Best Grand Pianos 2021 – A Comprehensive Review

Best Grand PianoDo you just love the sound of a digital piano? Which one really is the best digital grand piano? I know that with a wide variety of choices, it is difficult to narrow down your options to just one. But you need to make up your mind, in order to actually obtain your dreams of having your own. Maybe we can make that decision a bit easier on you.

So, you have decided it’s time to finally pull the trigger and get that piano you have wanted for years. Now, where do you even begin your search to find the perfect model to meet all your dreams? Which features can you not live without? Well, let’s start with looking at a few of the key models of the best Grand Pianos that stand out above all the rest.

Overall Best Grand Piano#

LEGO Ideas Grand Piano 21323 Model Building Kit,...
  • Drum roll please as we proudly introduce the first-ever, playable LEGO Grand Piano; Experience the hands-on pleasure of...
  • The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323) has a removable 25-key keyboard, authentic hammer action, moving dampers and pedal, and...
  • Revel in the authentic design details of this beautiful model, from the top lid that can be propped up just like a real grand...
  • If you are looking for a creative DIY project, this 3,662-piece model building kit is ideal for you; So, take some time out...
  • The piano measures over 8.5” (22.5cm) high, 12” (30.5cm) wide and 13.5” (35.5cm) deep when closed; A stylish item for...

Overall Budget Grand Piano#

Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Classic Grand Piano,...
  • Easy-to-play mini keyboard: The Melissa & Doug learn-to-play classic Grand piano includes 30 hand-tuned keys and offers an...
  • Designed for safety: our children’s toy piano features a safety-hinged lid that opens and closes along with a non-tipping...
  • High-quality materials: This Melissa & Doug child's piano with a bench is made from high-quality wood, plastic, and metal,...
  • Great gift for kids from 4 to 6 years: the Melissa & Doug learn-to-play classic Grand piano makes an exceptional gift for...
  • “The gold standard in childhood play”: for more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed...

1.Yamaha YPG-535 Piano: Best Rated Gran Piano

You know that the world nowadays is getting more and more frustrating to live in and with more negativity surrounding you, music is the only content that gives your life and soul to your lives. Research has proven that people who are related to instruments and play the piano have less stress and anxiety in their day-to-day lives.

Listening to music or playing the Best Grand Pianos can give you more confidence and positivity than before. A great option for all those passionate beginners and professional pianists is the Yamaha YPG-535. This keyboard supports a full 88-key note giving you the feel of a grand piano. This is considered to be the best budget Yamaha piano for beginners and amateurs.

Yamaha YPG-535 Piano



Key Features of the best grand piano:

  • Build: The Yamaha YPG-535 is not a very large piano and as the name suggests, it is quite portable and encompasses the perfect size for a piano. It has the right mix of features over form and for its budget, it gets all the ticks right.
  • Weight: It weighs around 23.8 lbs. and another 12.7 lbs. to the total weight if you add the stand.
  • Dimensions: The width is 52.5” and depth is 16.6” of the piano respectively.
  • Maintenance: Generally, digital keyboards are easier to maintain than older acoustic large pianos. Wiping them regularly using a wet cloth can be more than enough.
  • Functionality: The Yamaha YPG-535 keyboard comes with 88-full keys accompanied by a ‘Grade Soft Touch (GST)’ action keyboard functionalities.


Key Features


There are only a few basic steps to install the keyboard for use. First, attach the base to the keyboard, then attach the stand to the base of the keyboard as it provides rigidity and stability to the product while being elevated. Once the above steps are completed, you can connect the piano to a power source and then play music and compose some melodious tones.

Attach the foot pedal and the music sheet to the piano. Connect the piano to a power supply and start creating music. The keyboard with its dimension makes it highly portable and you can easily place them wherever you wish to in your living space. You can carry it with you if you have a piano bag purchased exclusively for it.


The keyboard supports a two-way speaker that enables it to divide the sound and provide enhancement to the listeners. It also has a good amount and bass and some clear trebles. The total output from the speakers is 12V. They can easily deliver high-pitch as well as low-pitched notes efficiently. It uses the Pure CF Sound Engine and a 32-note polyphony providing immense sound quality and personality to the output produces. The 32-foot polyphone specifies the sounds of a 9-foot grand piano recorded at four discrete levels. ‘Damper Resonance provides the replication of the actual notes produced by a grand acoustic piano.

