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Best Portable Synthesizers – Cheap, Pocket-sized, Mini synthesizers

Are you so much fond of creating soulful music by combining different notes and frequencies? Then synthesizers are just the right ones for you. If you are always on the move while creating the best sound, then having a bulky synthesizer is just a big no for you. However, there are various options to indulge yourself in the ocean of melodies without getting worried about the weighty synthesizers.

Overall Best Portable Synthesizer#

IK Multimedia UNO Synth portable monophonic analog...
  • Great-sounding all-analog audio path with 2 oscillators and multimode filter
  • Easily programmable with 100 included presets
  • Built-in 2-octave multi-touch keyboard with arpeggiator and step sequencer
  • Works stand-alone, or with MIDI keyboards and computers
  • Battery or USB powered

Overall Budget Portable Synthesizer#

Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer
  • VCO (Sawtooth) with Pitch control; VCF with Cutoff and Peak controls
  • Space Delay with Time and Feedback controls; LFO with Waveshape, Rate, and Intensity controls
  • Ribbon Keyboard with extra-wide four-octave range; keyboard glows under blacklight
  • Original MS-20 Filter with aux input allows the filter & delay to be applied to any source
  • Built-in speaker, battery power; graphics that glow under black-light
Multiple synthesizers come in a portable profile, which is not only lightweight but also holds tons of interesting features. Isn’t that amazing? That’s why here are the reviews of the 9 Best Portable Synthesizers, which are just made to meet your expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look to pick the one ideal for you.

1. Korg Minilogue 4-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth: Best Portable Synthesizer with Presets

Best Portable Synthesizer

Let your passion indulge itself with the first pick of your choice. The Korg Minilogue is one of the Portable best Synthesizers keyboards for its amazing attributes for creating a variety of beautiful sounds. Featuring the analog design, it is undoubtedly best for those who are the sincerest fans of the analog synthesizers for their vintage sound-making capabilities.

Along with the addition of so many thoughtful functionalities, there is no need to doubt its performance as a power-packed electrical instrument and, of course, the Best Portable Synthesizers in a cheap price. The Minilogue synthesizer comes with the polyphonic step, which allows you to create multiple tones and notes, which is best to add variety to your composition. Therefore, the motion sequencer adds more preciseness to the sound.

The design also includes the onboard tape-style delay that enhances the beauty of the texture in the sound. You know what the most amazing fact about this synthesizer is? You can create a multitude of sound effects along with its multiple filters and sound-shaping option. With the oscilloscope display, it shows the waveform visually for your convenience.

With all these integrated features, it creates a brilliant sound that is worth falling in love with. The four-voice analog system is flexible and, at the same versatile for developing seamless oppositions. Therefore, the 8 watt of power consumption is not too high and doesn’t add more weight to your electricity bill.

The fully programmable design with 200 program memories is brilliant for creating the 100 variety of sound. Therefore, the automatable 16 step notes make it a perfect polyphonic analog synthesizer.

  • Flexible configuring capabilities with the voice mode
  • Easy knob controlled parameters
  • Appropriate for the beginners
  • Delivers pure analog sound
  • Sound type with a wide range of varieties
  • The sequencer is not easy to use
  • Not so lightweight

2. STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 Portable Analog Synthesizer: With Built-in Best Quality Speakers &Soundstrip

STYLOPHONE GEN Portable Analog Synthesizer

Get the best of music composing along with the Stylophone Gen X- 1. This portable analog synthesizer can change your view towards the capabilities of a synthesizer along with its seamless feature and top-notch performance.

What makes this synthesizer a power-packed beast is its amazing playability. The two ways of sound making offer a beautiful addition of excellence along with the stylus. The keyboard design enables the user to make distinct notes. By pressing firmly, the sound strips located above the keyboard lets you slide between the notes on a scale.

