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Planning, paying for, and organizing the whole trip can be a chore. There are tons of envelope pedals on the market but not all of them make your life easy. For example: when buying an envelope pedal you should have certain criteria in mind. It can be something like quality, durability, portability, and many more.

Top Pick #

MXR Bass Envelope Filter Effect Pedal
  • Bypass footswitch with LED
  • Dry control
  • Fx control
  • Decay control
  • "Q" Control

Budget Pick #

AZOR Guitar Dealy Pedal, Vintage Analog Delay...
  • 🎸【Classic Vintage】- Pure analog Whole circuit vintage delay, clear, plump and smooth New Delay effect.
  • 🎸【Perfect delay】- 600ms of maximum delay time and feedback
  • 🎸【Classic design】- With all the great characteristics of a bucket brigade delay line (BBD) Wide range delay sounds
  • 🎸【Mini style】- Small, light weight and exquisite.Enduring, light-weighted Aluminumalloy chassis .
  • 🎸【Power source】- 9V DC adapter center negative(no power adapter included)

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1. Donner Mini Auto Wah Pedal Dynamic Wah Guitar Effect Pedal Envelope

 best envelope pedal


The DONNER Mini Auto Wah Envelope pedal Dynamic Wah Guitar Effect Pedal Envelope Filter True Bypass is a small footprint, a creative pedal that functions as an envelope filter with sweepable frequency and Q controls. Swell the sound of your guitar as if it were talking to you. Perfect for classic funk.

This Donner mini auto-wah envelope pedal uses 3 band structure customized custom type filter to achieve guitar tone separation, the dynamic advanced wah effects more Convenient and practical. The three-band structure boasts a boosted lower range of 20Hz for bottom-heavy sounds which can add some punch to your music and yet has a smooth top end without any nasty high-pitched screeching sounds.

We don’t just build our products according to the specs and features of others. We design and build our pedal with the help of today’s top musicians. The Donner Mini Auto-Wah is made for players that want to give a more dynamic sound to their music, while still having a reliable tone control. This is accomplished with our closed-type auto-wah circuit.

The mini auto-wah offers three different auto-wah effects. Each mode is controlled by the pedal’s three knobs. The effect you like can be saved as a preset for later use. This compact effect pedal from Donner is the perfect tool for guitarists that want to play serious funk, soul, and R&B licks. The Donner mini Auto-Wah is a compact and stylish wah pedal with a dynamic envelope filter.

It is the most ideal guitar effect envelope pedal for professional electric guitarists, blues, rock, metal, country, pop singers, and other musicians. Allow your guitar to explore a wide range of voices. The Donner Mini Auto Wah Pedal features a smooth, dynamic tone that will delight the most discerning ears.

By using the independent pedals for both volume and voice, you can control whether your music has less or more distortion while still enjoying the subtle nuances of an auto-wah pedal.

2. Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron Envelope Follower Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Micro Envelope Follower Pedal


The Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron Envelope Pedal is a versatile pedal that can be used to provide envelope-following capabilities to the most complex of synths and plugins. It offers CV/GATE out capabilities so it can be plugged into other devices as well. This Micro Q-Tron envelope pedal follower generates two simultaneous outputs from the attack, or front edge, of your guitar signal.

One output is shifted in time. The other is not. This combination adds motion, dimension, and animation to your playing. It is specifically designed for guitars and guitar synthesizer systems. In addition to the familiar sweep control of classic envelope filters, this little box has a special parameter called “Q” that allows for tonal tailoring like never before.

You design the character of your sound by selecting one of three modes-Resonant, Tight, or Slow-and then tweak it with the Q and Sensitivity controls. The Micro Q-Tron is an ultra-compact, all-analog synth pedal that infuses the natural expression of the human voice and your instrument into any electronic or acoustic musical performance.

Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron Envelope Pedal The Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron is a compact envelope filter pedal that utilizes the same technology as their award-winning Q-Tron. A call to the company confirmed that the hardware – including the chip, crystal, and additional circuit components – are unchanged from its big brother,

making certain that the tones of this pedal are familiar while adding unique qualities unto themselves. You can adjust the rate and depth per your needs. This pedal is compact, lightweight, easy to use, and produces a similar effect to organs and synths. These pedals are great for any musician interested in electronic music or playing popular songs like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.