Remarkable Features

Modes: It supports two basic modes to compose music with variations of your requirements. They are:

  • Dual Mode: This feature allows you to use any two instruments’ sound to layer your music and compose music as per your wish. This helps you create some insane quality of the melody.
  • Split Mode: This is pretty nifty feature for people who don’t rather like the way ‘Dual Mode’ functions. Instead, it divides the keyboard into two halves, playing the sounds of one instrument on the left-hand side keys and another on the right-hand side keys. This provides a great advantage in creating music to all those composers out there.

Recording: This piano provides a six-track MIDI recording feature where you can record up to five songs of your compositions and store them in a memory card. Every song can consist of a maximum of 6 tracks that makes a total of 30 tracks to be recorded and stored in the memory card. Even if the recording has been completed, you can still change the tempo, effects, and type of sound as the recording is in the MIDI only.

Preset Audio Library: The piano has 30 inbuilt songs available which can also be learned by following the tutorial that the piano has also included in its library using the ‘Lesson Mode’ and ‘Performance Assistant’.

Sound Boost: It has an AWM stereo sampling which makes the piano sound acoustic that allows multilayering of sound to produce melodious music.

Metronome: This special feature allows you to change the pitch of a note and in a way that it suits your style of music composition.

Digital Controller App: This is an iPhone exclusive app that helps you control your piano and make modifications to the keyboard as per your needs.

2. Casio PX-770 BK Privia: Most Suitable Grand Piano for Home

The Casio PX-770 is one of the most affordable digital pianos with a furniture-style closet. It comes at a price of $700. This piano has 88-full keys with simulated Ivory and Ebony keytops to give it a contemporary finish. It also has the multi-dimensional ‘Morphing AiR Sound’ system that produces some deep bass and crystal-clear treble. It has the combination of the ‘Damper Resonance’ and ‘Hammer Resonance’. This helps produce a perfect replication of the notes from a grand acoustic piano. This should your choice for the best grand pianos that are portable.

Casio PX-770 BK


Key Features

Build & Design

The piano comes with an integrated stand to give it elevation and good stability. It also has an additional 3-pedal unit that performs the functions of soft, sustain and sostenuto pedals. The redesigned cabinet gives the piano a minimalistic look. The setup process is quite simple and might take about 20-30 minutes using just a screwdriver.

The piano is about 54.7 inches wide and 11.7 inches deep. This makes the piano compact to fit into small spaces. It has a total weight of 70 lbs. and is available in three colors: Black, Brown, and White. This piano has all of its function buttons on the left side panel making it minimal and clutter-free of a design. Even though the best grand pianos do not have a display on them, it is quite easy to use all the features of the piano.

Physical Features

As told earlier, this piano comes with 88-full keys with Ivory and Ebony finish to the keytops. It is hence also called “Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II”. The keys are given a true ‘mechanical’ feel by weighting them with “real hammers”. The keys are also touch-sensitive with a ‘triple sensor’ system making music composition a breeze as they help in detecting the touch and keystroke depth of each key.

The third sensitivity setting produces the widest dynamic range that helps you play music from the softest tones to the most thunderous fortissimo.


The Casio PX-770 uses the ‘Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source’ which has a large amount of memory space allowing you to produce better quality music and accurate sound. It also uses ‘lossless audio’ technology that helps reproduce piano sound without a compromise in the quality and loss of data of the music. The ‘Best Grand pianos’ tone is recorded in four dynamic levels to produce authentic grand piano sounds.

Four types of ‘reverb’ are: Room, Small Hall, Large Hall, Stadium produce sound louder and lusher as necessary. Four types of ‘chorus’ effects make the sound produce more echo and variations that make the song sound more unique in its own way. It also has the feature of 128-polyphony that gives an identity to the sound you play.


The ‘Dual Mode’ allows you to play two different sounds simultaneously creating a more complex sound. You can also increase the volume of one sound to make it look more dominating than the other.

The ‘Split Mode’ divides your piano into two halves and each half comprises a different sound or a tone. The left-hand side has only the ‘Bass-sound’.

The ‘Duet Play’ feature allows teachers to play and teach music and helps the student follow what the teacher plays after a few seconds. Here, the best grand pianos are split into two halves but both halves have the same tone and only one side can be played at a time.

