Best Noiseless Strat Pickups for Hum-free Sound – Review & Buying Guide

best noiseless strat pickupsWho doesn’t love the sharp and iconic sound from single-coil Stratocaster pickup? Probably every guitarist drools to have that recognizable tone while they are playing some note. However, with such great sound, it gives rise to an annoying hum that has bothered many players for ages. So how can you avoid the 60cycle hum and still enjoy the vintage tone? Well, the easiest way is to couple your electric guitar with the best noiseless strat pickups.
It will not only curb the hum in your music but will also give you complete authority over the sound you want to produce.

Overall Best Noiseless Strat Pickups#

Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups, Aged White,...
  • The hot noiseless neck pickup tone is warm and punchy with a bluesy feel, while the bridge pickup screams at high gain
  • Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups, Aged White, Set Of 3
  • Electric Guitar Part

Overall Budget Noiseless Strat Pickups#

In our list of reviews, we have put forward some of the top noiseless Strat pickups that are worth buying;

1. Fender Strat Traditional Hot Noiseless Pickup: Best Rated Pickup

Fender is always known for its high-quality pickups, and Strat traditional hot noiseless is probably one of the best Fender strat pickups they have produced. It is one of those pickups that give you the required tone without any background interference.

fender strat hot - best noiseless strat pickups

Key Features:

  • Warm and punchy tone.
  • Bluesy genre output.
  • Classic Strat design.
  • Low noise performance.
  • White body finish.

Features Overview:

Fender Strat traditional hot noiseless pickup is a highly-rated that has met the requirement of many players by giving them a 60-cycle hum-canceling sound. When you install this fender silent tool in your electric guitar, it will take the output of your guitar to a new a dimension.

Not only will it diminish the irritating hum from your music, but it will add a punchy and meaty tone to create a bluesy genre theme. It serves as the perfect upgrade for your hot rod as it gives the guitars the wide tonal range and the right punch to ooze out a dynamic output.

Whether you want to play indoors or on stage, it will perfectly complement all kinds of environments.

This fender noiseless strat pickup has the prowess to produce a combination of gritty and clean tone that would provide a high-definition sound with low noise performance. The best part of this pickup is that it creates a rich and punchy tone at the same time.

It holds the classic Strat design, meaning it will keep your legendary Fender guitar’s classic look. The build quality of this one of the best Fender strat pickups is really excellent, and it’s compact structure allows it to fit in any tiny space easily.

Surprisingly a new fender noiseless pickup won’t cost you much, so it won’t make a dent in your monthly budget.

  • It produces a clean and punchy tone.
  • Hold the traditional Strat look.
  • It holds the clarity in high gain.
  • Competitive price tag.
  • The output range can only go up to medium.


Strat Traditional hot is a great Fender vintage noiseless strat pickup that suffices all your vintage tone requirements at an affordable rate.

2. Fender Generation 4 Telecaster Noiseless Strat Pickup: Top Notch Tuning Stability

Fender Generation 4 Telecaster is an outcome of experienced craftsmanship that produces the clean version of the vintage tone. When you go through Fender gen four noiseless Stratocaster pickup review, you will understand why everyone prefers it over other models.

fender generation best noiseless strat pickups

Key Features:

  • Noise-free performance.
  • Clean and crisp vintage tone quality.
  • Shielded wires.
  • Alnico V manget.
  • 6K DC resistance.

Features Overview:

The generation 4 telecaster is a specialized Fender vintage noiseless pickup that has made an impact in the pickup technology by introducing a clean and crisp vintage Strat tone.

When you clamp it to your Stratocaster instrument, it will not only produce a noise-free nostalgic Strat tone but will treat you with an overdrive tone for authentic rock music. The clarity and crispness it offers in all the tonal ranges are simply unbelievable, and it will help you to play a note without any hum.

In addition to the noiseless pickup design, Fender has shielded the wires in such a way that it has taken the noise reduction capability to a whole new height.

Unlike others, this Fender noiseless pickup telecaster shines in all sound output ranges. It allows you to create the perfect balance in your rock music by producing high-definition high end, hard-hitting mid, and bold low end.

So you can expect yourself to explore the modern sonic phenomenon from Fender. The blend of Alnico V magnet and three-wire conductor plays a significant role in maintaining optimum performance.

We can assure you that it would perfectly blend with your electric guitar because it gets a compact size and dual-tone color combination. The package comes with installation hardware and manual, so you won’t have a hard time setting it up.