Another interesting fact about the synthesizer is its capabilities to create rich and strong sound. With plenty of new features, it includes an LFO with square and triangle waves that create a clear ringing sound. Therefore, the low pass filter with the cutoff and resonance sound gets more accuracy to its tones and notes for creating a bright sound. The addition of the envelope for attack and decay adds more texture to the sound.

The portable design secures the lightweight battery-operated construction, which makes it the best small synthesizer. It comes with a built-in speaker, which can create a beautiful sound at any time and anywhere. The audio line out for the headphones and the external speaker allows them to opt for long hours of practicing their notes to achieve perfection.

For adding space to your sound, there is the addition of the analog delay feature, which helps in adding the delay time, combined with the feedback and the level. Additional features like the sub octaves -1 and -2 switch for the enrichment of the sound and adding more frequency to the source of the sound are undoubtedly amazing.

  • Pulse width modulation button for creating the chorus effect
  • A huge number of keys can create different notes
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Tunes are easy to play
  • Affordable
  • Not small enough for carrying anywhere
  • Creates noise

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3. Novation MiniNova Analog Modeling Synthesizer: Value for Money Portable Synth

Novation MiniNova Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Are you looking for the best portable synthesizers that can create a wide variety of sounds? Then what about giving this one a chance? Isn’t it going to be too cool to have 256 sound varieties in one device? That’s exactly why the MiniNova deserves a special mention. This device comes with its compact design, which is capable of creating seamless variety with its 256 sound variations.

The five knobs are for adding a tweak to the sound with its eight animate buttons in the compact synthesizer. Therefore, the one board VocalTune effect enables the device to create charming hip hop, urban and electronic music with amazing versatility. It features construction with an incredibly powerful sound engine and synth effects that let you do unlimited editing with the massive bass in the synth sound. Also, you can go to editing with the lush pads, soaring leads, and vintage synth sounds.

With the 37 mini key forms with the USB port and the MIDI, I /O, the device lets you hook it up with any of your laptops, computer, and other music software.

Along with the editing software inclusion, it lets you have visual access to the synth engine. With the plug-in facility with the DAW or the music software, the editing is no more a tough job to do.

Not only is the device capable of creating this much variety of sounds, but it also lets you save another 128 varieties of the sound of your own. The quick searching of sound is possible with its easy user interface.

The 14 conventional waveforms let you choose from the sawtooth, pulse, square, sine combination, and triangle. Moreover, the 36 wavetables and the 20 digital waveforms add more variety. The 3 oscillators are designed with the same density and detune that fattens the sound with the hardness and virtual sync. 14 filter types come with the 3 LFOs,20 modulation shots, and 6 envelope generators.

With the efficient editing types of equipment, you can easily like the modules of the synth engine for better shaping of the sound. Therefore, the addition of the 5 effects like the distortion, chorus/ phase, reverb, compressor, delay, and EQ, along with the unique gator, affect the synthesizer, is just a must-have for all the music lovers.

It has the VocalTune mode for the mic connectivity for arranging a complete composition to let the keyboard follow your voice. Therefore, the Perform section enables you to have complete access to the synths and its effect engines. Therefore, the switching between the 6 positions with the 4 knobs enables you to do quick editing.

8 animate buttons are best for adding more twist to the sound for tweaking and warping. The keyboard comes in a compact desktop form that allows easy triggering of the software instruments.

  • Pitch correcting with the VocalTune
  • 5 effects of layering per voice
  • With registration, you can download additional free sound packs
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • Price is reasonable compared to its features
  • Operating is complex
  • Not suitable for beginners

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4. Korg microKorg 37-Key Analog Modeling Synth with Vocoder: Top Quality Mini SynthesizerKorg Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Immerge your passion for creating and composing music along with a compactly designed synthesizer that lets you have a strong grip on your passion for making it perfect. With a thoughtful construction that combines the mini-keys and battery powers along with a simple interface, is nothing but great. Capable of creating phenomenal sound, it can undoubtedly serve as a perfect choice for any musician.

