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Best Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul – Detailed Review & Buying Guide

Are you tired of the sharp sound of the single coiled pickups? Then you definitely need to add some warmth and heaviness to your guitar tunes to prevent the noise and feedback that sounds annoying to your ears. At the same time, if you are so much fond of the metallic gigs, and classic rocks, then you must add some darker tone to your music. All of these requirements can only be solved through the right choice of best pickups. And it can only be served through the best humbucker pickups for Les paul that deliver the best ever sound and notes.

Overall Best Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul#

Rocket HZ5 Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups for...
  • Wide Applicability: Compatible with electric guitars which can be installed humbucker pickup of the guitar
  • Magnet Type: Alnico 5. The pole spacing of Neck is: 10MM and Bridge is :10.4MM.
  • Baseplate: Custom etched nickel silver Double-conductor wire,Coil Wire: 42 AWG enamel
  • Tonal Quality:Smooth,warm, clear sound with great vitality
  • Package Include: 1* humbucker pickup with Screws

Overall Budget Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul#

FOXNOVO Professional Sealed Humbucker Pickups Set...
  • Color: mainly black. Material: durable copper and hard plastic.
  • Great humbucker pickups set, Gibson Epiphone Les Paul guitars.
  • Designed to duplicate that classic warm sound yet they have slightly more output to give you a bit more crunch for the punch.
  • Triple wax dipped and vacuum sealed to eliminate any unwanted feedback and noise.
  • Each pickup includes 4pcs height adjusting screws.
It might seem a daunting task to find the right kind of humbucker pickups to achieve the best kind of tunes. That’s why we are here to guide you with the reviews of the 10 best les paul pickups that you can easily pick to delve deeper into your darker music taste.

1. Kmise Zebra Faced Humbucker Double Coil Pickups: Top Rated Pickup For Les Paul

Best Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul

Are you searching for the louder and heavier sound to add more depth to your guitar strings? Then these humbucker double coil pickups can be the best choice for you. Two coils are much better than a single-coil to eliminate those annoying electrical hums, to make a much darker sound that creates a soulful impact on the listener that makes it best for Les paul.

These brand new humbuckers come with their high-quality attributes that are tested and work fine with most of the guitars. Therefore, the complete design with the neck and bridge surrounds; it is capable of creating more punch while playing. Suitable for most of the Les Paul guitars, these become a versatile fit for other types of guitars.

Made with the potted wax design, it is well sealed, which offers superior performance while boasting strong DC resistance. The humbuckers are great for creating a balanced tone, as they have the pole placement variation between the 50 m- 52 mm, which makes it a great fit for versatile guitars. Fitted with the magnets made of solid nickels, it creates a magnetic field around the strings to add more vibrance to the vintage tunes that make it the best humbucking pickups.

  • These excellent value LP alternative humbuckers are created to go a match with the versatile use
  • The 8K neck and the 9.5 K bridge add up to its efficiency
  • Along with the addition of hardware like screws gives it a much nice tone
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Assembling is a bit problematic
  • Sound pick up is a bit flat with these humbuckers

2. DiMarzio {FEEDTITLE} Electric Guitar Gig Bag: Best Pickup for Less Paul

DiMarzio {FEEDTITLE} Electric Guitar Gig Bag (DP100FBK)

This DiMarzio pickup for a humbucker is specifically designed to bring out the best quality sound, which makes it a worthy replacement for your old and broken humbucker.

If you are looking for the piece to create superior distortion, then this one is undoubtedly the ideal option for you. The humbucker comes with the 3 conductor version paired with the dual sound, which offers a friendly design to replace a tube amp into the total overdrive.

With its high output delivery, it offers the perfect blend of power and tone in its distortion that can easily create both the chord jump and the single notes, which has enough ability to feel the room with loud and clear sound quality.

It offers an adequate amount of the balanced tone, which includes all the exceptional sound effects like boosted mugs, classic thicks, fat high, and big lows that enables you to create mesmerizing tunes with a strong effect, which makes it the great companion for the best humbucker pickups for Les paul as classic rock.

Along with its versatile design, it comes with the 4 conductor wiring that allows for an instant start and the easy switch of modes. Therefore, the heavy distortion quality makes it a lovely choice for those who swear by the distortion in their tunes.