3. Mooer Audio Micro Envelope Analog Auto Wah Effect Pedal

Mooer Audio Micro Envelope


Mooer Audio Micro Envelope Analog Auto Wah Effect Pedal, a powerful auto-wah effect pedal that can be used to give bass players a classic, funk-driven sound. The Mooer Micro Envelope Pedal is a wah effect pedal that has three different modes, namely, slow, fast, and auto.

The auto mode will allow the pedal to react to the driver’s pick attack, resulting in smooth and continuous sweeps through the tonalities. Pressing the bypass button when the pedal is inactive will result in instant silence since it is not a true bypass design. With its compact size and rugged construction, this pedal is great for travel and gigging alike.

Best Envelope Pedal is a high-quality and functional pedal, sure to please any musician. It features several sounds with different AMPs, ECHOES, and DELAYS. There’s even an AUTO WAH function that automatically sweeps the Wah from low to high when you’re playing high notes. A greater number of designs can be given by setting the foot switch into high gear.

The Mooer Audio Micro Envelope pedal provides a true envelope filter sound that can be controlled with your foot. It has an auto-wah /Auto-Volume mode with two selectable ranges and controls to dial in the perfect amount of effect you want to be applied. The pedal also features independent bass and treble EQ knobs that allow you to fine-tune your instrument’s tone.

Its rhythms and synchronizes with beat flow from the bass, guitar, etc., and produce rhythm chords. The pedal has 1/4″ high impedance input and outputs. It accepts a DC 9V DC power supply with two additional adapters which are great when used with the battery option.

4. Electro-Harmonix BassBalls Twin Dynamic Envelope Filter Pedal

Dynamic Envelope Filter Pedal


The BassBalls twin dynamic envelope filter pedal adds a touch of magic to your instrument. Featuring two filters and switchable sustain, the BassBalls gives you the power to sculpt your sound in real-time. The BassBalls was designed for bassists but is also great for guitarists and keyboard players.

The BassBalls Twin Dynamic Envelope pedal is a fully analog dynamic envelope filter with two independent filters. The BassBalls Twin Dynamic Envelope Filter pedal offers two distinct filter characteristics: a more mellow, subtle filter great for long, sustained notes, and a more aggressive, snappier filter that adds “bite” to short notes or chords.

The Bassballs Twin Dynamic Envelope Pedal is specifically tailored for the unique sound and feel of a bass. Unlike any EHX pedal, it features special circuitry designed to handle the low-frequency needs of the subwoofer, and chromatic controls that shift the pitch up or down in tandem with the note you are playing.

Plus, both the decay and sustain are independent of one another, allowing you to play full chords without re-trigging. Each of the BassBalls twin dynamic envelope filters has a rate knob to adjust the speed of the sweep, a volume knob to control output, and a shape switch for selecting either traditional or highpass filter shapes.

The BassBalls Envelope pedal also includes an internal trim pot so you can tweak the filter frequency if you want to fine-tune it. The BassBalls Twin is the newest addition to our line of BassBalls envelope filters. This pedal incorporates two independent BassBalls envelope filters in one compact pedal for a dual sound experience.

You can apply the controllable time delay and filter to direct analog bass or keyboards, externally-triggered sounds such as drums, or your entire mix. Using the internal sync delay you can get lagging trails that gates your sound, or set the delay on infinite for plate reverb type effects. And while we’re showing off, take a look at how cool this pedal looks!

5. MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter w/ 9V Power Supply and Patch Cables

MXR Bass Envelope Filter


The MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter w/ 9V Power Supply and Patch Cables is a great pedal for bass players who want to add dramatic envelope filtering effects to their setup. This model boasts controls for level, attack, and decay as well as easy-access top-mount jacks. This Envelope pedal provides the innovative technology of envelope filtering for bass.

The Bass Envelope Pedal Filter gives you classic envelope filter effects and a special Ultra mode for enhanced harmonics. Control your bottom end with the M82’s Frequency and Resonance controls. Use the Attack Time knob to adjust the effect’s onset, and the Level control to set the output volume. The M82 comes equipped with a 9V power supply for powering other pedals in your effects chain.