Featuring the built-in 8 band vocoder with the gooseneck mic lets you perform and record with it while enjoying the great sound quality of it. Therefore, the selectable six-step arpeggiator adds a new dimension to the music composing and recording by adjusting the length and the resolution of the notes. The microKORG synthesizer’s design features multiple filters that let you create external sound without any need to apply any other technology.

With the dedicated knobs, the front panel offers a design with perfection for easy editing, which lets you create amazing electronic sound effects. 37 mini keys in the structure serve brilliant performance with the velocity sensing. Therefore, the 4 voice analog modeling synth engine makes it a great device for all analog lovers.

The design meets 128 completely editable presets, and the 5 assignable real-time edit knobs editing gets much more accuracy. With the vocoder formant hold and the formant shift, it achieves more perfection in the design. It features the addition of the 3 effects like the chorus/ flanger, ensemble, and phaser. The 3 delay modes and a 2- band EQ creating more precise sound is easier than before.

  • Beige gold body and wooden side panels are aesthetically rich
  • Create cool patterns with the switch step and easy on/off
  • Vocoder for adding tonal character to the sound
  • Analog modeling synthesis system for vintage sound creating
  • Goes compatible with other devices
  • Comparatively pricey
  • Need more compact design in the front panel

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5. Stylophone Retro Pocket Synthesizer: Most Suitable for Beginners

Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth

What about carrying your tune in your pocket? Sounds great, right! Then opt for this one to get this amazing feature along with many interesting attributes as it is one of the best affordable synths. The pocket-size best portable synthesizers are brilliant, along with its stylus design.

The design offers a unique functionality as each segment on the surface can play different notes, just like the piano. The 12 cm of the design offers a perfect fit for your pocket and bags. With the capabilities to run on the 3 x AA batteries, it gives a long run every time you play it.

Therefore, the design gets more accurate with the built-in speaker along with a headphone socket that lets you play it anywhere and everywhere you want. For those who are huge fans of the analog synth, this one is ready to start a friendship with those.

The best portable synthesizers are designed as an analog ones to create a vintage and beautiful sound. The sound switching within 3 sound modes are great for adding versatility to your tunes. Alongside it also features sound wobbling capabilities with its vibrato switch so that you can create endless classic music. The easy tuning through the wheel on the back enables you to play a full-length song with it.

Moreover, you can easily control the synth with its customizable design that includes the volume control, tuning control, and the tone switch for cherishing your preferences. Along with the dedicated on/off switch, it’s easy to turn on and off without any hardship. Therefore, the 3.5 mm of the audio input enables the enhancement of the functionality of the synthesizer.

  • Added chromed grille for the classic retro design
  • With 3 octaves variety in the sound is served
  • Suitable for the beginners
  • Addition of headphone socket for quiet practising
  • Affordable
  • Not durable
  • Doesn’t support computer sync

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6. Korg MS20 Mini Semi-Modular Synthesizer: Portable & Best for Analog Lovers

Korg Mini Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

Attribute your musical components with the brilliant best portable synthesizers that let you play seamless tunes with a mini-profile. This small yet power-packed synthesizer is just what you need to have to compose great tunes.

Developed by the same creators who designed the MS-20, it features all the amazing circuitry which is responsible for its nice construction. And if you are an analog Synth lover, then this can be just more than apt for you.

The uniqueness of the device gets more distinctive with its authentic sound quality with the help of a gripping lead tone. The fat basses with the addition of the warm strings and the pads creating passionate tunes are just a matter of how creative you are. The synth serves the rest.

It has the most useful design as an analog Synth, which includes the self-oscillating high and passes along with the low-pass filters. It provides distortion for more accuracy.

This synthesizer works with the external signal processor for better signal analysis. Therefore, the flexible patching system makes it more efficient. Moreover, this beautiful device includes the USB MIDI plus 5- pin MIDI that lets you connect it with the computer so that you can save your recordings for listening later.

