Best Chorus Pedals for Analog Synthesizers: All You Need To Know

Choosing the best chorus pedal for analog synthesizers in the USA is a very vital step in buying gear for the synth. Chorus pedals are really handy for adding extra texture to your sound, but finding the right chorus pedal for analog synthesizers can be a bit of a nightmare.

You don’t want anything fancy! A good old analog chorus pedal for those classic synth sounds. Chorus pedals give a lush, warm effect that increases the perceived size of your instrument. Many websites just list a few generic products, but you want specifics when it comes to your gear. No more pain! No more loss of time or money either.

Overall Best Pick #

M-Audio SP 2 - Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano...
  • Universal sustain pedal with chrome foot pedal for a natural, realistic pedal action
  • Classic design with a conveniently located polarity switch for compatibility with all electronic keyboards
  • Premium build with a robust, heavy-duty mechanism for uncompromised reliability
  • Lightweight, ultra-compact aesthetic provides classic piano style sustain in portable footprint
  • Specially designed rubber pads located on the pedals underside grips the floor and stays put while you play

Overall Budget Pick #

lotmusic Analog Chorus Electric Guitar Effects...
  • Integrated Noise Reduction: Developed with the code to reduce noise swells common with Analog Chorus circuit, you get the...
  • Pure Signal:True bypass switching maintains pure signal flow when the Analog Chorus pedal disengaged. Dedicated Gain & Volume...
  • Solid Quality: The whole Analog Chorus guitar pedal is made of aluminum alloy and classic, stable and strong. Aluminium alloy...
  • Easy Carry: Powered by a DC 9V adapter (not included in this package),this Analog Chorus pedal has a small size body, light...
  • Lifetime Promise: Unbelievably inexpensive two-knob setup,it's obviously simple to use. For any problem with this distortion...

If you are looking to buy the best chorus pedal for analog synthesizers, then this is where you should go! Oh, and on top of all that they’re massively overpriced! Just check out our fabulous selection of the best chorus pedals for analog synthesizers 2021 – and save a packet while you’re doing it! We’ve researched and tested hundreds of chorus pedals for analog synthesizers. From big names like Boss and TC Electronic to boutique brands like Klon and Catalinbread. Simply choose your goal (be it simply choosing what does chorus means most suitable for you, or kicking some serious goals to win the next barroom jam).

1. STYLOPHONE GEN X-1: Best Portable Analog Synthesizer with Built-in Speake

best chorus pedals for analog synthesizers

This portable mini keyboard synthesizer, with a built-in speaker, is easy to operate. The STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 has multiple types of effects, including LFO, Low pass filter, Envelope, Sub-octaves & Delay. This chorus pedal is a portable analog synthesizer with a built-in speaker, keyboard, LFO, low pass filter, sub-octaves, and delay.

With ten different sounds and the ability to mix them instantly creates a unique and diverse sound making it the only analog synth you need to take with you. This chorus pedal is an analog synthesizer unlike any known to date. It has filled a need for synth enthusiasts that demand portable yet powerful synthesizers.

It was designed with tried and true manufacturing techniques to give it a familiar look with the ability to create never-before-heard sounds. The new-school LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) and Envelope amount is hidden underneath the carefully placed sound strips of wax adds a new dimension of sounds while maintaining the classic capabilities of the X-1.

This chorus pedal is a miniature plastic analog synthesizer. It is the latest version of the instrument, which was once very popular with teens in the 1970s because of its low cost and novelty. This is a portable analog synthesizer with a sound engine derived from the legendary Micromoog synthesizer.

The handheld device features a full-sized 37 key keyboard and additional controls for creating timbres that expand the range of sonic possibilities. Despite its compact size and simplified design, it delivers the same unique sound as the original with an added sound strip for more versatility. It’s great for playing live or recording into your favorite DAW or iOS device.

The Gen X-1 is the perfect analog instrument for musicians looking to reconnect to a vintage classic and create anything from dancefloor hits to experimental electronica and more!

2. Korg Monologue: Top Rated Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

Korg Monologue Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

The Korg Monologue chorus pedal is a monophonic analog synthesizer. It features Korg’s DSP-based MMT technology, which provides a wide array of powerful features and effects, allowing even total beginners to create professional-sounding music without getting bogged down in complicated parameter settings.

