Best Classical Guitar Under $1000: Detailed Buying Guide

Finding out the best classical guitar under 1000? Good luck with that. Of course, there are thousands of affordable Classical Guitars out there, but only a handful can catch up with the best classical guitars. The best classical guitar can be, uh, pretty expensive! You may even have to take out a loan to afford one.

It’s a challenge, a mission impossible, it’s even harder than figuring out how to get a date on a Saturday night! So let’s get to it. He’ll be the feature of our up-to-date review of the best Classical Guitar from our experts. What if you could get a great-sounding, intermediate classical guitar for cheap?

Top Pick #

Cordoba C7-CE Cutaway Classical Acoustic-Electric...
  • Traditional fan bracing
  • Rosewood back and sides
  • Full size
  • Full gloss
  • Savarez strings

Budget Pick #

Yamaha SLG200N NW Nylon String Classical Silent...
  • Nylon strings with wider string spacing for classical players
  • The SLG is the perfect instrument for practice, travel or stage use – any time an acoustic guitar just won’t do.
  • Near-silent performance makes discrete practice simple
  • Yamaha’s exclusive SRT-Powered pickup system gives incredibly natural acoustic tone through headphones or line-out
  • Studio-quality on-board effects enhance your playing to perfectio and line-in functionality makes jamming easy

Check out our reviews of the best classical guitars on the market, and find exactly what you are looking for. We give you some useful tips on the best way to get one and what to expect from your future purchase. You’ll get the best classical guitar under 1000 with us. It doesn’t only sound good… it will look good in your living room too! I am a serious classical guitarist. I’ve found that a good guitar needs to be high quality with nice tone color and with a nice design but at a reasonable price as well.

1. Beginner Guitar Acoustic Classical Guitar 3/4: Best in the Category

best classical guitar under 1000

This 36-inch nylon classical guitar is our best seller for the best classical guitar under 1000 in the USA according to reviews. The body size is great for small children or adult beginners to start playing this wonderful instrument. It comes with a bag, tuner, picks, strap, and extra strings for an incredibly low price!

Each of these guitars is excellent in its own way, and one of them is certain to meet your needs or requirements. Matching the guitarist’s budget with a quality guitar is crucial so that it’s a good idea to examine each guitar carefully before making your final decision. Given below are some important particulars about these guitars in detail.

This guitar is used for entry-level beginner students and its 3/4 size, classical cutaway, soft nylon strings, make it perfect for anyone looking to enjoy playing music from the start. It’s a great first guitar that will last you for years. A classical guitar is a type of string instrument made from spruce wood or high-quality cypress wood.

This design is well suited for beginners who are learning to play the guitar, as it’s much easier to play than steel-string guitars. The classical guitar has four nylon strings and six frets. The shape of the classical guitar had remained almost unchanged since its original conception in the early 1800s. It is suitable for beginner kids. With a 3/4 size, the children can learn to play more easily.

In addition, the guitar comes with nylon strings, well-groomed frets, and durable tuning machines. What’s more, there are many exquisite stickers on the guitar body and it makes the guitar more attractive. And our Classical Guitar comes with a high-quality bag and a free guitar tuner, etc.

The guitar is not only a perfect musical instrument but also an essential fashion accessory for kids! Children can learn to play guitar with this instrument and freely make their own music!

2. ADM Full Size Classical Nylon Strings: Top Rated Guitar under $1000

Classical Nylon Strings Acoustic Guitar

ADM Full Size Classical Nylon Strings Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag, E-tuner, Footstool, Kids Student Beginner Kits, Amber The guitar is made of Western Red Cedar top/Solid Spruce Sides & Back with Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard. It makes a great sound that can be heard from the distance.

The chord and fret are easy to make and it won’t cause hand fatigue even after a long time playing it. The nylon strings make it easy to tune this guitar more accurately. It comes with Nylon Material Solid Spruce Top, All-Solid mahogany construction, Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a gig bag that provides the protection you need while on the road, and other accessories.

The guitar is child-sized with frets that are easy to play with and ideal for small hands. With a funnel neck design, it’s easier for young students to learn the proper technique of holding a guitar. Suitable for adults as a typical size nylon string classical guitar. The guitar includes everything you need to learn or play.