This Envelope Pedal Filter pedal gives you a bass guitar envelope filter with the selective frequency range and sensitivity level control. Features an input for an optional expression pedal and external tap-tempo sync input to synchronize the slow attack time to a song’s tempo. Also has 3/8″ right angle, combo input/output jacks, and comes with an MXR pedal pouch.

This Envelope Pedal Filter is a unique type of envelope filter, has its roots as the “Bass BBD” pedal from the ’80s which featured 4 selectable time ranges. Now with modern components and updated circuitry MXR gives you 2 independent 12dB/octave analog low-pass filters with selectable time ranges from one millisecond to around two seconds, and even up to four seconds via the extended range via an internal dipswitch.

6. Fender Pour Over Envelope Filter Electric Guitar Pedal

Fender Pour Over Envelope Filter Electric Guitar Pedal


Best Envelope Pedal for Electric Guitar. The Fender Pour-Over uses a fully analog signal path and true bypass circuit. A low pass filter with sweepable frequency, resonance, envelope depth, and envelope speed knobs let the player dial in sounds from whisper quiet to growling and screaming. Great for guitarists of any genre.

See the video below for details & installation video. The Fender Pour-Over Envelope pedal allows guitarists to fine-tune their sound by controlling the volume envelope of their note’s attack and decay. The filter further extends the tonal range of the guitar and is an invaluable tool for shaping each note within an expansive musical landscape.

The Fender Pour-Over Envelope Pedal is perfect for the guitarist who needs control of dynamics in his/her playing. The pedal features modulation, sustain, and volume controls. Your overall control over your sound is extended as the pedal allows you to go from singing passages all the way to screaming solos with extreme flexibility and control.

The pedal was designed for guitarists who want more gain from their amp as well as players who use many pedals to get their desired tone. It can be used with an electric or bass guitar. This Envelope Pedal is an amazing musical tool that can be patched into any effect or module.

Preset “filter” buttons on the front of the pedal allow you to quickly dial in different textures or use the pedal as a stand-alone envelope filter by itself. This Envelope Pedalis an updated take on a classic guitar effect that delivers your tone through an expression pedal.

With the Pour Over, control the amount of envelope filter for your sound while simultaneously blending in the dry signal for smooth transitions and full range control.

7. MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter Pedal Bundle with Blucoil Slim 9V Power Supply AC Adapter

Bass Envelope Filter Pedal


Featuring pro-quality circuitry designed specifically for bass guitar, the MXR M82 bass envelope filter pedal adds new dimensions of ear-opening filtering to your sonic palette. A wide-range control knob lets you dial in the perfect amount of volume reduction as well as the precise frequency cutoff—all without touching a single knob on your bass.

Designed for maximum responsiveness and minimum noise, and constructed with the same rugged features you expect from MXR pedals, the M82 is an ideal filter pedal choice for any bassist looking to expand their tonal horizons. The M82 allows you to tune your signal so that the pedal will amplify just your bass and no other instruments.

Adjustable attack, sweep range, resonance peak frequency, and envelope release height help users tailor their sound for the perfect blend of highs and lows. This Envelope Pedal combines the tradition of an envelope filter with modern additions for enhanced utility and performance.

This pedal offers a highly responsive VCA attack control that allows you to determine how soon and how quickly you engage the envelope filter effect. A Decay control allows you to set the amount of time it takes for the envelope filter’s effect to fade out after you stop playing.

Mylar bypass caps on the input, output and AC adapter make this pedal ideal for use with high-gain amps such as those from MesaBoogie or Bogner. The MXR M82 Envelope Pedal stands as one of the most unique tools in the hands of a creative musician. It emulates the movement of an acoustic instrument’s strings, be it a guitar or bowed on other stringed instruments.

In doing so it creates sounds that no synthesizer can produce. This Envelope pedal delivers the sweet sound of the classic envelope filter, heard on countless vintage records, with all the power and ruggedness of modern technology. Ideal for bassists needing an envelope effect that’s simple yet sonically powerful and versatile.