  • Comes with the complete set up which is easy to install
  • The versatility is served through the 4- conductor design
  • It serves the hot output along with its capability of mid-boosting
  • Features the coil-splitting capability that makes it suitable for easy customization
  • The new sealed design eliminates noise and feedback
  • Pricey
  • Not so durable

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3. Seymour Duncan SH8 Invader Pickup: Humbucker Bridge Pickup for Less Paul with High Output

Seymour Duncan SH8 Invader Humbucker Bridge Pickup

Want to create a powerful impact with your Les Paul guitars? Then the right piece of humbuckers for your pickup can do magic to your tunes. And these humbuckers are specially designed to fit your purpose so that you can create many amazing sounds along with their powerful sound quality.

Featuring the brilliant combination of the three large ceramic magnets along with the hot coils, it eliminates the buzzy noise while playing. Therefore, the twelve black oxide cap screws make it much more impactful and powerful music as it is one of the best humbucker pickups for Les paul

Along with the capabilities to create the heavier tones, 12 oxide cap screws are best for creating a powerful pickup. Therefore, the wide magnetic field makes it easy to create the electrifying force of energy for many more signals to pair with your amps which bring about an energetic and louder tune. The addition of the four-conductor hookups cables is great for complex pickup with its switching configuration. The compatible design for the 6 number of strings works with the efficiency that is best for creating some of the punchy sounds, which is enough to create storms in a rock show along with the best humbucker pickups for blues.

  • A suitable match for those who are looking for the high output pickups
  • Whether it is rock, garage, punk, metal, or thrash, the magnetic design is capable of creating interesting sounds with each attempt
  • Comes with the complete setup, which is easy to assemble and play
  • The heavy sound comes from the over-wound coil
  • Works with as much efficiency as it looks good
  • Pricey
  • A bit weighty

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4. YMC Humbucker Pickup Chrome Replacement: Best Low Cost Pickup for Les Paul

YMC Humbucker-Pickup-Chrome Humbucker Pickup Chrome for Les Paul Replacement

Always opt for the best quality when you go for buying the best humbucker for the pickups so that you never have to compromise with the sound quality and deep tune impact. Made for going compatible with the GIBSON LP EPIPHONE guitars, which makes it the best humbucker pickups for Les paul

Designed with the construction, which can duplicate the classic warm sound, which is enough to mesmerize all those with that nostalgic tune. Therefore, the output comes up with a slight addition of punch and crunch, which makes the sound filled with efficiency, which is free from noise but louder enough to make every rock fan fall for it.

Coming with the triple wax dipped and vacuum-sealed, which is capable of eliminating the annoying feedback and noise that comes in the way of your clear sound. Along with the high adjusting screws that come with the humbucker, each pickup gets the touch of perfection.

The 9K rated neck pickup, and the 16 k rated blazing hot bridge pickup, becomes much more convenient to use with their high pitch adoption. With the pole spacing of 52 mm on the bridge pickups, it offers a great signal pricking up near the bridge area. Therefore, the 50 mm on the neck pickups, creates a bit warmer and thicker sound for adding some darker effect to your tunes with the help of these cheap humbucker pickups.

  • Along with the black chrome cover and frame, it comes in a well-protected design
  • The addition of the adjusting screws and pins, it is easily adjustable
  • Goes compatible with any 6 string GIBSON guitar
  • With the proper arrangement of neck and bridge pickups, it is apt for the rocks and blues
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Installing is not so easy
  • Pickups are no near the resistance

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5. FOXNOVO Professional Sealed Humbucker Pickups Set: Great Replacement For Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Guitars

FOXNOVO Professional Sealed Humbucker Pickups Set for Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Guitars (Black)

An additional touch of professional sound quality along with the clear pitch can easily be acquired through this humbucker pickup set, along with its ready to rock design. Packed with features, this ideally constructed humbucker set offers a brilliant control over the pickups along with its rightly positioned neck and bridge.

It comes with a sturdy built design that goes compatible with any Gibson Epiphone Les Paul guitars, for an upgraded enhancement of sound and tune. Along with the classic quality excellent pickups it can easily duplicate the classic warm sound of the pickup with some more punch and crunch that sounds excellently powerful.