The onboard presets created by internationally renowned artists as presets as starting points to spark creativity and help you make music right away. This model also provides a rich array of patch storage capacity that lets you save up to 100 original sounds as well as 100 presets that can be copied from the onboard sounds.

This chorus pedal is a slim-keyed monophonic analog synthesizer that delivers true analog sound. Housed in a rugged metal body, the monologue has an unmistakably aggressive tone that will cut through any mix. Its three voltage-controlled oscillators, hard-hitting low-pass filter, and versatile array of modulation sources provide powerful sound creation tools.

And having the ability to save up to 256 sounds means you’ll have instant access to the sounds you need for your next gig or recording session. The monologue is an ultra-portable, super affordable monophonic analog synthesizer that invites you to rediscover the joys of creating music from the ground up. The Monologue provides Korg’s signature sound in a sleek package that fits in the palm of your hand.

The classic MS-10 filter used on the monologue gives it an aggressive and edgy sound, while the newly developed four-pole filters allow near-infinite sustain. This chorus pedal unique engine has been optimized for a monophonic, analog experience you can’t get anywhere else.

The voice structure and how the oscillators are affected by the keyboard settings, pitch bend, filter cut-off, and resonance allow for dynamic, expressive sound creation.

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3. Electro-Harmonix SYNTH9: Outstanding Synthesizer Machine Chorus Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Synthesizer Machine Pedal

When you need to get down, the Electro-Harmonix SYNTH9 Synthesizer Machine Pedal delivers classic synthesizer sounds right on your pedalboard. This 2-in/2-out chorus pedal sports a tap tempo, mono and polyphonic modes, a 16-point MSEG lowpass filter with resonance control, and an analog chorus/vibrato with depth and rate controls.

Take your playing to the next level with the EHX SYNTH9 Synthesizer Machine. The SYNTH9 provides you with nine different voices for layering to create an enormous 68-voice virtual orchestra. Use the Dual-Mode function to layer two voices at the same time in any combination. The Volume control lets you blend your dry signal into wet, creating new textures and sonic possibilities.

Five shape settings allow dramatic timbral variation. Add vibrato or a triangle sweep using the Rate control. The chorus pedal has a large volume control knob and an easy-access knob for selecting between the nine different synthesizer sounds and a dry volume knob. You are also able to control any parameters or switch presets via MIDI CC. Breathe some life into your sound with the EHX SYNTH9 pedal!

The Synth9 is a limited-edition, compact multi-effect chorus pedal that creates everything from trippy cosmic effects to face-melting leads, plus a wide range of synth basses and screaming leads! Four high-resolution control knobs let you dial in the perfect sound. Choose the SYNTH9 from Electro-Harmonix and step into the future of analog synthesis.

This powerhouse stompbox weighs only 1.5 lbs yet delivers the fat sound of classic analog polysynths with all the control you need to explore modern synth sounds and textures. It’s an ultra-versatile tone generator that can function as a sound source for your guitar. This chorus pedal is also an effective harmony generator. It will automatically playback your sequence as you tweak the knobs on the front panel.

In other words, it’s a powerful tool for composition or live performance. We recommend using headphones with this pedal–the SYNTH9 can be loud!

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4. Behringer Synthesizer (MS1BK): Great Quality Product

Behringer Synthesizer

The Behringer MS1BK Synthesizer is the perfect tool for a composer or producer looking to expand his or her sonic creativity. With an easy-to-use interface and cutting-edge technology, you’ll be playing stunning synthesized tones in no time with the Behringer Synth.

The included effects also allow you to add creative layers to your sounds, turning your keyboard into an instrument capable of delivering complex textures as bold as any full-sized synth. The classic white exterior feels sleek and industrial and is complemented by red backlit buttons that are easy to use in dimly lit venues.

With its 2-part filter, 3 LFOs, chorus effect feature, and arpeggiator, this synthesizer provides the tools you need to create sounds that are incomparable to anything else on the market today. The Behringer MS-1BK is a perfect first analog synth that’s both portable and flexible. It features two VCOs, one VCF, white noise, spring reverb, a step sequencer, and a touch-capacitive keyboard.

With this chorus pedal ability to connect via Eurorack casings or traditional cables, this synth isn’t just for beginners but for anyone looking for something they can customize on their own. Our award-winning MS1BK is an analog mono synth that has a range of classic and modern sounds. With its flexible signal routings, you can create endless possibilities for sound creation.