Audio Library

There is a cool feature called ‘Concert Play’ that allows you to play along with the recording of a live orchestra available in the audio library as a preset song. It consists of 10 tunes, has 5 piano and 5 orchestral parts. You will need to first listen to the song several times to familiarize it well. Then follow the tutorial to start learning the tune. Once you master the piano part, you can play it along with the in-built orchestral part. It also has an additional 60 songs in the ‘Media Library. You also have the memory to load 10 MIDI songs from your computer into its memory.

Coming to the MIDI component, the piano can record 2 tracks and for each song, you can record them as two tracks and then join them later. It can be either the left-hand and right-hand recordings or two different instruments played and then mixed together to create multi-layered music. The ‘transpose’ function allows you to change the pitch of a tone whether up or down as per your needs. The ‘tuning’ and ‘octave pitch’ functionalities also perform the same as the ‘transpose’ feature.


The front of the piano has two 1/4” stereo jacks to connect your headsets and other audio devices. It has a USB type B port to allow data transfer from your computer to the piano’s internal memory. The piano has its own app for iOS as well as Android. It is known as “Chordana” and helps you learn music and control all the discrete features of your piano. It provides a modern look to the features of your piano. It includes around 198 songs that you can learn on the go.

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3. Yamaha YDP-184 Console: Top Quality Digital Grand Piano

Now coming to the expensive side of things, the Yamaha YDP-184 offers a ton of professional features that make music your mainstream job and it is accompanied by the best materials used for a piano in the market. It focuses on the word ‘grand’ and provides a ton of features that might not even be used by yourself. If you want the best digital piano in the market right now, then this piano should be one to consider.

Yamaha YDP-184


style=”glass” box_color=”#5ff6f3″ title_color=”#253345″ radius=”5″]


The first major thing that people will notice is the ‘Yamaha’ brand which has a very good reputation in quality products and has excellence in whatever it does. Most of the music studios depend on the acoustic sound produced by the grand pianos of Yamaha and this digital piano has made a replica of that in it. It provides the ‘distinctive acoustic grand piano’ sound. This piano is quite large in size and is suitable for halls, churches, homes, concerts, and some live shows. It has a ‘Rosewood’ finish that provides some amazing sound output with perfect resonance and trebles. All the controls are assigned as buttons with a small digital screen placed compactly on the left-hand side panel of the piano. This makes it feel minimalistic and elegant.

The keys are ‘Graded Hammer 3 Action’ that provides the best response-time and tactile experience to the user while using the piano. The keys have a synthetic ‘ivory’ skin on them that avoids moisture to its maximum.


The most elegant sound tone that this piano has is the ‘Premium Grand Piano’ voice that most of the composers love to use. It was captured and replicated from the Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano and hence has become so popular among many musicians. The ‘Virtual Resonance Modeling’ technique was used to capture a single tone’s audio using multiple microphones to record various pitches and sound levels. The headphone jack is provided to enhance the audio experience of your music playback by using the feature ‘Stereophonic Optimizer’.


Half-Blow Pedal – This pedal is what we see commonly in all grand pianos which helps move the hammer forward and allow better response to the keystrokes.

Sostenuto Pedal – It means ‘Sustaining’ in Italian which does the opposite of what a ‘sustain’ pedal might do.

Sustain Pedal – The individual notes and ones that are played earlier are sustained in the music by pressing this pedal and enhances the quality of the music. Hence it is known as the ‘soul of the piano’.

Additional Features

The piano has a built-in recording feature that enables you to record within the internal memory and store music. The recorded audio can be played again, rewind paused, and also deleted if needed. It also has the feature to record two different tones in a single-track recording.

You get a leather bench, power supply, music stand, and a sheet of music with notes of all the known classics in it. The piano comes with a USB B-type port that connects with your Android and iOS devices easily to copy music, store digital music notes, and also use all the amazing features of the piano digitally. The ¼” audio jack can be used to connect your HD headphones or a soundbar as per your wish. For the price, no other piano in the market can even touch the Yamaha YDP-184 grand piano.

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4. Casio PX-160 Portable Keyboard: True Value of Money Grand Piano

The best way to express one’s creativity and mood is to play music and more specifically, to play the piano. Have you ever wondered about mastering piano on your own but don’t have the right choice to go for as a beginner? Then you can go for a budget one without compromising on the features that you are provided with. Incredibly user-friendly, this piano from Casio is one of the best digital portable pianos to be purchased.