  • Appropriate for the analog lovers
  • Voltage control oscillator is for the multiple sounds creating
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to master
  • The signal out 3.5 mm jack lacks durability
  • Complex functionality

7. Behringer Synthesizer: Best Rated Portable Synth

Behringer Synthesizer

Involve yourself in creating something big with the analog-sounding of a synthesizer. For that, you’ll be needing one with premium features. This analog synthesizer comes with 32 numbers of keys for enhanced playability. The monophonic design comes with 3340 analog oscillators, which can create fat music with perfection.

Serving of the pure analog signal path is secured through the VCO, VCF, and VCA designs for creating the classic sound. The 4 mixable waveforms are added with the oscillator for creating the triangle, saw, square/PWM. Octave divided squares get the addition with the sub-oscillator. The VCF resonant enables itself to get modulated with the ADSR and the LFO. This feature also gets maximization with the keyboard tracking and the bender controller.

With the 6 FM source, the device is capable of creating creative VCF modulations and unique filter effects. Therefore, the ADSR envelope also adds incredible waveshaping to the sound. This synthesizer is easy to use with its 32 step sequences, which have 64 sequencer locations to add more accuracy to the sound.

Moreover, the design also includes the attachable handgrip with the pitch bend wheel and the pitch modulation trigger for more correctness. Besides, the construction of the synthesizer also gets easy to carry attributes with the guitar strap inclusion or seamless jamming at anywhere. The noise generator in the best portable synthesizers also can be used as the modulation source for creating distortion effects.

The functionality meets more richness as the synthesizer features the portamento function ideal for the various sound effects. Therefore, the pulse wave can easily be modulated using the LFO envelope, or you can do it manually.

  • Seamless, flexible filters for adding effects
  • Cutoff frequency on each filtered notes
  • Frequency Modulation amount knob for adding depth
  • The 4-octave range for wide adjustability
  • Seamless sound shaping with the super fat bass
  • Difficult for beginners
  • Needs time to master

8. Teenage Engineering PO-20: Pocket Operator Arcade Synthesizer for Best Sound Quality

Teenage Engineering Operator Arcade Synthesizer

Add a new dimension to your tunes along with this portable synthesizer that offers you seamless features with a lightweight profile. This arcade’s best portable synthesizers and sequencer are designed especially for those who enjoy crazy bleeps and dings, similar to the vintage arcades.

Featuring the rapid beat, making it comes with the chiptune improvisation with which you can play through the built-in quality speakers. Besides, you can also hook it up with an outside speaker or a headphone. The built-in speaker enables the device for the instant delivery of the sound.

There are 16 sound effects for adding more punch to your sound. The effects include the solo drums, solo chords fill-ins, retriggers, glitches, sweeps, blinding, and the rising arpeggio, which are appropriate for creating tweaks in real-time. The parameter lock maximizes the efficiency of the features, which is appropriate for letting you create the beautiful sound you want.

The wide range of features like the 16 patterns, step sequencing, step multiplying, 128 chords, and many more are brilliant for expanding the possibilities of your creation with seamless beauty. It goes compatible with most of the other instruments like the drum machine, bass, and lead synthesizers and the noise percussion, etc.

The addition of the jam sync feature lets you connect your portable synthesizer with all the devices alongside the ability to play with them separately. The technicalities of the synthesizer get a soulful addition with the best quality technology.

It suggests the type that includes frequency modulation, wavetable, and subtractive. Moreover, it comes with the components like the silicon labs, Knowles speaker, EFM 32 gecko MCU, and the Cirrus Logic DAC, which is efficient for adding more smoothness and depth to the sound. With the 16 number of sound patches, effects, and chords, it can be the best device for anyone who loves to play all day long.

You can use the synthesizer onboard alone without any help from the external gears. The audio pulse-based sync is best for enabling the syncing with the other external devices like computers, sync control, volca, etc.

