Best Practice Amp For Metal: Top Pick & Reviews

Finding the right practice amp for your metal needs is difficult. Best practice amp for metal no longer hard to your search for the most crucial amp models on the market! Finding the right amp for metal is very hard. Metal music is not loud enough for live performances with other loud instruments.

Too many amps are designed especially for particular genres of metal, and not enough are designed to be ‘generally metal’ effective. Metal is a niche market. Amp manufacturers know that and they build their products accordingly. And most don’t really make good practice amps.

Overall Best Pick #

Fender Mustang LT-25 - Digital Guitar Amplifier
  • 25-watt combo amplifier
  • Single 8” Fender Special Design guitar speaker
  • Wooden cabinet
  • Simple user interface with 1. 8" color display
  • Simple user interface with 1. 8" color display

Overall Budget Pick #

Orange Crush Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier Bundle...
  • Built-in Tuner
  • Battery-powered with 9V power adapter option
  • Headphone out
  • AUX IN for phone/PC play-along
  • External speaker output

The best practice amp for metal should sound good and be versatile in other genres too. Below is a list of the best practice amp for the metal in 2021. Keep scrolling down this page after the list to see each product’s rating. With the best practice amp for metal, you can connect your guitar to your phone or laptop and play while getting recordings in a quality that exceeds most studio recordings. Added features enable you to discover new techniques through videos, take practice tests, and play along with video lessons. With the best practice amp for metal, you get high-quality tones in seven different effects modes, over 50 different presets, and dozens of songs organized by genre.

1. Fender Frontman 10G: Best Electric Guitar Practice Amplifier

best practice amp for metal

Whether you’re an aspiring guitarist looking for your first amp or a serious player with gigs booked solid, the new Fender Frontman 10G combo amplifier is a worthy addition to your collection. The Frontman 10G’s clean and overdrive channels deliver a classic Fender tone that sparkles on everything from country to jazz.

And thanks to its built-in effects, switching is a breeze—you can go from clean to crunchy in seconds. The Frontman 10G amp delivers Fender sound in a price-conscious package, making it a great practice amp or secondary amp for the studio. Lightweight and portable, yet packing a surprising amount of performance for its size, the Frontman 10G is a great addition to any setup.

This practice amp for metal provides plenty of volume and tone for any gig with its 10″ Special Design speaker. Whether you’re practicing at home or gigging in small clubs, this versatile performer is ready to keep the audience’s attention. The clean, overdrive, and distortion sounds are derived from actual recordings of classic amps and are only a click away with gain control and tone controls.

Plus, the unique Fender “no distractions” front panel lets your performance command the attention it deserves. This best practice amp for metal is a great-sounding, reliable practice amp for beginning guitarists that also delivers the punch and sounds heard on countless albums by pro players. Special “Bass” and “Guitar” inputs let you take advantage of your gear and ensure the best sound at every level.

And features like a headphone jack for quiet play and an aux input to plug in media devices offer convenience too. Practice amp for metal is a great way to power your own performance. With its 10 watts of power, variable volume and tone controls, auxiliary input, headphone jack, and lightweight design, you can easily take this amp anywhere.

The Frontman 10G includes our Fender Bass and Treble Tone Cores – engineered specifically for electric guitar – to give you a rich, full tone for any playing style or venue.

2. Fender Rumble 15 v3: Top Rated Bass Combo Amplifier

Fender Rumble Bass Combo Amplifier

The Fender Rumble 15 practice amp for metal is an ideal choice for practice and rehearsals, this 120W 1×8″ bass combo amp is packed with a variety of features that make it a great choice. The patented “Bass-Ball” tone control shapes the low-end in any venue while custom-voiced built-in overdrive delivers smooth, convincing tube amp tones at lower volumes.

Connect your MP3 player and jam along to your favorite songs using the auxiliary input, or play along with your favorite tunes from your laptop with the included recording/headphone/streaming software. This practice amp for metal impressive little combo can do just about anything you’d expect from a bass amp, including delivering the much-sought-after Fender bass tone in a surprisingly small and affordable package.

Looking for a budget practice amp for metal that sounds killer and has plenty of low ends? The Fender Rumble 15 is an ideal practice amp, with its powerful, oversized 15″ speaker, 20W of power, and technology including Fender’s legendary Bassman tone circuitry. The all-tube design features the fat sound you’ll appreciate as much as your bandmates will.