  • Distinct and clear vintage tone.
  • It offers top-notch tuning stability.
  • Maintains tone quality in all frequency ranges.
  • Comfortable to install.
  • Durable build quality.
  • It is not very versatile.
  • Lacks comfort due to the absence of contours.


Craving to play to clean vintage Fender tone? But also want to experience the new tonal output of sonic excellence? Then there no better option than Fender gen 4 noiseless Stratocaster pickup.

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3. Fender Jazz Bass Pickup for Fender Strat: Best from the Legendary Brand

From the legendary guitar brand Fender, we present to you jazz bass noiseless that has already become a rage among jazz bass enthusiasts. It gives you the best of both worlds by producing the legendary Strat tone and jazz bass sound while you play some notes.

fender jazz bass - best noiseless strat pickups

Key Features:

  • Alnico 2 magnet.
  • Noise free jazz bass tone.
  • Polysol coated magnet wire.
  • High-quality plastic bobbin.
  • Vintage style design.

Features Overview:

Fender jazz bass noiseless pickup is a highly rated device that requires no introduction as it immerses the player into a whole new tonal experience. Geared with an Alnico 2 magnet and Fender’s noiseless pickup technology, it cradles your music with a crisp and clean vintage tone.

The special enamel coated magnet wire is highly influential in bring down the 60-cycle buzz and create a noiseless jazz bass. It has engineered in such a meticulous way that harmonic and definition of the ’60s and ’70 bass tone stay intact.

Whether you want to explore blues, jazz, classic rock, or pop, this Fender noiseless pickup jazz bass will help you to show your expertise in every genre.

This Fender noiseless 4 string jazz bass pickup is built with hand-beveled polepieces with special raddi, meaning it will treat your ear with soft and balanced output.

What makes it unique? Not only it oozes out a solid bass tone, but it also gushes out the smooth mid and excellent treble. In terms of tonal quality, it is neither too hot nor too vintage; instead, it pickups the sweet spot to cater to every modern guitarist.

Based on a durable plastic bobbin and modern circuitry, you won’t ever have to think about wear and tear. It is so compact, so you can easily set it up in your guitar with the installation hardware found in the package.

  • Balanced vintage tone and j bass.
  • It allows you to utilize it for different genres.
  • Sophisticated body design.
  • Almost zero 60-cycle buzz sound.
  • Simple setup process.
  • Slightly expensive.


If you are planning to incorporate a clear vintage tone with the touch j bass sound, then we would suggest you opt for Fender jazz bass noiseless pickup blindly.

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4. Seymour Duncan STL-1/ST-3 Pickup: Absolute Best Noiseless Single Coil Pickup for Strat

When you search for the best single-coil pickups in forums and sites, one name that will pop out in most of the recommended list is Seymour Duncan STL-1/ST-3. It is an affordable piece of device that lets you experience a wide range of tones without the uninviting hum.

seymour duncan stl_1

Key Features of the best noiseless strat pickups

  • Alnico 5 magnet.
  • Powerful mid-range with an excellent treble.
  • Suites overdriven tones.
  • Hand-built bobbins.
  • One-year warranty coverage.

Features Overview of the best noiseless strat pickups

Seymour Duncan STL-1/ST-3 is a single coil pickup that may look like a simple quarter-pound neck pickup but has the prowess to compete top P-90s and humbuckers.

Built with a special hand polished high output coil, it serves as the perfect companion for the guitar as it produces meaty leads with mesmerizing chords and arpeggios. It also takes the assistance of the Alnico 5 magnet that paves the path for you to create a wide range of tones accompanied by P-90 like growls.

The tone profiling has been done in such a way that not only this Seymour Duncan noiseless strat pickup oozes out soothing harmonics but does it without annoying hum.

If you are a Tele player, then this one of the best budget single-coil pickups would ideally suit your requirement, and the credit partially goes to the varied type of overdriven tones.

It may not give great bass, but you are going to experience terrific midrange with detailed high-end, thus giving you proper tone coverage. Since this Seymour Duncan pickup humbucker is wax potted so the chance of any shriek, while you are playing leads, is quite minimal.

Due to its wide range coverage, you can utilize this single-coil pickup for strat to play instrumental rock, classic, jazz-rock fusion, and many more genres.  The body size is extremely compact, and it is garnished with a chrome-plated white cover so it would easily blend with your hot rod.

  • High-quality sound output.
  • It allows you to play leads and chords for different genres.
  • Improved harmonics.
  • Sturdy American build quality.
  • Produces P-90 like growl.
  • The build quality could have been great.