You get all the necessary accessories included in the package itself. This piano is suitable for both amateur and professional music producers too. It comes with a triple-pedal feature that makes it attractive to its users along with a matte-black finish giving it a professional identity.

Casio PX-160 Portable Keyboard


Key Features

Physical Features

The piano in itself weighs around 25.5 lbs. which is quite heavy but durable and stable to make it last longer. The piano has dimensions of 52”x11.5”x5.6” without taking the stand into place. These kinds of digital pianos require minimal maintenance work and cost less as a wet cloth is enough to wipe it clean. It comes in three traditional colors: Black, White, and Gold.


The design given to the piano is incredibly stylish and will definitely match your home interiors. It has 88-full keys and a “tri-sensor hammered action keyboard” as they may call it that provides some amazing response and keystroke that makes playing music an amazing experience. The stand provides a lot of stability and is easy to install by just inserting it into the bottom of the keyboard.

In the Box

You get a stand that provides support to the keyboard. The piano also comes with a foot pedal and music sheet to be attached to the keyboard. The SP-33 pedal provides a 3-pedal functionality.

The piano bench has a black glossy finish that provides it a professional look and matches with the keyboard. It is very comfortable to sit in with the white cushion that it provides. The AC adapter has a 100-240V AC input and 12V DC output.


The piano has a pair of round speakers that produce deep bass and sharp trebles producing some crisp and loud sound. They also provide reverberations that provide some crystal-clear vocals and delicate, dignified tones. It uses a multi-dimensional ‘Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator’ (AiR) feature that produces the perfect replication of the tone from a grand acoustic piano. ‘Damper Resonance’ powered by AiR allows realistic sound dynamics when the pedal is pressed.

It includes a 128-polyphony and transposes function provides a great command and control over the sound strength and pitch.


The ‘Dual Mode’ enables the musician to play multiple instrument tones simultaneously without any interruptions and create melodious music.

The ‘Split Mode’ is where the piano divides the number of keys into two equal halves and allows the use of one instrument’s tone in one half and another tone in the other half. The left-hand side is generally the side having the base tone.

The ‘Duo mode’ on the other hand again splits the keyboard into two halves but allows the use of the same instrument tone on both halves. This is essential and useful for beginners and tutors who teach their students how to play a particular tune according to their method of playing.

Additional Features

This piano has a multi-track MIDI recorder that helps you record the music of your choice and also uses all the playback options like pause, stop, rewind, delete, and so on. You can play two tracks simultaneously or else play one by one to help you practice learning a song. You can even play a track while recording another one without any misleading music.

The piano in itself has about 50 preset songs in its audio library all stored in its internal memory. The transpose function allows you to raise and reduce the pitch of a particular tune you are playing currently. The ‘Intelligent Acoustic Control’ (IAC) feature helps you clarify and balance the music if the volume of the music is reduced drastically.

The ‘Auto Power-Off’ feature helps you turn off the keyboard exactly after 4 hours of inactivity. The metronome feature helps you change and analyze the tempo of the playing tune/beats.


The piano comes with two 3.5mm headphone jacks where you can plug in your high-quality headphones and other audio devices for better audio output.

The USB B-type port can be used as a MIDI controller port or else to transfer audio files. The ‘Digital Controller’ app enables you to control and use all the discrete features of the piano and is exclusively available for all iPhone users. This is one of the best ‘Casio’ keyboards that is digital and highly portable and compact.

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5.Schoenhut Grand Piano with Bench: Perfect for Concert

Schoenhut Concert Grand Piano with Bench


Key Features

Design and Build

The Schoenhut Concert Grand Piano is a miniature toy that resembles what a grand acoustic piano looks like. It even comes with a matching solid bench that will look really cute and appealing to the kids in your house. It has a ‘maple’ brown color coated on it with a glossy finish to make it look highly realistic. It is made out of hardwood, birch, hardboard and is made with no compromise in the quality of the product. It has dimensions of 21.5” height, 24” width, and 27” length.


It has fully customizable and functional 37 keys with a good finish on the keytops. It is divided into three major octaves. It also has an amazing ‘Play by Color’ learning system that provides a great option to learn and compose music for children of any age category. It has an included songbook that comprises of around 60+ songs. It is completely designed and manufactures in the USA.

What makes it cool?