The full-size nylon string acoustic guitar features an arched ceiling design, a high-quality spruce top, and a high-grade Sapele back and sides for a great sound that’s loud enough to be heard over background noise. Its attractive dreadnought body style makes this guitar look as good as it sounds allowing you to feel more comfortable as you hold and play it.

Acoustic guitars are perfect for performing at parties, or just entertaining friends and family. No matter if you already play the violin, viola, or another string instrument, you’ll enjoy the sound and feel of this amazing guitar! The sound projection is better than many guitars twice its price. It has a dark rich tone that is crisp and balanced for maximum enjoyment.

Many beginners will be satisfied with their sound on day one. Having played guitar since the 1980s, it was refreshing to hear such a beautiful tone from a new guitar.

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3. Classical Guitar with Soft Nylon Strings by Hola! Music: Perfect Guitar under $1000

Classical Guitar with Soft Nylon Strings

We understand that quality musical instruments from Hola! Music is not always easy to find. They don’t have just the right look or they are more expensive than you want them to be and they might not accept your offer. But, as you search for quality classical guitars under $1000, you can trust Hola! Music offers a wide range of instruments for every need and every budget with our collections and other products.

So, if you are looking for the best classical guitar under 1000, you can shop with confidence with us. We are here to make your musical experience easier. This full-sized 34-inch classical guitar is designed for those serious about taking their guitar playing to the next level! With a beautiful gloss finish, this nylon-strung classical will provide years of enjoyment.

This guitar is perfect for home practice or open mic fun! Our classical guitar is steps above toy-grade instruments popularly used by beginner players. Our classical guitar for kids was designed in collaboration with a professional classical guitarist and it offers the unique features necessary to consistently deliver top-notch, tone quality through its entire range of notes.

The classical guitar is a little smaller than a full-size guitar which is why it’s ideal for kids and for adults with smaller hands. It is a wonderful acoustic instrument for the younger generation. It is designed with playability and tone similar to the traditional full-size guitar.

Unlike most other cheap guitars on the market, we designed our 1/2-size classical guitar by carefully selecting high-quality woods and components, such as Savarez Cristal Corum high tension nylon strings, which will provide excellent tone and longevity for new players.

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4. Beginner Guitar Acoustic Classical Guitar 30 Inch: Outstanding Performance

Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar

Get this best classical guitar under 1000 with 30-inch nylon strings, rosewood fingerboard, and bridge, also high-quality wood for the guitar body. With a bag, you can begin playing it right away. Perfect for kids and beginners of all ages to learn about music! For any beginner or professional guitar player, owning a classical guitar is an absolute must!

Having good quality acoustic guitars will bring you the wonderful experience of playing the guitar and achieve better performance. You will be playing, singing, and enjoying the wonderful sounds of the guitar in no time. Laminated wood construction with a gloss finish.Very light and comfortable to play with. Has a really easy and pleasant sound.

With a smaller 1/2-size neck and well-balanced tone, it will make you sound great right off the bat. It’s crafted from quality materials, including rosewood fingerboard and nylon strings, and is designed to be easy to play. Plus, the nylon strings are ideal for beginners — they’re more forgiving than metal strings.

If you are interested in playing the classical guitar at home, in the office, or just for fun, this is an excellent choice. At least, you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a good one from China. It is lacquered with a well-designed wood patterned surface. And it has nylon strings that deliver an excellent sound as well as a solid construction and an affordable price.

Classical guitars are loved by many because they have a rich tone that is not only pleasing to the ear but also relaxing. They have a high sound quality and can be used to play different mediums of music. The most common type of classical guitar is the nylon-strung acoustic guitar. This type of guitar has high durability and sound quality and has a wider selection of accessories available for it.

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5. Strong Wind Classical Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch: Top Quality Guitar under $1000

Strong Wind Classical Acoustic Guitar

The Strong Wind 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar is a classical guitar kit for everyone. With a strong and solid spruce top with maple back and sides, this 36″ guitar has great sound quality. Ideal for beginner students, kids, and adults, the guitar features 20 frets, white color binding on the body, a rosewood fingerboard, and a bridge, that provides excellent playability and durability.

