its tone but its built quality. It is a split-coil humbucker pickup that is widely known for its exclusive sound that has been used for creating many legendary pieces of music.

It gets an enamel coated magnet wire that treats your ear with a vintage tone that you want to bring in your music collaboration. The split-coil has been designed in such a way it gives you the right balance at all frequencies, thus fulfilling your tone expectation that they have promised.

With the magnet wire, Fender has included their very best flush mounted Alnico V magnet that is highly appreciated by legends for its accurate reproductions. It is widely used by bassists, whether they are in progressive rock or metal because it delivers a punchy bass with snappy highs and rich mid-range.

The flush-mount pole for every string makes the sound more dynamic and responsive, so you would love using it. Made with period cloth output and fiber bobbin, it treats you with an impressive feel in your finger with a vintage touch. The installation is pretty simple, and you will get all the hardware for installation.

  • Totally value for money.
  • Exceptional sound reproduction with vintage tone.
  • Strong mid-range.
  • Good build quality.
  • It doesn’t come with new tonal facilities.


Fender original vintage serves as the right choice when you are looking for the most elegant precision bass pickup at an affordable price.

2. Fender Custom Shop 62: Top Rated Precision Bass Pickup

When you search for the high-end precision bass pickup, one model that will be suggested by experts and musicians is Fender custom 62.

Fender Custom Shop '62 P Bass Pickups

Key Features:

  • Flush mount alnico 5 magnet.
  • 5 DC resistance.
  • Enamel coated magnet.
  • Cloth covered output wires.
  • Mounting hardware included.

Features Overview:

It is truly a gem that is crafted by master artisans, and it helps the bassist to reproduce the original 1962 Fender tone in their music. Regardless of the genre you play, the flush mount alnico five magnets will facilitate you bring a balance in your tone without compromising on its vintage tone.

It is geared with an enamel-coated magnet that works like magic because it produces an effective mid-range and sturdy low bass tone. Moreover, when it comes to high ranges, the output is bright and snappy; thus, you can match yourself to any kind of music layering.

Punchy bass is what you will get with Fender custom 62 because the split coil takes care of it even if you don’t have a high precision quality bass guitar. What makes this one of the best p bass pickup more interesting? The cloth-covered output wires that not only add to the overall build quality but also make it more responsive and accurate.

Unlike other high-quality precision bass pickup, the installation process is straightforward, and you will have the mounting hardware at your disposal. It gets one-year warranty coverage, so you won’t have to worry about damage for a year.

  • It accurately reproduces the 1962 Fender tone.
  • Work well with most of the genres with precise detailing.
  • The enamel coating offers more dynamics.
  • It gets one year warranty.
  • Easy to install.
  • It lacks the variety in sound.


If you are getting into old school music and looking for a high-quality pickup to match the music, then Fender custom 62 should find its way into your bass guitar.

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3. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup: Excellent for Metal or Heavy Rock

Seymour Duncan SSPB-3 quarter-pound is a highly rated pickup that has become a favourite among modern bassists as it treats them with exceptional tone quality.

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup

Key Features:

  • Alnico 5 magnet.
  • Vacuum Wax.
  • Hum canceling facility.
  • 2K resonant peak.
  • One year warranty.

Features Overview:

It is one of the most excellent precision bass pickups that serves perfectly when you are about to explore your playing in metal or heavy rock genre. All thanks to its 25mm Alnico 5 magnets, the pickup doesn’t get distorted when you play metal or heavy rock with high gain and volume.

However, the factor that takes all the limelight is the wide frequency range that is assisted by Alnico 5 magnet’s dynamic magnetic field. It is also due to the high output coil that facilitates the pickup to deliver a wide variety of mid-range tones and heart-thumping bass without any feedback.

Unlike other precision pickups, this top-notch p bass pickup has been a unique tone rather than reproducing the traditional precision sound. It also boasts the hum-canceling feature that ensures clear tone output without the disturbing noise that often hiders the sound of drums and guitars. This handmade in California tool gets modern engineering that gives you a better volume level than standard p bass pickups.

Apart from its punchy output, this sensitive pickup is also capable of delivering soft and warm tones when you switch on the tone control. This versatile music tool is easy to mount in the bass guitar, although it is mostly suitable for American models.

  • Booming and robust bass.
  • It doesn’t get distorted at high volume.
  • Variety of tonal facilities.
  • The vacuum wax curbs down any feedback.
  • It doesn’t offer a right vintage precision tone.
  • The mid-range tone is little beefed up.


Not satisfied stock pickup of your American precision bass guitar? Thinking to opt for a new one? Check out Seymour Duncan quarter pound pickup that will deliver the tone you need.

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4. EMG Geezer Butler Signature: Quality Pickup for Precision Bass

EMG Geezer butler GZR-P signature pickup may not seem like a familiar name, but trust us, it is a hidden gem that has satisfied numerous musicians.

EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass

Key Features:

  • Signature Geezer Butler tone.
  • Alnico five pole pieces.
  • Custom wound coil.
  • Installation facility without soldering.

Features Overview:

It is a highly engineered p bass pickup that has been designed with the assistance of legendary Geezer Butler, who is the bassist and lyricist of the Black Sabbath. It is a passive style pickup that won’t give you the vintage Fender precision tone from the 60s rather; it will treat you with Geezer’s signature tune from the 70s. It has been tuned so it can replicate the sharp and punchy precision bass tone that Geezer has utilized to create Black Sabbath’s paranoid and iron man songs. The best part of this high-quality p bass pickup is that it can complement most of the modern notes despite the vintage tone texture.

Geared with Alnico V pole pieces, this split-coil pickup can blend with modern rock and vintage blues without hindering the sound with background hum. It even gets a custom coil that assists the bass guitar to produce a tight and gritty low-range without going too much mellow on the mid-range. It is highly responsive and quicker to play, thus making it suitable for all bassists and even pros. However, the tonal range is limited, so it might be hard for you to explore different aspects. It would take no particular skill to install, and you just have to utilize the EMG connector along with a solder-less install system to hook them.

  • It is accurately replicated Geezer’s bass tone.
  • Very easy to install.
  • It is suitable for high and heavy rock.
  • The low end has the right amount of punch and depth.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • It lacks tonal variation.
  • The treble sound isn’t up to the mark.


EMG Geezer butler GZR-P signature pickup is designed for those musicians who want to deviate from the traditional precision tone and incorporate a unique sound.

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5. Kmise Black 4 String Electric Hambucker P Bass Pickup: Affordable & Best Performance

Kmise A0496 black four-string is an unconventional p bass pickup that delivers an unparalleled tone performance and that too at an extremely affordable price.

Black 4 String Electric Pickup

Key Features:

  • Potent humbucker tone.
  • Nickel or gold plated cover.
  • Four string setup.
  • Four conductor hookup cable.
  • 2K resistance.

Features Overview:

It is popularly known as one of the finest hum-buckers in the world because it provides a powerful output with smooth highs and aggressive harmonics. Whether you want to play metal or a mellow tone, this top-quality p bass pickup can play it all, but you will have to be precise for the warmer tone. A great thing that you will enjoy with this pick up is its ability to bring detailing in all the tone even if you are playing it loud. What makes it stand out? It has a compelling and aggressive output but with the perfect balance of distortion and sustain.

If you don’t like the smoothness and clarity in the high-ranges, then you can utilize the 250K pot to make things smoother. However, you should listen to its tone samples before replacing your p bass pickup because it is a hum-bucker on precision, so it won’t give you 62 Fender tone. The durability of this pickup is also commendable, and it gets a nickel or gold plated cover. All thanks to easy installation and four-conductor hookup cable, you won’t have to brainstorm to hook it in your guitar. The incredible pricing of this instrument has made it a rage among musicians, and it is much better than most of the cheap replacement pickups.

  • Loud and powerful humbucker tone.
  • Highly reasonable pricing.
  • Maintains a balance between sustain and distortion.
  • It has poor vintage tonal quality.


Kmise A0496 black four-string precision bass pickup is a plausible choice bassist who is looking to add a new flavor in their metal or modern rock music.

Buying Guide For Best Precision Bass Pickups

When buying a precision bass pickup, you can’t merely purchase a random model as it might not suit your requirements. You need to consider certain factors that will guide you to the most appropriate model. So let’s take a look at them;

  • Coil Type – Well, nowadays, most of the precision bass pickups come with the double coil as it offers a clean sound and cancels out the “hum” sound. Most importantly, they are readily available in the market, and they complement many modern genres. However, if you like old school music and would love to bring variation in your music with the “hum” tone, then a single coil works best. There are individual high-end single-coil pickups that also sound fine and oozes out less “hum” sound.
  • Playing Style – It is essential to consider the playing style because precision pickups are generally clappy. So you should consider it depending upon your playing because it doesn’t go well with snap style.
  • Sound Type – While purchasing, you should take a look into the sound type you want because p bass pickup is more into rock ‘n’ roll rather than country style or blues music. The tone of p bass pick up is warm, punchy, and has good mid-range, so you should consider how you will utilize it.
  • Active or Passive – Well, active p bass pickup is suited for guitars that have a good amp and pedalboard as it will have the backup to produce the exact tone. If you are into the metal and rock genre, then active pickup serves well. However, they are challenging to manage and need a regular battery change. Passive pickup, on the other hand, is simple, and they don’t require a battery for work. It is well suited for newcomers, low budget p bass guitars, and players who don’t have a good amp.
  • Necessity – Before purchasing a new p bass pickup, you should ask yourself whether you should buy a new pickup or opt for a good quality bass guitar. If you are guitar is highly efficient, easy to play, comfortable to hold, and has an excellent build, then adding a precision pickup for tone change is a wise move. However, it would be a useless investment to invest a pickup on a poor guitar because the tone and overall output will remain the same even after up-gradation.