Its hinged top opens with some applied force manually and this provides some enhancement in the pleasing chime-type of notes and tunes. The lid is designed to raise and lower gradually, which in turn helps to give protection by not injuring any child’s fingers while playing music and the lid to accidentally close down. The three octaves make the 37-keyed keyboard a full 88-key piano automatically. The reputation this company has over 140 years for producing the best quality toys the people know makes it the best choice for a “miniature replica” of a grand acoustic piano.

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6. Casio Privia PX 770: Elegant Style White Grand Piano

The Casio PX-770 is a gorgeous looking ‘glossy’ white grand piano that is perfect for any home, church, school, and concerts. It comprises of 88-full keys with a ‘Tri-sensor Hammer Action’ piano keys. This feature produces well-defined sound tones according to the intensity of the keystroke. This keyboard falls in the mid-range budget keyboard. The Casio Privia PX-770 White is the best looking and functional ‘White’ keyboard in the mid-budget section of the market.


Casio Privia PX 770 White


Key Features


The keys have an extra layer of ivory and ebony that absorbs the maximum amount of moisture present around them. The ‘Tri-sensor’ feature of the keys provides better sensitivity and response in every keystroke which is commonly present only on inexpensive keyboards. This keyboard has a glossy, elegant white finish to it and has dimensions that make it compact and fit in an 8×8 room quite easily. The piano weighs around 68.3 lbs.


Every key in this keyboard has a streamlined ‘AiR’ sound profile that enables the keys to produce 22 cool instrument tones. It also provides a more profound impact on the sound that you produce and adds realism to the output produced. It includes all types of instruments like electric pianos, vibraphone, harpsichord, and many more.

The piano has the layering technology that enables you to play two different tones to make the music sound more profound and lively. The ‘Split Mode’ divides the keyboard into two functional halves where the left-hand side can play bass tones while the right-half can play any other instruments’ tune. The ‘Duet Mode’ on the other side has the functionality to split the keyboard into two halves having the same tone and pitch on both the halves. This proves that it is essential for instructors to teach their students to follow them as they play and learn to compose music.


The Casio PX-770 White has two powerful 8W speaker system that has an amazing sound profile and stereo amplification for a surround sound experience with high-quality treble and deep bass.

It has a 3.5mm headphone jack to take the audio experience to the next level by connecting a headphone or some other audio device. The ‘metronome’ feature lets you adjust the tempo and meter. The two-track MIDI recorder lets you record two or more tracks simultaneously to record up to two complete songs.

The ‘Concert Play’ feature lets you learn and compose what a symphony orchestra performs. There are 60 basic songs in the audio library and the symphony orchestra is a complete 10-tracks recorded to form a single song. You will need to first listen to it several times to get it running in your head and then practice playing the piano part. Once you have mastered the piano section alone, you can play it along with the orchestral recording. Once you’ve mastered that, you can play both parts simultaneously by yourself.

Coming to the MIDI component, the piano can record 2 tracks and for each song, you can record them as two tracks and then join them later. It can be either the left-hand and right-hand recordings or two different instruments played and then mixed together to create multi-layered music. The ‘transpose’ function allows you to change the pitch of a tone whether up or down as per your needs. The ‘tuning’ and ‘octave pitch’ functionalities also perform the same as the ‘transpose’ feature.


The front of the piano has two 1/4” stereo jacks to connect your headsets and other audio devices. It has USB type B port to allow data transfer from your computer to the piano’s internal memory. The piano has its own app for iOS as well as Android. It is known as “Chordana” and helps you learn music and control all the discrete features of your piano. It provides a modern look to the features of your piano. It includes around 198 songs that you can learn on the go.

7. The ONE Smart Piano: Best Portable Grand Piano

The ‘ONE’ Smart Piano has caught the attention of various composers and piano enthusiasts who wish to buy and make their house smarter with a product that looks like an antique. The piano also has integrated an app to itself to minimize the need for an instructor to teach beginners and also these beginners can become fluent in playing music in a short span of time. This piano costs around $1000 and for its price, it has a lot to offer.

The ONE Smart Piano


Key Features

Build & Design

The entire keyboard is attractive with 3 basic finishes: Black, Brown, and White. It is minimalistic and modern with more compactness to its design proportions. The music stand and sliding dust cover add more elegance to the piano. It has a weight of 107 lbs. and has dimensions of 54 inches in length, 23 inches in height, and 18 inches in depth.