It is a top-quality Classical acoustic guitar for beginners. It features a premium Florentine grade Spruce top with scalloped bracing and modern X bracing patterns which produce a rich, clear tone even at high volume levels. The sound has a good projection and accommodates both fingerstyle and flat-picking players.

Other advanced features include solid mahogany back and sides, an ebony fingerboard with the bridge, and rosewood headstock binding/overlay. It is a classical guitar designed for beginners. It is made of high-quality material and with high standard workmanship under professional technology. One-stop service provided: Including strings, fret, picks and etc.

The Strong Wind guitar is the closest you can get to an authentic Spanish guitar without spending hundreds of dollars more. There are 3 sealing finishes on the body and neck of the guitar: natural satin, oil-protected satin, and high gloss.

With a precise nut width that allows for accurate intonation and accurate bridge placement that supports the sound, you are sure to have the right foundation for learning on your new guitar. Also includes a padded bag and adjustable strap for easy carrying. You could never imagine there was so much attention to detail in such a guitar. Just like what we said, it’s close but not quite perfect and a lot of work went into it.

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6. Tiger Music Classical Guitar: Excellent Choice below $1000

Tiger Music Classical guitar

We created Tiger Music to bring you the world’s most premium classical guitars, at affordable prices. Built with solid Spanish cedar tops, and rosewood back and sides, the CLG4-RD packs a huge punch into a portable package.

Tiger Music offers you the best classical guitar under 1000 that will make an excellent choice for players of all genres, and include mahogany neck and back, spruce top, ebony fingerboard, rosewood binding, wood rosette accent, and green pickguard. The spruce top coupled with the mahogany body makes it a rich and warm sound.

Comes with a gig bag, this classical guitar is an excellent gift for you or your loved one. Classical guitar is an outstanding art. It not only brings us pleasant surprises and memories but also inspires us. Whether you are a beginner or an old player, we classical guitar builders will choose some instruments for you with well-priced and excellent quality, like a classical guitar for under $1000.

If you are looking for a stronger, sharper, and richer sound any time or anywhere, then the classical guitar will be the best choice for you. A standard classical guitar with no modification, Tiger Classical Guitar is strung with nylon strings and has a solid wood soundboard. The solid wood soundboard makes sound clear and beautiful.

Tiger classical guitar also has many other colors you can choose from! These strings are continuously plucked to produce different sound musical notes. The production of individual sounds is called “playing” the guitar. It has a comfortable rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and stylish X-bracing to deliver a quality sound worth every penny.

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7. Mad About Classical Guitar: Amazing Sound & Playing Guitar

Mad About Classical Guitar

Best Classical Guitar Under 1000 Mad About Classical Guitar is a good place to buy a classical guitar for under $1000 in the USA, Mad About Classical Guitar, Right, Pink, 3/4 (MA-CG03), and get the free delivery, save 29%.It is a fantastic collection of great-sounding guitars.

A number of different companies make guitars for under 1000 dollars and most of them are really good, some great and a few exceptional ones. This guide will help you sort through the confusion to find the best classical guitar in the USA. A full-sized classical guitar that will grow with you, the Mad About classical guitar has all of the playability and classic tone you’d expect from a top-quality guitar.

Its solid cedar top is complemented by a mahogany neck for great sustain and a warm rich tone. Details include a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, 2-way truss rod, rosewood body, and gold tuners. Includes gig bag. I’ve said it before about classical guitars that cost more than $1000, but I’ll say it again.

There is no sense in spending more money on a classical guitar when you can get an amazing sounding and playing guitar for less than $1000. The body and neck are crafted of hand-selected mahogany, like all classical guitars from the Mad About Classical Guitar line. The back and sides are also known as the “side panel” of the guitar. The side panels are typically made from lighter-toned wood or rosewood.

The spacing of the true harmonic notes on a guitar is spaced further apart in order to get more volume and improve the overall sound quality of the instrument.