Why You Need A Best Precision Bass Pickups

Precision or P bass pickup is one a kind tool that not only offers unique tone variation in your playing but also allows you to negate the 60-cycle hum. It gives you the required clarity in all volumes and gains, which you won’t get with regular pickups. Having a p bass pickup allows you to deliver a punchy and warm tone that goes well when you play metal, rock ‘n’ roll, and modern genres.

It allows you to cover most of the ranges, but its presence is strong in mid-range. However, the clarity it offers in high ranges is really smooth, and it won’t disappoint you in the lows. Another great thing is you can minimize the external noise that often hinders the overall recording, thus prevents in removing background noise in the post process.

FAQ about the best precision bass pickups

Why Change Your Pickups?

When you want to alter the tone of your bass guitar, adding a new pickup like p bass will not only allow you to change the sound but also bring a lot of variations.

Single Coil or Double Coil?

Well, the choice is entirely subjective, and it depends upon the requirement of the bassist. If you want a clean and accurate tone in your playing, then the double coil is ideal. However, to bring an old school bass tone with little hum, then you should go for a high-quality single coil.

What does Precision Bass mean?/ what is a p bass?

A precision or p bass pickup is an essential instrument that allows you to deliver a brawny tone with clear highs and almost zero 60-cycle hum. It comes with a thick neck at the nut, and the thickness continues along its length. It has a double-cutaway design that makes it extremely ergonomic for playing. Although it might get only one tone and volume knob, it does all the job.

How good is Squier affinity p bass?

Squier affinity p bass is an excellent product when it comes to getting the right tone at an affordable price. Although it is meant for beginners, it allows you to cover a lot of range with a good output. It serves as an excellent blend of performance and hardware at the right price.

P Bass V/S Jazz Bass

The bass debate between precision bass and jazz bass has been going on for decades, and it is almost like never-ending as different people have varied opinions. So let’s look how p bass differ from jazz bass;

Precision Bass

Precision, which is often known as p bass, was introduced in the year 1951 by Fender, and it served as a better alternative to double bass. P bass was the first of its kind that introduced bass guitar with frets so it can deliver precision in bass playing. Although it is currently available as a double or split-coil pickup but in the beginning, it was available as a single pickup coil.

The output tone that it oozes out has prominent mid-range frequency with simplicity and immense depth. The tone may not be beautiful as of jazz bass, but when played with other instruments, it makes a significant impact in the overall tone. The best part is that it doesn’t hinder the sound of a drum or guitar.

When it comes to recording in studios, p bass is preferred more than jazz bars, and it is mainly due to the individualism and directness it offers in tone. The body of p bass gets a double-cutaway design, and it holds a lot of similarity in overall body construction.

The neck of this bass type is quite wide at the nut, and measurement amounts 40 to 42mm. Most importantly, it gets staggered pole pieces, and it gives out a punchy low-range with distinctive high-range. The body only gets a volume knob and a tone knob for variation in sound.

Jazz Bass

The jazz bass came in the scene around 1960 and immediately grabbed the market as it offered punchy tones and was more comfortable to play. It is more about playing a varied type of sound with the help of two single-coil pickups. It provides a prominent mid-range with a high treble, which is slightly better than the lower register p bass.

Most importantly, it delivers better tone precision than p bass. Each pickup gets a two-volume knob and a tone knob, and with each small turn, the tone changes by a large margin. The j bass neck is slightly tapered towards the nut, and it has a width of around 38mm. The slick neck with tapered outlook and narrow string spacing makes the fingering a lot easier.

The sleek outlook also continues on the body, and offset body construction with the hatchback curve gives a comfortable feel. It is more suited to the player who is proficient in finger and slap style. Not only versatility, it also offers sweetness in a tone that can be adjusted according to the requirement.

Due to its flexibility in tone, it complements the varied type of genres like funky R&B, hard rock, mellow folk, etc. It gets two-pole per string that adds a lot to the mid-range production with a soothing treble.

Final Thought

We hope our list of the best precision bass pickup will guide you to the most appropriate pickup that will meet your tone requirement. Every bassist has their own taste and wants to bring uniqueness in their music. This list will perfectly suit their needs because apart from the vintage Fender tone, we also have found models that produce exclusive sounds. However, we recommend you to listen to the audio samples before believing our words. Always remember before choosing a pickup, you should check whether it is suitable for the body, amp, and pedal.