Let this little workhorse deliver thunderous tones and you’ll see why the Rumble series has long been a favorite of bass players everywhere. Delivering 450W through a single 15″ custom speaker, its dual 6V6 outputs let you can select from classic Fender ”brown sound” or a high-gain voicing for modern styles. An XLR D.I. out with mic/line level control opens the door to direct recording and live performance.

And the optional Rumble 410 cabinet lets you expand your sound when you’re ready for bigger venues.

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3. Blackstar Black(FLY3): Excellent Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

No effects, no extras, just the Blackstar FLY3. This mini amplifier is meant to be your go-to practice amp, and it delivers a powerful sound in the smallest package possible. The Blackstar FLY3 features a single channel with volume control, 3 band EQ, a switchable overdrive, and an FX loop for great versatility.

Sized specifically for small living spaces and bedrooms, the Blackstar FLY3 comes with a 6V6 power tube to handle everything from jazz to metal. Welcome to the Blackstar family. If you’re looking for a capable amplifier to practice with at home, then the Blackstar FLY-3 is an ideal choice.

Compact in size but oh so powerful this affordable mini combo amp will really boost your sound and give you plenty of volume to practice along with your favorite music. This practice amp at home or on the move. This mini amplifier is packed with six different amp sounds including Blackstar’s trademark ISF control, overdrive, and distortion effects to add that needed crunch to your sound.

Also includes a silent recording output for plugging into a tape recorder, MP3 recorder or mixing board. This 3 Watt amp features a single channel with Volume, Gain, Treble, Bass, and Reverb controls. It also has the unique ISF control (Infinite Shape Feature) which gives access to a vast array of tones from blackest doom to wackiest wildness.

This is a small practice amp perfect for any musician or guitarist. With the ability to run on batteries, this amp is incredibly portable at only 9 inches long. This amp comes with a built-in noise gate, T.Dynamics, and a headphone jack. The 3 band EQ allows you to get just the right tone every time.

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4. Fender Mustang LT-25: Perfect Digital Guitar Amplifier for Metal

Digital Guitar Amplifier

The Mustang amplifier series is inspired by Fender’s legendary Bassman amplifiers of the late ’50s. The 35W 1×10″ LT25 packs 10 vintage-style tube power amp tubes and a single 10″ speaker into a streamlined and portable form. It features 2 channels with Classic Gain and Edge (modern high-gain) tones.

Also on board are 3-band EQ, presence, effects loop, delay/reverb with tap switch, overdrive switch, and more detailed tone shaping via the Widget control. There are plenty of features for all skill levels, including easy digital editing via the USB connection, 40 built-in digital effects and presets, high-quality onboard audio processing, four customizable channels, a built-in tuner and metronome, and onboard drum patterns.

This is Fender’s latest practice amp lineup powerhouses packing a serious punch for your next practice and jamming session. All come with USB-out capabilities, amplifier modeling, FX loop, headphone jack, aux input, and more. The Mustang practice Amp Series has what it takes to power you through your next practice and performance!

New features include 6 additional presets (9 total), and added USB out for recording directly to the computer, an effects loop, and an onboard digital chromatic tuner. This practice amp series is designed for beginning to intermediate guitarists, bassists, and anyone who appreciates high-quality Fender tones at an affordable price.

You’ll get the legendary tone and unmistakable style of Fender in an amp that delivers 25 watts through a 10″ Fender special design speaker, all in a package that is light enough to take anywhere. This compact combo amp offers 25 watts of power through an 8″ special design speaker for powerful performance. Selectable amp voicing and classic Fender spring reverb let you dial up tons of great tones.

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5. JOYO 10W Mini MA-10B Dual Channel: Magnificent Bass Guitar Amplifier

Dual Channel Bass Guitar Amplifier

JOYO 10W Mini Bass Practice Amp MA-10B is a perfect practice amp for bass guitar players. With great sound, excellent effects, and low price, it’s hard to beat. With stereo output, you can use your own headphones or connect speakers and play along with a drummer. The metal housing makes MA-10B solid and durable for performing at any time.