The 10-note keyboard lets you record melodies, bass lines, and drum patterns. Plus, there are dedicated CV/Gate recording outputs to connect the MS1BK directly to your modular system. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a classic analog synthesizer that packs a serious punch!

A faithful replica of the legendary Juno 60, this chorus pedal synth works, plays, and sounds exactly like the original—with a few modern improvements to keep it fresh and current. A go-to choice for vintage synth enthusiasts and modders alike, it’s no surprise that the Behringer MS1 is rapidly becoming one of the most popular analog synthesizers around today.

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5. Empress Effects ZOIA: Excellent Modular Synthesizer and Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

Empress Effects ZOIA Modular Synthesizer

Modulate your way through space and time with ZOIA, Empress Effects’ fourth installment in their series of highly acclaimed multi-effects pedals. This fully modular, multifunctional effects pedal offers over 100 different effects that you can patch together in any order to create unique sounds never before heard or even dreamed of.

With the power of this chorus pedal, you can tweak every aspect of your guitar sound — including turning it into a synthesizer! Create vibrant drones by syncing any two ZOIA pedals or use them to boost your onstage tone. The ZOIA pedal’s discrete analog signal path and simple, intuitive TonePrint design make creating a signature tone easy and fun !!!

The ZOIA chorus pedal is a fully modular, multi-effects and synthesizer pedal. You can use up to four musically inspiring effects simultaneously and route them in almost any way you like. The ZOIA also serves as a high-speed MIDI controller for your DAW by turning knobs or switching stomp switches.

With its ultra-fast 24bit/96kHz sampling rate, the ZOIA is perfect for getting the best out of your modern synths and samples. The ZOIA is an open-source, modular, polyphonic guitar synthesizer and multi-effects pedal.

It features a 25 key synth keyboard with full-size knobbed buttons, 3 patchable effects pedals per side, 6 CGS single potentiometer modules on the bottom row for creating your own effects chain, MIDI in/out and CV in/out, and a USB port for communicating with a custom software editor.

The ZOIA chorus pedal is featured in the video above and features multiple oscillator types, multiple filters with user-adjustable Q, true FM abilities, a wide selection of effects including a fully programmable analog-style chorus, distortion, delay, phaser, ring modulator, and reverb. Like the synths of yesterday, it’s possible to patch ZOIA into itself allowing for holistic explorations of sound.

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6. BOSS Silver (SYB-5): Superb Bass Synthesizer Guitar Pedal

BOSS Bass Synthesizer Guitar Pedal

BOSS SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer Pedal features a series of 14 high-pass filters with adjustable resonance, deep low-end response, and tonal characteristics that are ideal for expanding the frequency range of your bass guitar. From classic analog synth sounds to modern synth-like tones, you’ll find an inspiring array of new sounds to add to your palette.

A true analog design that’s also built for bass guitars, the SYB-5 can produce everything from punchy synth lines to vibrant, bell-like highs. This Synthesizer pedal puts the powerful Bass Synthesizer function into a compact, stompbox-style pedal. With dual waveforms and selectable filter slopes, you can create wide tonal variations.

The pedal also features an analog dry sound path for direct connection to an amp without any signal loss. The SYB-5 is easy to use, adding thick bass sounds to your music in only three steps: 1) set a specific frequency to be doubled or not; 2) put some nifty filters to the doubled signal; 3) control level and rate. This Synthesizer Pedal brings the world of bass synth to guitar players everywhere.

Save precious space on stage and in your gear bag with this easy-to-use pedal, which delivers convincing five-string bass sounds right from your ax. Also functions as an overdrive or distortion pedal when you aren’t feeling synth-y. This Synthesizer Pedal brings the world of bass synth to guitar players everywhere.

Save precious space on stage and in your gear bag with this easy-to-use chorus pedal, which delivers convincing five-string bass sounds right from your ax. Also functions as an overdrive or distortion pedal when you aren’t feeling synth-y. ThisSynthesizer pedal designed to simulate the sound of a bass guitar. The pedal has an on/off switch and dual outputs.

Treble, bass, and a filter knob allow for control over the frequency range produced. The chorus pedal may also be used in mono as opposed to stereo (selecting the right input then turning the other off) via the same type of jack but only with one output.