Coming along with the durable cover made up of copper and hard plastic, it not only gives the best sound backup but also offers a long-lasting service to make your purchase worth it. With the 8.5-9 K of the neck pick up, it can create a much darker and heavy tune to make everyone groove on it. Therefore, the addition of the 8.5-9 k of the bridge pickup is best for making the string movement less at the bridge area while creating a bright and energetic sound to contrast and compliment the heavier aspect of the neck area, which makes it the best humbucker pickups for blues.

Any kind of feedback and noise that can interrupt your clear sound has been eliminated through the addition of the triple wax dipped and the vacuum-sealed design. Each of the pickups has been updated with the 4 pcs of height adjusting screws that let you set your tune the way you want. The package comes with 1 professional sealed humbucker and 8 screws, which offers a complete set up to the Gibson Epiphone Les Paul guitars.

  • Offers a great replacement for your old and broken humbucker pickup
  • The output with a slight touch of crunch and punch offers a great sound quality
  • No battery is needed for these 2 wire pickups
  • The pickup rings offer the adequate contour to fit for a Les Paul shaped body
  • Noise is lessened through the high-end design
  • Assembling quite difficult
  • Screws need some improvement in design

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6. Lovermusic One Pair Ceramic Magnet Humbucker Pickup for Double-H Guitar: Best for Les Paul with High Output Power

lovermusic One Pair Ceramic Magnet Humbucker Guitar Pickup Red Replacement for Double-H Guitar

Are you looking for a sturdy build humbucker that not only gives a good performance profile but also runs for a long time? Then you are just in the right place. This metal-made humbucker comes with its impressive design and high-quality efficiency, which adds more power to your guitar bass.

Featuring the open design, this unit is made to provide a clear output volume, which is very bright and soulful. With the adjustable timbers and the umbrella head screws, they are great for proper customizing to set the tune in the right way. Therefore, the attachment of the neck with the 7.2+/- 0.3 K is great for creating a deeper sound with the dark and heavy tune. At the same time, the emphasis on the bridge with the 15 +/- 0.3 K near the resistance makes it a device mostly dedicated to the brighter sound formation, which makes it the best humbucker pickups for les paul

With the ceramic magnets, it creates powerful, electrifying effects around the strings that add up to the perfection of the tone. The neck area has been equipped with 50 mm of pickup hole spacing, and the 52 mm of bridge pickup hole spacing the sound quality gets the appropriate amount of correction with the effective quality.

  • With the open design, the brighter output is not anymore a dream
  • Goes compatible with both type of guitars with its high output power
  • Offers a great replacement for the metal, punk, and the heavy metal rock style
  • The high gain super-hot pickups are best for creating the heavy sound
  • Cost-effective
  • The neck pickup is not that effective
  • Not suitable for metal music

7. FLEOR Alnico 5 Electric Guitar Neck & Bridge Pickup Set Double Coil-Black: Best & Affordable for Les Paul

FLEOR Alnico 5 Electric Guitar Neck & Bridge Pickup Set Double Coil Humbucker Pickups-Black

Add some powerful up-gradation to your guitar tunes along with these humbucker pickup strings by the FLEOR. As the Alnico 5 humbucker pickup comes with powerful magnetic arrangements that work brilliantly to emerge the strong sound with the enhanced depth. Therefore, the design suggests the addition of the neck and bridge in the pickup set, which adds variety to the sound. From warm and heavier to brighter, all kinds of tunes are easy to acquire along with this high-end product.

Coming with 12 adjustable hexagonal screws, it offers a steady set up with a clear and crunchy sound. It has 50 mm of pole spacing in the neck area, for creating a deeper tone, whereas the pole spacing gets a bit of enhancement up to the 52 mm near the bridge area, to offer a perfect balance to the tune.

The proper resistance has been offered through the 7-8K ohms near the neck area, which comes with the 3-4 K ohms of the single-coil pickup. Moreover, the bridge offers a total of 14-15K ohms and the single-coil pick up of the 7-8 K ohms near the resistance, to offer great control over the lightweight pitch.