With a dual-channel design, it features gain and master volume controls for each channel and a clean/distortion switch to make you enjoy the pure natural sound. Also equipped with a line-out jack to connect with external speaker, and normal/power switch to meet different power demands. It is a mini practice amp that has two channels.

One is designed to provide the classic bass sound, and the other channel is specially designed as VIRTUAL BASS sound for metal music. With a classic analog bass sound channel and 11 band graphic EQ, MA-10B will be your ideal practice amp when traveling. This is an ideal practice amp for students into metal.

For safe indoor use, the MA-10B is equipped with a volume adjustable headphone jack, 1 x 8″ loudspeaker, and weighs a mere 10 lbs. This is not intended for live use and should not be used to drive any external speaker cabinets. This practice amp is a small portable bass practice amp that will please even the most critical of listeners with its clear full sound and sparkling high frequencies.

Powered by a 10w speaker, this carabiner-style amplifier has two channels with easy-to-use volume and tone controls, as well as AUX input for plugging in your phone or iPod to play along with.

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6. Orange Amps (Crush20RT): Admirable Electric Guitar Power Amplifier

Orange Amps Electric Guitar

Orange Amp’s Crush series is an affordable, high-quality line of guitar amps – perfect for the young rocker with big ambitions. This 4W stereo amp features an integrated tuner for easy practice and a headphone jack so you can jam late into the night. The Crush 20RT is a best practice amp for metal, an all-tube hybrid amp that delivers Orange tone in a small package.

This practice amp offers Orange’s trademark gain in spades, but its ability to handle anything from crystal clean to full-on, face-melting saturation makes it ideal for hard-rockin’s rhythm and lead work as well. With its patented Micro Terror technology (the heart of Orange Overdrive) cranking out the extra volume when you need it most, this monster is sure to be a future classic.

Orange’s legendary reliability with modern enhancements makes the Crush 20RT ideal for almost any application including recording with a mic. This practice amp is a new lower-powered version of the original Mk3 with a 100w power output. It also features Orange’s innovative TopBoost tone control which can be used in conjunction with EQ to give a huge boost at high frequencies.

The amp design rolls off the bottom and top-end frequencies to allow you more control, especially at high gain settings. This makes the perfect practice or recording amplifier for Metal players looking very affordable for what it delivers.

The gain channel offers three modes; ‘crunch’ for classic rock, ‘drive’ for full-on metal distortion, and the new ‘boost’ mode for vintage overdrive tones – perfect for blues or solo boosts. The IV series amps are Orange’s most affordable models to feature valve technology.

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7. Orange (Crush35RT)Amps: Amazing Practice Amplifier for Metal

Orange Amps Amplifier

The Crush35RT is your gateway to the Orange sound. A great choice for 80’s Metal & NeoMetal. Simply put, if you like really tight and aggressive, in-your-face rhythms and searing leads with massive gain, this amp has it all. Two channels, each with their own foot switchable FX loop, allow for total versatility between rhythm and lead sounds.

The stunning retro stylings surely look the part too! Orange designed and engineered this especially for soaring, heavy riffs at an extreme gain. It generates a colossal sound that can be heard through even the densest of mixes. This practice amp head delivers 35 Watt of power and a tonal range to cover all your bases. Complete with built-in reverb, this head is ready for the real world.

This is the classic Orange practice amp cranked to 11. This amp is used by a lot of big names in metal and rock from Kirk Hammett of Metallica to Kurt Ballou of Converge. It’s like getting 2 great amps-one for clean, one for distortion-in one extremely versatile, compact combo. For versatility and power, you can’t beat it.

The practice amp has been so thoughtfully designed you can even use it as a desktop computer speaker system. Orange also put a 10″ speaker in the back for great sound quality even at low volume. With a simple and powerful set of controls, this practice amp is sure to keep you rocking out, with a high-quality clean channel and overdrive channel offering everything you need to play any genre of music.

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8. Fender Champion 20-Watt: Great Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Champion Electric Amplifier

The Fender Champion 20 practice amp is a powerful and versatile 1 x 8″ practice amp with great tone. This is a great practice amp for practicing at home. It has a small footprint and is extremely quiet, especially compared to other guitar amps in the same price range. The Champion 20 is a very versatile amp, useful for recording work and practice sessions alike.

