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Confused about all the marshall amp models available? You know you want the best one, but which one is it? There are so many to choose from, and everyone seems to be giving opposing advice. We’ve all be there, that moment when you get that special piece of gear but then realize to your horror the amp isn’t what you wanted.

We’re here to offer a solution! You want it to sound right, look right, and sound good. But how? There are hundreds to choose from and so many different specs and details. However, as we all know, mother nature rarely cares about specs.BestMarshallAmps have made a mission to help people get the amp they want, as quickly, easily, and painlessly as possible.

We’re the experts in all things hard rock. With 14 years of experience, we are dedicated to giving you the best marshall amp reviews. Our team has played on stages across the world with rock legends such as Angus Young and Phil Collins. Let our extensive knowledge of the latest in amp technology help you find your perfect amp! Guys! Don’t take no for an answer. All salespeople are motivated by money. Our job is to make sure they realize just how good you could be for both them and their bank account.

1. Marshall Code 50-50-watt 1×12″ Digital Combo Amp

best marshall amp


The Marshall Code 50-watt 1×12″ Digital Combo Amp may very well be the best and most flexible amplifier ever produced by Marshall. This amp is absolutely perfect for recording, practicing, light gigging, or as an extension to your already large stack. The Code 50 has four channels ( Clean/Crunch /OD1/OD2), Each channel offers a wide range of versatility in tone and volume.

This Combo Amp is the first of four new signature series combos from the renowned guitar amp guru. Packing enough punch to fill clubs, churches or arenas this versatile combo has two separate channels, one designed for 50-watt operation and one for 25-watt, allowing impressive power and volume in a tiny package.

This Marshall amp is a power-driven amp with a sharp-sounding and articulate sound. The master volume control finds the ideal gain structure for solos and the digital effects loop allows you to use your favorite stompboxes independently in one channel. Its foot-switchable boost provides on-the-fly access to add volume for solos. The built-in CabSim speaker simulates a 4 x 12″ cab in a small 1 x 12″.

Equipped with the full feature set of a modern head, including USB audio streaming and two channels that let you switch from classic Marshall flavor to modern high-gain rock, this is a versatile sound powerhouse. The Marshall amp with an integrated headphone amp and a USB audio interface built into every one.

Use the CODE as a conventional amp or get creative by connecting it to your computer using its USB input. The CODE features the same professional amp circuits found in the full-size Marshall collection making it a great way to experience the tone of the world’s most iconic rock, blues, and metal amplifiers without taking up much space.

When you’re not playing, you can use the two headphone jacks to practice quietly late at night. Add effects pedals for enhanced functionality and practicing convenience.

2. Marshall Mini Stack Series MS-2R Micro Guitar Amplifier

 Marshall Mini Stack Guitar Amplifier


The Marshall MS-2R Mini Stack series offers clean, loud, and great-sounding amplifiers. These Mini Stack amps are perfect practice amps for electric guitar. The 2-channel technology gives you tons of tonal options with 4 different power amp sounds. This marshall amp allows you to connect your MP3 player or CD player to jam along with your favorite tunes.

The MS-2R Mini Stack is an ideal entry point for the real novice, and even some more experienced players, who just want to have fun playing some “real” music. Powered by EL84’s, these amps have a classic clean and overdriven sound with fantastic dynamic headroom.

The MS-2R features two gain modes, Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2. Overdrive 1 is a dynamic ‘crunch’ tone with additional characters from the high-frequency range. Overdrive 2 is a full-on distortion boost that takes your sound from zero to ‘in your face’ lead overdrive with scooped mids and fat, warm lows.

Both new combos share the same basic specs, but the MS-2R delivers a lower output tone that is great for direct recording with any DAW and the other small amp of choice. Simple to maintain, these amps are the perfect solution for any recording rig or practice session.

All amps in the series use traditional Marshall construction techniques and carefully selected circuitry designs, so you know you’re getting an authentic Marshall tone at a reduced price. This marshall amp is the perfect practice amplifier for musicians on the road or in the studio. It features two completely independent channels, each with an EL84 power tube and a 12″ Celestion G12M Greenback speaker.

The unique push-pull output (PPO) on each channel allows you to select whether you use two different tubes for each channel, or a single tube to drive both speakers.

3. Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-MG10G-U)

Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier


Marshall Amps M-MG1BLK-U. These are small and powerful amps; not just great for practice, they can be used to rock the house. This is such a great way to celebrate your passion for music. This amp produces 13 watts through the power of three EL84 tubes that are responsible for the warm tones and professional sound quality. The size is also a plus, as it is easy to carry around.

The best marshall amp is the first consumer amp that has a usable gain channel level with just the drive control cranked up. Its design is based on extremely vintage Marshalls and its power tone stack follows the Marshall design manuals perfectly. The master volume controls the output level of the power amp without changing its tonal character.

It also has quite a bit less output impedance than anything else you can buy in this price range, which means it pumps up your signal in a more musical way and lets your other pedals perform better. This Marshall MG10G Guitar Combo Amplifier head is ideal for small rehearsing, practice, and recording. This combo amp features a 10 watts amp with a speaker and 3 channels; Clean, Overdrive, and Metal. It also has gain, level & volume controls for each channel.

In addition to the effects loop, you will enjoy the built-in spring reverb. Whether you want your music to be heard by everyone in the room, or just want that one special person to hear and feel what you’re playing, the Marshall MG10G is a great choice. You’ll love how easy it is to get the tone you want with 3-band EQ, and how much easier it is to keep your sound from becoming part of the crowd thanks to the headphone jack.

And with an aux input, you can play along with your favorite recording or even plug in a video game console. The best marshall amp is the first consumer amp that has a usable gain channel level with just the drive control cranked up.

4. Marshall Amps Code 25 Amplifier Part (CODE25),15″ x 10″ x 15″,Black

Marshall Amps Code 25 Amplifier Part


This Marshall CODE25 25 Watt Combo Amp is equipped with a 6.5″ speaker with a custom-built 2-channel preamp. The Code Series’ tone is characterized by the classic Marshall tube amp sound, but it has been meticulously sculpted to offer more clarity and tighter bass. It features 4 bands EQ, Gain, and Reverb which gives a guitarist many different tones to create their own unique sound.

The combo’s unique design features gold hardware, vintage-style control knobs, and a sound that is pure rock ‘n roll. Add the Marshall Code 25 to your collection and experience “more guitar..less amp” today. The Marshall amp is built in the classic style. It incorporates a single 12AU7 and a single 12AX7 preamp tube to provide the necessary gain for powerful overdrive or distortion.

The 8-ohm CODE 25H is built with an output of 25 watts by RMS and runs at 16 ohms or 8 ohms for 35Watts (in ultra-linear mode), 40Watts (in pentode mode). The amp section is simple in design, yet it is capable of doing most tones that you desire. The standout feature on this amp is the tube-driven effects loop.

This allows you to load external effects into the signal path while retaining the pure sound of your choice of amplifier. As a musician who puts tone first, I was impressed with this feature and think that if you have been searching for a fixed bias amp you will also be quite pleased. This Marshall amp. This amp has four channels: clean, crunch, lead, and ultra.

It also has a footswitch for turning the 25-watt speaker on and off as well as a headphone jack. The cabinet is made of plywood that was covered with a thick Tolex fabric and a black grille cloth is protecting the speaker. Picking up this Marshall Code 25 will give you a great addition to your guitar arsenal at an affordable price.

5. Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-MG15GFX-U)

Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier


The Marshall M-MG15GFX-U Guitar Combo Amp is a solid-state (transistor) amp that produces 15 watts into a single 8-inch speaker. It has a single channel with volume, gain, and tone controls. The amp’s controls are designed to take you from sparkling clean to mellow crunch to high-gain distortion.

Best Marshall amp, Marshall MG Series Amps represent the first segment in simplifying this iconic brand of amps into more affordable, straightforward options for guitarists. These amps are less flashy and easier to travel with, but just as powerful in tone as most of their more expensive counterparts. This is a great amp for just about any style of music ( metal, blues, acoustic).

It gives off a beautiful sound when paired with the marshall 1960a cab. When hooked up to another speaker cab the sound quality increases and gets louder. This Marshall amp offers the enjoyment of your favorite music immensely. It is equipped with a solid-state, and a tube setting circuit to provide ultimate analog sound reproduction.

The amp offers excellent performance, as well as portability. It has sound reinforcement and can be turned into a power amp configuration when needed. Marshall’s most popular practice amp, the MG Series now features a solid-state power amp for incredible tone and volume.