The piano consists of high-graded ‘hammer’ keys where the piano has 88-fully weighted keys along with a classic wooden finish to the body. Exclusively made for musicians, it has a huge audio database of 4000+ songs, 100+ video tutorials, crash courses, and fun games. You can connect your iPad or any other tablet device to make the learning process more fun and intuitive. The LED lights help a beginner to start playing within a few minutes.

Attractive Features

The 88-fully weighted keys have LED lights glowing above them which will make the user visualize and learn to play a particular musical tune easily. Red LED lights represent the right hand while Blue LED lights represent the left hand. The ‘Hammer-Action’ keys create different intensities of the sound based on the force/pressure of the keystroke.

The piano has three pedals that give you a full command of various controls of the keyboard and its sound. It only has a 64-note polyphony which is less than most of the pianos having a 128-note polyphony. It includes basic manipulation tools like metronome and volume controls, along with more discrete functionalities that can be controlled via the app.


It has a 3.5mm audio jack along with a gold adapter port that enables a higher-definition audio quality with better amplification of the audio. It has a bidirectional MIDI USB B-type port which enables the transfer of audio files from your mobile device or computer to the piano.

Fun-filled App

The app is very modern and intuitive for a beginner’s use. The devices that support this app are:

  • iPad 2, 4, mini, mini2, Air and higher
  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus
  • Android 4.0+
  • Windows 7 and above

The user interface of the app is designed to help beginners get a good idea about what it basically provides and how to play music. The app has a music library of all the songs you had played, purchased, and liked in the past and also has all the recordings of the music that you had recorded earlier on the piano.

This piano is for people who don’t like any instructor next to them teaching them playing piano rather want to learn online. This piano has all of its essential features unleashed using the intuitive app that it provides and hence for this price range, Yamaha and Casio offer better value for money in terms of audio quality and build.

8. Yamaha P-71 Digital Piano: Top Grand Piano under Budget

When it comes to pianos, the brand that comes to our minds is Yamaha not only for its reputation but also for the finish of its products. It offers a ton of nifty features under a good budget. The Yamaha P-71 is an ‘Amazon’-exclusive product and is one of the most affordable pianos in the “P” series which stands for ‘Portable’. The P-series also has the P-45 and P-115 which are more expensive than this model. Hence, on a budget-friendly approach, we are looking forward to this keyboard.

Yamaha P-71 Digital Piano


Key Features

Build & Design

The keyboard weighs about 25 lbs. and has dimensions of 58.2” x 16.1” x 11.7”. These details technically prove that this is an affordable keyboard that is highly compact and light-in-weight.

The piano has 88 fully-weighted keys with graded ‘Hammer’ standard that provide more audio depth by analyzing the intensity of force applied on each keystroke. The design and finish is not bad for a budget piano.

Hardware & Features

As said earlier the amazing quality of keys supplied in this piano produce 4 variations od keystroke namely: Soft, Medium, Hard and Fixed. It has ‘AWM Stereo’ audio sampling that produces amplified and stabilized audio. It has only a 64-note polyphony as compared to other high-quality pianos which have 128-note polyphony.

It supports reverb effects of 4 kinds: Room, Hall1, Hall2 and Stage. The ‘Dual Mode’ divides the piano into two halves and helps you blend two different instruments’ tones simultaneously bringing more layering and complexity to your music.

The piano comes with an AC adapter, pedal and stand to provide rigidity and support to the piano. You will also get a music sheet, sheet holder and some manuals to install the parts and also learn about the basic functionalities of the keyboard.


The keyboard has 10 piano voices that is supported fully in the music library itself. The speaker system provided produce sharp treble and some amazing deep base for its price segment. The tones available in the piano are vibraphones (1 bright and 1 concert), 2 electric pianos, 2 pipe organs and 2 harpsichords.


It comes with a proper USB port for file transfer, sustain port and a headphone jack to amplify audio or else enhance the output of the audio that is being delivered via a headphone or any other audio devices. It does no have any MIDI support over the USB port.

9. Casio Privia PX-870 Piano: Grand Piano with Incredible Finish

The Casio Privia PX-870 is the flagship Privia product in the market with some incredible touch to the finish and no compromise in the features provided. Casio, a reputed piano and watch manufacturing company came up with this extremum of a keyboard to accompany all those music enthusiasts.

It has numerous improvements and added features over the PX-770 model. It involves a 4-layered piano sounding system and some improved speaker system and additional enhancements.