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8. YMC Classical Guitar 1/2 Size 34” Inch: Great Choice under $1000

YMC Classical Guitar

As one of the most significant musical instruments in the world, classical guitar definitely needs you to carry it around with much care. Thus, YMC Classical Guitar 1/2 Size 34” Inch Nylon Strings Classical Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack With Carrying Case & Accessories for Beginner Students Children-Natural is designed to meet your expectation. The product is greatly made of great material.

It is lightweight and durable for long-time use. Besides, this item has a durable case that can protect the product well from dust and scratches. It is attractive and suitable for both students as well as professionals. Explore the possibilities of music with a new guitar.

Whether you’re just a beginner, or an experienced player looking to add a new instrument to your collection, this Classical Guitar 1/2 Size 34” will be a great choice. With a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides, this durable guitar produces tone as rich as more expensive instruments. Beginners will appreciate the nylon strings that are easier on fingers and produce crisper notes than steel strings.

This guitar comes with everything you need to start playing, from an extra set of strings to a shoulder strap making it great for beginners, but also suitable for experienced players looking for a small travel guitar.

This high-quality nylon strings classical guitar starter pack comes with a sturdy padded travel bag, an extra set of strings, a digital tuner, and detailed instructions all included in the price. You really can’t go wrong with this Yamaha acoustic guitar.

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9. WINZZ 39 Inches Classical Guitar: Affordable & Superior Quality

Classical Guitar

This guitar is the perfect way to start playing the Classical Guitar. WINZZ 39 Inches Classical Guitar Full Size Beginner Acoustic with Bag Capo Tuner 4 pcs of strings is a great choice for anyone getting started on this instrument. The Acoustic guitar has a smooth wood surface, which comfortable touching on your hand. With the package of strings, it is a very good choice for beginners, very easy to play.

It is an entry-level guitar, good for both children and beginner players. It offers a very affordable price with superior quality and tone of the sound, helping you learn fast and enjoy playing. Before buying the one you like, I would recommend you playing this guitar first if possible, and make yourself sure whether this guitar satisfies your necessity or not.

Furthermore, let me tell you some key points if you want to buy a good one. With its handcrafted solid wood construction and worldwide fame of Seagull guitars, it is an ideal instrument for students and amateurs alike. If you are a beginner, it is your first choice. But if you are a professional classical guitar player, you can also choose it for your friend.

For the full size with ergonomic design, smooth sound, and fine workmanship, the WINZZ 39 Inches Classical Guitar Full Size Beginner Acoustic with Bag Capo Tuner Strings will bring you an unforgettable feeling. .We offer you amazing prices and excellent quality on all WINZZ classical guitars. The best price on the internet and you will not find it cheaper anywhere.

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10. Cordoba C1 Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar: High Quality Guitar below $1000

Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

The Cordoba C1 classical nylon string guitar is a finely crafted instrument with excellent tone and projection, ideal for any level player. The back, sides, and neck are constructed from East Indian rosewood, which gives this classical guitar a warm tone and clear projection. The top is crafted from cedar wood which gives this instrument a sweet, solid mid and low-range tone.

7 gold plated, fully adjustable tuning machines utilizing high-quality ceramic buttons are utilized to ensure long-lasting tuning stability without the dramatic loss of tuning that can occur when using less expensive tuners in the lower register of the instrument. It has a solid European spruce top, Indian rosewood sides and back, mahogany neck, and ebonized rosewood fingerboard with a 1-7/8″ nut width. The rosette, peghead pattern, and soundhole rosette are all abalone shells.
The inlaid wood design on the 12th fret is also an abalone shell. The nylon strings put a classical spin on its sound, which is well-balanced for its size, and it offers the depth of tone you’re looking for in a nylon string. Like all of our guitars, the Protégé Series C1 Classical comes with our 5-year warranty.

It’s a great choice for intermediate players looking to step up their game. For acoustic sound and feel, it features a solid Spanish cedar top and mahogany back and sides, with a hand-carved, one-piece book-matched rosewood bridge.

The C1 is comfortable for seated playing, with an adjustable truss rod at the neck and Cordoba’s ergonomic thin shoulder points and cutaway. For a classical guitar with crossover appeal, choose the Cordoba C1.