The MG series incorporates high-gain circuitry and innovative control features together with the brand’s traditional sound to give you a tone that’s ready for anything. This model is in the M-MSG15PFX rackable combo format, but can also be used as a stackable.

The MG Series is ideal for beginner guitarists who want authentic Marshall tube tones at an affordable price. This combo amp comes with a 6″ speaker, external speaker jack, and MP3/Line In jack.

6. Marshall Amplifier Speaker (MG15GR)

Marshall Amplifier Speaker


The Marshall MG15CFX 5 Watt Combo Amp with CD/MP3 and FX features a classic Marshall JCM400 1 x 12″ combo amp design and is loaded with one high-quality MG Series speaker. The bright channel delivers fine cleans while the overdrive channel has all the crunch you could ask for! The FX Loop allows you to add your own choice of pedals, or simply plug in your MP3 player using the AUX input.

The Marshall amp is a 15W 1×8″ speaker all-tube amp equipped with Smart ‘S’ speaker selection, Drive control, and a single 12AX7 preamp tube. Our Marshall amp is a great choice for stage and studio. It features a custom-tuned Celestion speaker plus two 6″ x 9″ speakers to bring out your sound’s character and detail.

Each amp has an independent Gain and Master volume control, with a shared 3-band EQ on the top panel. The power amp is tube-based, and each channel features proprietary EF86 and EL84 tubes. The Marshall MG Series MG15CF is a 1 x 8″ combo with classic tube tone in a lightweight, portable design.

A variety of modern and vintage tremolo, overdrive, and distortion sounds can be dialed up with the MG’s 2-band EQ. Line out allows for recording or connecting to a larger amp. This model also features digital reverb. This Marshall amp with a single 8 or 16 Ohm speaker, giving you more flexibility when connecting to additional speakers.

This guitar amp head features three EQ knobs (Pre Gain, ‘Middle’, and Master), an effects loop for use with external FX pedals, a Preamp out/power amp in jacks, and an Aux-in for playing along with your favorite songs.

7. Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-MG15G-U)

Guitar Combo Amplifier


The Marshall MG Series MG15G Guitar Combo Amplifier offers up a choice of two classic-Marshall-voiced channels with external speaker capability. Connect your headphones and enjoy powerful, silent practice sessions, or kick on the campaign trail with a 15-watt EL34 tube power section to crank out inspiring tones. Just add guitar and start playing.

This marshall amp houses volume control, tone control, CD input for connecting an external audio source, headphone output for silent jamming, and an Aux RCA input with volume control. On the back panel, it has a large rear-mounted output jack which can be used to hook up a matching cab (not included). Also on the back panel is the power amp output that includes Speakon® and 1/4″ connectors.

This Marshall Combo Amp gives you fantastic tone and durability in a compact package that excels for practice and recording. This all-tube combo amp features dual channels with independent gain and volume controls as well as a three-band EQ to dial in just the right amount of bite and punch to your sound.

With two 12AX7 preamp tubes, an EL84 power tube, and four 6V6 output tubes, the amplifier delivers the authentic Marshall sounds that have defined rock ‘n’ roll since 1962. The Marshall amp is a compact, all-tube amp that finally gives you the tone, features, and power of a real Marshall stack in the tightest and easiest to use format yet.

It’s small enough to take to the gig but loud enough that you can still use it to record. It’s got a tube-driven 3-band EQ and even an effects loop for your foot pedals if you want. The slant panel front design lets you see your amp from any angle but most importantly, it gets tons of critical top-end cut without sacrificing bass response.

8. Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-DSL40CR-U)

Guitar Combo Amplifier


Marshall M-DSL40CR combos have been handcrafted in Britain since the early ’90s, and have a loyal worldwide following. We offer two amps: one with reverb (the M-DSL40R), and one without (the M-DSL40S). Both are loaded with four EL34 power tubes for a gritty vintage tone that has become the sound of rock, blues, and metal. The M-75 speaker by Celestion gives an amp its voice.

The tube-driven spring reverb adds a lush texture to overdrive tones. This Marshall amp is loaded with many of the same technologically advanced features Marshall is known for, including a single channel with foot-switchable Gain Boost and DSL effects.