  • 128 chord and pattern changing for seamless varieties
  • Daisy-chaining together compatible with the 3.5 mm of sync cables
  • The folding stand is for easy setup
  • High-quality sound delivery
  • Enables to compose a whole song
  • Shut off is difficult
  • Not durable

9. Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Controller: Powerful & Portable Synth with Built-In FM Radio

Teenage Engineering Portable Synthesizer

Add more power to the tune along with this power-packed best portable synthesizer from Teenage engineering. This best mini synthesizer is designed with 8 built-in engines with exchangeable architecture so that you can produce every note with perfection. The features get much interesting as they meet the addition of the 8 quick selection keys, along with 3 great sequencers that enable the device to create live tweaks.

This 8 synthesizer engine made with the exchangeable architecture enables you to choose between T1 to the T4 key, which is provided for the engine switching and retaining envelopes. It also includes the addition of the 8 dedicated instant keys that lets you select the sound as per your preference.

These best portable synthesizers can easily be considered as the best ones among the crowds for their seamless features and ease in laying. With the built-in 24-voice, it comes with the instant live sampler with which you can easily sample from the onboard music, 4-track, tape recorder FM radio, etc.

What is more interesting about this synthesizer is, it comes with a four-track tape recorder along with the variable tape, which can easily add a tweak to your live recordings. It also benefited from the six minutes of recording type on both sides of the tape recorder with 4 tracks.

The synthesizer also features the four-track mixers along with the EQ effect and the drive for adding texture to bring out the fine-tuning. The dedicated VU meter is great for the sound level displaying and the pan controlling for the L & R.

It can add multiple exchangeable architectures with various effects. The multiple exchangeable sequences are adding more effectiveness to the tweaks. The addition of the classic pattern sequencer changes the direction for flying and shortening of the laying sequence. Therefore, the Tombola sequencer adds more bounce and gravity to the synthesizer.

Well, the features are not yet complete. As the endless step sequencer for a quick order, reverse, and patterned features get added for the instant live tweaks. With the USB MIDI controller, the device is easy to control and change from one hardware to another. Therefore, the 2 way USB file transfer enables the device to do fast data transferring to the computer.

  • Color-coded and vector-based user interface with 4 colour encoders
  • Easy sample sounding from different sources
  • Long battery life with standby mode supportability
  • Endless sound creation possibilities with multiple effects
  • Powerful and portable
  • Pricey
  • Not includes the velocity-sensitive keys

Best Portable Synthesizers: Buying Guide

For choosing the best portable synthesizer, here are the features that you should focus on if you are serious about it. Let’s have a look:

Analog or digital:

Depending on the type of synthesizer you want to feed your preference, you need to choose between if it should be analog or digital. However, this is completely our personal choice, and both are good.

MIDI implementation:

If you like to save or store your recordings on a computer, then your synthesizer must have the compatibility to sync with the computer. Most of the best portable synthesizers come with the MIDI implementation that lets it get connected with the computers.


The number of voices present in the synthesizer is called polyphony. Polyphonic synthesizers come with multiple voices and which can be combined to create beautiful tones. If you want to create a full-length song with multiple effects in tune, then having a polyphonic synthesizer can be the best option for you.


A workstation in a synthesizer refers to the multiple track addition sequences, like the drums and various effects. Suppose you are looking for the best portable synthesizers that is good for all-in-one music resting. In that case, a workstation is apt for you for the seamless versatility and unique possibilities to create iconic tunes.


If you want to add the drum sound on your synthesizer, then you need to choose a model compatible with that. May synthesizers come with the capabilities that can create the drum sound. Choose one based on your preference.


Finding the right one within your budget is another crucial thing. The budget for a synthesizer can start from $50 and can range up to $1400 and more. However, based on the features and the quality, the price differs.

There is no such notion that the pricey one should be of the best quality. Always look for the maximum features within your budget. For getting the best deal, compare several products, then pay for the one which is right for you.