Casio Privia PX-870 Piano


Key Features

Build & Design

This piano is exclusively built in contemporary fashion with a furniture-style wooden piano having a matching cushioned bench. It has a full range of 88 keys and 3 damper metal pedals. It is designed and given a matte finish making it look minimal and matching with any living area.

It has a total weight of 75.6 lbs. which makes it very heavy and durable in the long run. It has dimensions of             54.8” x 11.7” x 31.5” making it fit into small spaces quite easily. It takes about 30-40 minutes for the installation process and all you would need from your side is a good screwdriver as everything else is included in the package itself.


It consists of a 4-speaker sound projection system that produces some super-amplified stereo sound and makes the room feel joyful. This kind of best grand piano comes with 3 metal pedals: sustain, soft, and sostenuto. It has an additional keyboard cover that provides protection of the keys from the presence of dust and moisture. The piano’s cabinet is entirely constructed using fiberboard which is nothing but pressed/compressed wood but the finishing done is top-notch to give it a premium feel. It is available in 2 colors: Black and White.

All the control buttons are moved towards the left-side panel of the piano. The piano does not have a digital display to show any of the features visually. There are basically 8 buttons for all the main sounds and functions. It supports 88 full-sized keys that are powered by a ‘Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II’ which is a modified version of the previous keyboard.

So, here the keyboard uses actual hammers that replicate the touch and feel of playing in a grand piano. The ‘graded’ key system means that each key has a different weight where the weight gradually reduces diagonally across the keyboard panel from left to right.


The Casio PX-870 using a multi-dimensional ‘AiR’ Sound source that helps produce high-quality sound output. Lossless audio compression technology helps maintain resonance quality and natural decay of tones etcetera. The 4-layered piano tones sound amazing and pleasing to listen to. The 19 built-in sound tones that enable the composition of beautiful music are:

  • 5 Grand pianos
  • 4 Electric Pianos
  • 4 Organs
  • 2 Strings
  • Harpsichord
  • Vibraphone
  • Bass

It supports 4 reverb functions: Suppressed, Slightly Suppressed, Reverberation and Strong Reverberation. The ‘Lid Closing Technology’ enables the production of different tones at unique pitching and variations.

Exclusive Features

The ‘Key-Off’ feature exclusively available in this model changes the tone of the sound according to how slow or fast the keystroke is done and released as such. The ‘Hall Simulator’ feature changes the echoing and sound reverb according to various places like a Dutch Church, Standard Hall, French Cathedral, and so on. The ‘Hammer Response’ system is inculcated into the 88 fully-sized keys where the intensity and speed of a keystroke decide the way a sound/tone is produced.

The keyboard supports up to 256-note polyphony which no other keyboard in the market has or even had earlier. The most complex masterpieces of musical notes can be played and relished in the years to come.

The speaker system has 4 quality speakers that are powered by a total of 40W because of the combination of 4 X 20W speakers placed on both the ends where each speaker is at the top and bottom respectively. This provides a good surround-sound experience. The sound is loud, crisp, and has a wide dynamic range.

This piano has a special ‘Headphone Mode’ which optimizes and enhances the audio experience creating a spacious sound of a grand piano when you connect your HD headphones into the 3.5mm audio jack.

Other Features

It has three modes to learn and play music which are:

Dual Mode: This mode allows you to play two different instruments or a tune at the same time to produce complex music that is layered. Bass cannot be used for layering.

Split Mode: This mode divides the keyboard into two discrete halves having two different sounds on each half. The left-hand side supports the lower range while the right-hand side supports only higher range sounds.

Duet Mode: this mode is exclusively designed for tutors who wish to demonstrate and teach their students. This mode again divides the keyboard into two halves each having the same octave ranges and tempo.

The ‘Concert Play’ feature lets you learn and compose what a symphony orchestra performs. There are 60 basic songs in the audio library and the symphony orchestra is a complete 10-tracks recorded to form a single song. You will need to first listen to it several times to get it running in your head and then practice playing the piano part. Once you have mastered the piano section alone, you can play it along with the orchestral recording. Once you’ve mastered that, you can play both parts simultaneously by yourself.

The audio library has around 60 songs that can also be learned to play using the tutorial. You can use the MIDI USB B-type port to transfer up to 10 songs into the keyboard’s internal memory in the SMF format. FreeMidi and MidiWorld are some of the common sites to download such MIDI audio files.