A DSL switch automatically selects between 4 modes based on an original Marshall tube circuit that will deliver stunning tones across the entire spectrum of rock genres. Channels 1 and 2 are optimized for use with humbuckers and utilize a Marshall “crunch” voicing while channels 3 and 4 are for single-coil pickups delivering tonal characteristics focusing on clarity, definition, and cutting power.

This Marshall amp represents the next stage of evolution in Marshall’s amplifier technology. Complete with DSL tone, an ultra-linear power amp, four EL34 power tubes, and two 12AX7 preamp tubes, this is one serious Marshall stack! Great for practice and recording, it features a foot-switchable solo channel and built-in reverb.

Like all DSL series amps, the Diagonal Line pattern grille cloth makes this amp stunning to look at. Other cool features include a headphone out for silent practice and a unique halo graphic display. A gold-plated XLR output for sending a direct feed to a mixing board is provided as well.

9. Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-DSL1CR-U)

Marshall Amps Guitar Amplifier


Marshall Super Lead tube combo amplifier gives you all the driving power and tone you need for performing live or recording. The M-DSL1CR-U features two channels, a 12-inch speaker, reverb, tremolo effects, AUX input, and more. This Best Buy Marshall Super Lead guitar combo amp delivers an excellent crunch and rich overdrive ideal for blues, classic rock, or modern metal.

Looking for the best Marshall amp? This 20-watt, 1-watt Class A tube amp includes electronic reverb, an effects loop, and a line out to hook up to studio monitors or other larger amps. The M-DSL1CR is part of Marshall’s DSL series, meaning it’s designed to look and sound just like a classic Marshall amplifier. It features four ECC83 preamp tubes and two ECC82 power tubes.

Marshall Amplification takes a revolutionary leap forward with its acclaimed DSL Series, bringing genuine tube tone and responsiveness in an all-new format. Classic Marshall warmth and tone have been realized more brilliantly than ever before by a digitally controlled, all-valve power stage.

The Marshall amp – Marshall’s most popular “Little-Marshall” is back, with tones inspired by the original DSL and JCM 800 Series amplifier tones. The DSL1HR retains the iconic look and tone of the original, with volume, gain, and tone controls found on the front panel. It also has the vintage Marshall design of a half-power switch that delivers a variety of sounds by reducing power output to 15 Watts.

The Marshall DSL range of amplifiers offers a wide variety of sounds and features for all different kinds of musicians. Whether you’re a guitarist looking to conjure up the classic tones of rock legend Jimi Hendrix or a bass player wanting to take advantage of the huge low-end that can be found within one of Marshall’s bass amplifiers, there’s something for everyone in the full DSL lineup.

By using Celestion speakers in each model, Marshall ensures that the unique characteristics found in Celestion speakers are transferred across to their range of amps.

10. Marshall Amps Marshall Origin 50W combo w FX loop and Boost (M-ORI50C-U)

Marshall Amps


The Marshall M-ORI50C-U Origin 50W Combo Amp with Splits and FX Loop features Clean & Crunch channels with shared 3-band EQ and channel volume controls, a shared “Deep” switch, dedicated reverb control for each channel, and CD/MP3/Line Input that may be switched between the two channels.

In addition to standard Volume and Tone controls supporting both instruments and built-in FX, both channels are equipped with an additional foot-switchable “Bass” control. The amp uses custom-designed 12-inch speakers in a closed-back cab with an FX loop, external speaker jack, and reverb included. The unit can also be used as a 100-watt extension cabinet.

It’s loaded with all the iconic sounds you’ve come to expect from the Marshall name. The Marshall amp will give you a bunch of classic Marshall tones and more, with 7 channels and 10 modern amp models. The preamp sports an interactive 3-band EQ and mid contour switch, so you can tweak and shape your tone on the fly. Plus, you can connect an external speaker cab for even more power.

This amp has a pure tube tone with a high-gain preamp and a master volume. It comes with its footswitch which lets you turn the lamp on/off and control the boost from your favorite seat. Included in this package are the cables and speaker cable, as well as a 1 x 12″ Eminence speaker.

The Marshall amp is the expression of a lifelong dream for Fletcher and Marshall’s chief designer, Alex Roberts. Its roots are found in the same kind of music created by legendary guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton. The design features a complete EQ section and Gain control, plus an overdrive feature called “Blues Breaker” that emulates the legendary sounds of early Marshall amplifiers.