Seymour Duncan STL-1/ST-3 is, without a doubt, one of the best Strat pickups for a clean tone that can improve the output of your electric guitar by a large margin.

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5. Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz: Recommended Value for Money Noiseless Strat Pickup

Seymour Duncan JB and jazz is a highly rated musical tool that will open a new tonal range for you when you clamp it to your guitar. It is totally value for money product that incorporates high-quality hardware to produce tones for all genres.

seymour duncan jb

Key Features:

  • Matched set of JB and jazz models.
  • 4-conductor cable and wax spotting.
  • Alnico 5 magnet.
  • Full tonal range coverage.
  • Squeal free performance.

Features Overview:

Unlike most of the best noiseless strat pickups, Seymour Duncan JB and jazz are a classic combination of JB for the bridge and jazz for the neck. It is often considered as the most exquisite hot-rodded humbucker because it takes the versatility of the bridge position of any humbucker to a new height.

The blend of Alnico 5 magnet and hot coils enriches your guitar with complete coverage of all the tone range. It will not only allow you to achieve sparkling mid-range but will also get you a punchy low-end and harmonic high-end, which is better than most vintage single-coil pickups.

So if you are thinking of playing blues, metal, hard rock, or country music, you can comfortably play all of them.

The jazz pickup, on the other hand, also serves as a dynamic tool that maintains a balance by giving out meaty low-end and bright treble response. It also shines in the mid-range as it assists the guitar to ooze out smooth output that makes the pickup complement all types of music.

It is made up of Alnico 5 magnet with unique coiling that serves as the central pillar behind its splendid noiseless performance that can outclass one of the best vintage-sounding strat pickups.

Every pickup set gets a four-conductor cable and vacuum wax spotting that ensures not only dynamic performance but also excellent durability. Both models have been widely discussed in forums and heavily used by many famous guitarists so you can have blind faith in their performance.

  • Incredible music genre coverage.
  • Noise-free performance.
  • Highly-engineered construction.
  • Many American guitarists prefer it.
  • You will have trouble in coil splitting.
  • Difficult to setup.


Planning to transform your humbucker guitar by adding the best Strat neck pickup with a bridge? Well, Seymour Duncan JB and jazz serves as the best model for your requirement.

Here are some crucial FAQs that will clear any air of confusion;

FAQs about the Best Noiseless Strat Pickups

Why Pick Noiseless Strat Pickups?

Using a traditional or a best noiseless strat pickups would always hamper the clarity of your music as it will bring a lot of hum. Although the tone would bring nostalgia, if you are creating modern music, then the 60cycle won’t suit the music you want to produce.

Getting a noiseless single coil would be a smart move as it will help you to create clear music and also retain the vintage tone.

Active or Passive Pickups?

The choice between active and passive pickup is entirely subjective and depends upon the convenience you are expecting. A passive pickup is a simple device that has a lot of coils around a permanent magnet to produce magnetic energy.

However, due to such coiling, it creates hum and background interference, which is not always suitable for music. Moreover, they are highly sensitive to feedback. They don’t require any power source to work and will treat you with warmer tones along with a wide frequency range.

Active pickup, on the other hand, uses a low number of coils, but instead, it utilizes an active preamp that is powered by a battery. This preamp in the pickup not only boost up the signal level but also ramp up the EQ and filters.

Most importantly, they are small and don’t get much affected by outside interference. You will have the option to modify the parameter of the preamp to get output according to your requirements.

How do fender noiseless pickups work?

A noiseless fender pickup is a stack of single-coil, and the whole setup is stacked on top of each other to produce the size of a standard single-coil. The working of the best noiseless strat pickups is quite similar to a humbucker.

The work process is simple as it pairs two coils where one coil has its north pole directed towards the string while the magnet of the other coil has the south pole directed in the upward direction.

So when the coil is connected throughout of phase mechanism, the interference or the hum noises automatically feds away via the phase cancellation.


To get rid of the annoying 60-cycle hum without losing the unique vintage tone, we present to you a curated list of the best noiseless Strat pickup. It will not only treat your ear with silent performance but will give you the classic tone of the Strat.

All the pickups in this list are made of high-quality materials like Alnico 5 magnet and polished wire so that it would last for years. Our main motto to create a list that will cater to every reader’s budget, so we have covered the best noiseless strat pickups from different ranges.

We can proudly say that all the pickups would perfectly blend with any humbucker or Strat guitar, so installation won’t be a problem.