With rugged construction including a lightweight enclosure and metal grille, the Fender Champion 20 is built to deliver the clean tones and dynamic overdrive that will take you back to the days of Fender’s original tweed amplifiers.

Borrowing from the rich legacy of Fender’s biggest names, like Eric Clapton, this amp has everything you need for the killer sounds on stage or in the studio- plus Fender’s own VTC (Virtual Tube Circuitry) technology gives you all the smooth tone and bite that made Fender famous. This is a practice amp for guitarists who get the most out of their practice sessions.

It is surprisingly loud at 20 watts and can easily fill an apartment or bedroom with sound. The headphone jack allows you to play anytime without having to disturb anyone. And like all Fender amps, it features a classic Fender blackface design that looks great in any room. It offers simple controls for shaping your tone and has a great sounding 6-1/2″ Special Design speaker.

The Champion 20 is compact, portable and a great value, making it a perfect grab-and-go amplifier that’s easy to use and tons of fun.

9. LyxPro Electric Guitar Amp 20 Watt Amplifier

LyxPro Electric Guitar

The LyxPro Practice Amp is a portable 20 Watt guitar amp with Headphone Jack and Aux Input. It features gain, bass, treble volume, and ground controls, and a bright clear sound that is perfect for any musical style. The stereo headphone jack allows you to practice in silence. This electric guitar amplifier is designed with a high-quality audio output.

The amplifier enables the user to plug in their electric guitar or bass and jam out to their favorite music. The amplifier features gain, bass, treble, volume, and grind controls; it also includes a headphone jack for a late-night jam session.

It has a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, gain control for customization in sound clarity, bass and treble controls for customized sound shaping, and a ground lift switch for eliminating hum and static noises. The amp includes a foldable handle so you can bring it wherever you need to go easily.

This practice amp has a 20watt power, with 3 channels and 3 control knobs include gain bass, treble that you can use to change the sound. It comes with a power on/off switch which you can control off with your foot. The amp is equipped with a headphone jack and aux in port which makes it easy to enjoy music anytime and anywhere.

Please make sure you have a speaker cabinet before ordering this product! This practice Amp is perfect for guitar practice, small spaces, dorm rooms, or bedrooms. It features an EL84 tube section, a 20-watt amplifier with 3 band EQ, an 8″ speaker, & built-in distortion. Additional features include a volume control knob, headphones jack, aux input for MP3 player, and 100V-240V 50/60Hz international voltage ac adapter.

Includes gaining control knob for distortion and bass control knob for bass boost and treble control knob for a high-frequency boost. Easy to carry around using the handle, foldable for easy storage.

10. Hartke HD15 Bass: Superb Quality Combo Amplifier for Metal

Bass Combo Amplifier

Our HD15 15-watt bass combo practice amp is the go-to amp for players who seek a fast, snappy tone. The special circuit design lets this little powerhouse pump out a huge amount of bottom end. And with its Custom Series speaker, the HD15 delivers a new level of clarity without losing any of the low-end punch that makes Hartke amps great for rock and metal.

A 15 W practice amp with Hartke’s Thunder XT speaker technology and a wide variety of sounds, this amp will leave you with no excuse not to practice. Use the headphone jack to play late at night without disturbing others. The Tone knob gives you access to the bright treble for that extra “pop” in your sound, while the Deep switch delivers the thick tones that bass players crave.

The HD15 is a compact 15-watt bass combo amplifier that delivers great Hartke sound and has the features to match. Loaded with two 6.5-inch Hartke speakers and a 1-inch tweeter, the HD15 gives you great sound for practicing or playing at smaller gigs. This amp has the power and portability to keep up with your busy schedule–from rehearsals to recording sessions.

The HD15 is a 15-watt bass combo practice amp. It lets you dependably drive your full-range speakers from its tube preamp section without the need for an extra speaker cabinet, making it the perfect choice for practice and rehearsal. This practice Amp Head features great straightforward functionality, plus unique circuitry that responds to the attack and volume of your playing.

But it’s when you couple those attributes with a Hartke 15″ or 8″ speaker that you begin to look at the amp in a whole new light. Hartke has been building bass amps for over 20 years and every detail of their high-quality designs is deeply rooted in inexperience. They also use only the finest components available, like hand-built transformers and custom JJ tubes, which are matched to exacting specifications.