Featuring the ABS bobbin, it offers a great strength of fitting to the guitar body, that allows the strings to stay in place and prevents them from too much of moving, along with its durable profile. The packaging contains 1 bridge pickup along with 1 neck pickup, which is paired with the inclusion of the 5 springs and 4 screws, which are enough to offer a completely reliable set up for the creation of mindblowing tunes served by this one of the best humbucker pickups for Les paul

  • With the black appearance, it brings out a clean and stylish look
  • Featuring the fully waxed potted and sealed body, it can eliminate any unnecessary noise and feedback
  • The screws and springs provided with the product offer a great installing
  • Comes at an affordable range
  • The sound quality offered the humbuckers are free from any kind of excessive sharpness
  • The darker tune is not much improved
  • The magnet is a bit weaker

8. FLEOR Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups: Top Quality Double Coil Neck & Bridge Pickup Set for Les Paul

FLEOR Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups Double Coil Guitar Bridge Pickup & Neck Pickups Set - (Black + Cream)

Thinking of having the supremely built humbucker pickup set for your guitar? Then this one is just made for you as it can undeniably be considered as the best humbucker pickups for Les paul as classic rock. The neck and bridge pickup set with the high-end design specially created for the artists who are a bit more passionate about their tunes is the best thing ever.

Created with the ceramic magnet, the electrifying capabilities of the humbucker get a touch of classiness with the top-notch sound. Therefore, the addition of the 6 non-adjustable slug pole pieces is great for the steady sound and is apt for those who don’t want to go much more experimental with their tunes.

However, the 6 adjustable screw pole pieces go friendly with those who want to customize their own set of tunes for amazing sound quality and high pitch volume. With the 50 mm of the neck pickup space and the 52 mm of the bridge pickup space, it offers both the brighter and the dark sound tone, which makes it a suitable piece for any beginner or professional-level guitarist.

The resistance comes with the 7-8 k ohms near the neck pick up, and the 3-4 k ohms at the single-coil pickup, it is easier to tune with clear detailing in the heavier sound. Therefore, the total 14-15 k ohms of the bridge pickup combined with the 7-8 k ohms of the single-coil, the brighter, and louder tone with the sweet tune brings out the enhanced clarity at the right pitch.

  • The ABS, zebra bobbin, is sturdily built and offers a secured set up for the pickups
  • Any kind of noise and feedback gets eliminated with the fully wax potted and sealed design
  • Along with the inclusion of the screws and springs, installing is pretty much easier
  • Goes brilliantly compatible with the electric guitar featuring les paul with EMG pickups
  • The package comes with 1 neck, 1 bridge humbucker pickup, 4 springs, and 4 screws, which offer a complete setup
  • Assembling is a bit tough
  • The base plate is not that durable

9. Rocket HZ5 Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups for Gibson Les Paul: Brilliant & Compatible with Electric Guitar

Rocket HZ5 Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups for Gibson Les Paul Replacement (Neck & Bridge)

Are you aiming to have the best quality humbucker that offers perfect suitability to your Les Paul guitar? Then opt for this humbucker without any second thoughts. This humbucker builds with 4 conductors, offering the best quality sound delivery, without any unnecessary noise.

Along with its wide applicability, it goes compatible with almost any of the GIBSON electric guitars. With the alnico 5 magnet type, the magnetic fields around the strings are much more powerful than ever, to create a wide impact of power-packed sound. The humbucker is made to deliver the perfect pitch of the sound, which is neither too muddy nor too sharp; rather, it brings out a clear pitch, which is combined with the adequate amount of punch and crunch that makes it sound much more crystal clear and natural.

Moreover, the heavier sound, with the darker effect, is not at all hard to achieve, all thanks to the neck, which comes with the pol spacing of the 10 MM. Therefore, the bridge is also designed to bring out the brighter aspects of the electric guitar tunes, as it features the 10.4 MM of the pole spacing, which is ideal for creating effective sound quality.

The addition of the controlling features on the high-frequency region lets you have supreme authorization over the pitch, whereas the ending sound also has an amazing quality, as it sounds full and strong.

The humbucker with its yellow and black appearance comes with the 1 pickup, included with the screws, that offers a complete set up for creating great tunes. Therefore, it comes with the 7.2 K resistance at the neck and 8.4 K resistance at the bridge that lets you have the freedom of rocking the show with the incredibly powerful tunes that can undeniably be considered as the best humbucker pickups for Les paul.