This piano supports two methods to record your music. One is by using the traditional MIDI recorder. By connecting an additional USB drive, you can easily record as many songs as you like. A song can contain up to 2 tracks where you can play, pause, rewind, delete and also combine two different audio tracks into a single song.

The second method is by recording the ‘Audio (WAV)’ file which records the actual instruments’ sound itself instead of the notes and velocity etcetera. You can play this audio on any computer, laptop, smartphone, or other audio peripherals easily. Both the formats, WAV and MIDI (SMF 0 and 1) can be directly played from a flash drive itself.


The front of the piano supports two ¼” stereo audio ports that support your headphones or other audio peripherals. You can even connect your piano to an audio amplifier to improve the audio experience.

It supports a USB B-type port at the back which has support for a MIDI controller to use and specialize in apps like GarageBand, FL Studio, and many more. You can also transfer songs as ‘Audio (WAV)’ or ‘MIDI (SAF)’ files from your computer to the piano.

The piano has an exclusively made app for enhancing the functionality and performance of the keyboard called ‘Chordana’ which is available for both Android and iOS. Their latest update was on December 9, 2017. The app in itself has 198 songs that can be played and learned easily on the go. It also has a lot of intuitive features that allow better enhancement of the learning experience.

Top 10 Mistakes That People Make about the

Best Grand Piano (Piano Buying Guide)

Not sure: The person who is purchasing their first piano might be a definite beginner or amateur. He/ She would not have the idea of whether to learn or to play the piano. Most of the time, people tend to act upon a course to learn to play and then get bored after a month or so. They lose interest and then do not use the piano thereafter. Learning to play the piano is a lifetime commitment where constant interest and practice are essential to make your purchase reasonable.

Maintenance Cost: Moving a large and heavy piano using professional movers is a tedious task and hence is expensive. It cost around $90-$120. Moving a grand piano on the other hand requires large manpower and hence costs even more. Even if you dream of doing all the moving by yourself, a small displacement of the piano’s essential tools or a dent, scratch on it will empty your pockets. A best grand piano needs to be tuned twice a year to be in perfect condition.

Skimp on Lessons: Sometimes people spend all their money to buy an expensive grand piano and do not undertake a proper music lesson class which leads to a lack of interest and poor skill in playing the piano. Some learn directly from some books, YouTube or ask their friends to teach them. None of this actually works altogether leading to an utter failure.

“Grandma’s Piano”: Sometimes, the family or ancestors might have bought an amazing keyboard in their young age and would have kept it as a relic in their houses. It would have not been maintained and repaired from time to time making it a very bad choice to learn piano.

Shy: Teacher is considered equal to God as they provide us the right knowledge at the right time. They also know the essentials to make a student show progress in a particular genre of art. If the learner/student is very shy to even ask for advice and clear his/her doubt, this might put one’s learning curve at stake.

Used Piano: People who have hard time saving money or buying lavishly, might prefer getting a used piano. Craigslist, eBay are some of the known sites to sell and buy used products. You might not be able to see any flaws on the physical end as think that you have placed a great deal on a particular product. But after a couple of weeks of use, you will find it has many tiny issues that seem critical and annoying to use. Repairing them will cost you a fortune and hence it is not the right choice to go for a used one.

Parent-Conflict: Most of the time you as a teen/kid might have run into a conflict with your parents on several issues but the most prominent ones might be the ones when you want to purchase something expensive and useful according to you. Proper communication can help you solve any kind of problem. But if both the parents are against the child and do not accept the child’s thoughts and decision, then the child has to take the decision individually without anyone’s guidance.

On-Hold: Generally, as time and experiences pass by, you tend to put your music lesson on hold diverting your entire concentration on some other work or hobby. This causes a major drawback in your learning process.

Poor Decision: Taking advice from your elders, parents, music teachers, and other music professionals can help you make the right choice for you to purchase the best grand piano for your age and experience. You wouldn’t waste time as well as money spent on it. Never make a decision in a hurry when you have a rapid flow of thoughts.

Expenditure: You shouldn’t be spending over $1000 on a grand piano for a 9-year-old. This is known as a ‘poor decision’. The best Grand Pianos must be opted for based on the experience and budget the fits the person. You cannot simply purchase a piano that looks amazing and has a ton of features without even having an idea about learning music and the commitment required.