  • Offers a great fit to most of the guitars as the direct replacement
  • The fully waxed ported and sealed design brilliantly prevents any kind of feedback and noise while playing the chords
  • Made with the custom etched nickel silver with the double conductor wire, the baseplate offers much more stability to the tunes
  • With the warm and smooth tonal quality, it goes compatible with any of the electric guitar
  • Goes suitable for the 6 number of strings
  • The plastic top material is not that durable
  • Comparatively pricey

10. EVH Frankenstein Humbucker Pickup: Best Pickup at Competitive Price

EVH Frankenstein Humbucker Pickup

If you are looking for an ideal up-gradation to your Les Paul Guitar, then this one can be the best choice for your search for the best Seymour Duncan pickups for Les paul. This EVH Frankenstein humbucker is enough to give a classic tone to your guitar tunes. With the addition of the alder body, custom brass paired with the titanium vintage-style bridge, it offers a great tune with the stainless steel frets.

Designed with the intention to pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen’s input by Seymour Duncan, this is not the exact copy or replica of the famous Frankenstein pickup; rather, it is equipped with some of the attributes or similarities in the tone, similar to the legendary model.

Equipped with the degaussed Alnico 2 magnet, which is combined with the 14.4 k of resistance that creates the real hot overwound effect with the touch of vintage PAF vibe. Therefore, it comes with a single conductor braided ground wire; it brings out a powerful output. With the balanced tone paired with the low, mid crunch, it is also capable of bringing out the low-end tone, which is great for any big rock chords. Along with the battle-worn guitar pickup, and the original specs ii is made to fit in any kind of guitar equipped with the humbucking pickup.

  • Offers as a great alternative to any of the crop and click replacement for the humbuckers
  • Creating a sweet and clear tone with just one rolling of the knob
  • The alnico 2 magnet works with efficiency in creating the magnetic field around the strings for a powerful bass
  • The output is not too muddy or not too thin, which brings out a clear pitch-perfect for the EVH or the 80’s rock sound
  • Offers a durable performance
  • Pricey
  • Not so suitable pickup for the Floyd rose tremolos

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. How Humbuckers Work? 

Humbuckers work along with its magnetic pick up which magnetizes the vibrating guitar string, for inducing the alternating voltage across the coil. In other words, it uses its two coil wound design to cancel the noise or hum of the guitar while maximizing the signal.

2. What is the difference between single-coil and humbucker pickups?

Single coils are added for offering crispier and brighter notes along with its sound. At the same time, the humbucker pickups offer a darker, louder, and heavier tone suitable for loud music.

3. What type of music is best for humbucker pickups?

The humbucker pickups are designed to offer the heavy style of music, for the great rhythm and the leading capabilities. That’s why jazz players drool over the humbucker, for its warmth in tune. The heavy rock, punk, and classic rock, along with the metal rock, go best with the humbuckers.

4. Active or Passive: Which one to prefer?

If you want to add more power and a strong boost to your guitar tunes, then Active pickups should be your first choice. The passive pickups create a comparatively weaker pickup, which doesn’t offer a suitable performance for the amps. Better projection can easily be acquired through the active pickups.

5. Advantages & Disadvantages of Humbuckers

The most impactful advantage that a humbucker offers is its brilliant sound quality with the noise cancellation, which brings about a heavier and warm tune.

For those who want to have a brighter tune out of their guitar tunes, humbuckers can approach with disadvantages those. As the brightness of the sound gets replaced by the darker tones paired with slight crunch and punch.

6. Why Humbuckers and Not Single Coil Pickups?

Most of the time, the single coils offer a sharp, biting sound, which can be annoying to some of the listeners or musicians. That’s why they prefer the humbucker for its heavier, thicker, and fuller tune, suitable for the darker music, with a soothing effect.

7. How does Humbuckers Sound Like?

The sound of the humbucker can be described as the heavier and thicker sound, which is free from unwanted noise and feedback, which sounds much fuller.

8. Why should you Replace Your Pickups?

If you are looking for some of the specific tunes and unable to create that along with the regular pickups, then you might feel the need to change it. For achieving the perfect tunes and the customization to your track pickup replacement offers a great backup.