Best 6v6 Tubes – Reviews & Buyers’ Guide

For some people, buying the best 6V6 vacuum tubes may be confusing. Even it is not hard if you know the steps to take. But do you know what to consider before deciding to buy?

There are so many online retailers that offer different brands of 6v6 tubes or accessories. Some of them are really expensive while others have cheap prices. How can you expect to choose the right one that suits your needs?

This buying guide will let you learn the different things you need to consider when choosing 6v6 tubes for your amplifier or device. It will also let you learn the factors that affect the price of 6v6 tubes and how to shop for these vacuum tubes online with ease.

Overall Best #

Tungsol Reissue 6V6GT Power Vacuum Tube; Matched...
  • Totally Tweed
  • The preferred OEM tube of '50s-era Fender Tweed Champ and Deluxe amplifiers The Tung-Sol 6V6 has a geometry designed to...
  • The result.
  • better mids and bottom while keeping the smooth top of the classic 6V6's
  • The Tung-Sol 6V6 breaks up evenly from low E to high up the neck

Overall Budget #

Let us help you find the best tubes .Our buying guide will take you through all the core things to consider when buying 6v6 tubes , and our review database will show you what actual users had to say about their products.

1. Tungsol Reissue 6V6GT: Best Power 6V6 Vacuum Tube

best 6v6 tubes

These premium late model Tung-Sol tubes have the same compact dimensions as the famed pre-WWII versions but with larger and more dependable plate structures. This means they run longer, and deliver a wonderful tone on both old Fender models and hot-rodded rock machines – all without a sag in the bottom end or harshness at volume! These reissued 6V6’s are true workhorses, yet sound incredibly sweet.

This is an affordable choice for guitar amps and audio equipment. These tubes offer a classic tone with a smooth top end that is still rich in the mids.

Fuel your love of tone with a pair of our new Tung-Sol Power Vacuum tubes. These exact replacement tubes are carefully hand-selected and made in the US to vintage specs and feature a solid plate filament design for the tight, rich low end while maintaining the classic top-end punch and midrange shimmer that makes the 6V6 family so famous.

The 6V6GT may be relatively unknown to many tube enthusiasts, but it is essentially a 6L6 with a slightly different heater which imparts a little extra sweetness. Tung-Sol’s are hand-made in the US by skilled technicians who have been making tubes for decades. These devices may actually look and sound more like vintage tubes than modern ones. That is because, unlike most of their competition, Tung-Sol does not use cold-drawn plate glass; they use solid metal for the plates.

2. JJ 6V6S: Top Rated Power Vacuum Tube

Vacuum Tube

Borrowing from the historic 6V6 design, JJ Electronic crafted this series of vacuum tubes that provide warmth and thickness to your sound. While this design also makes them perfectly suited for Hi-Fi amplifiers, vintage recording gear, and musical instrument amplifiers, it’s the combination of both old-school tone and low gain as well as modern reliability that makes these tubes so special.

These tubes set the standard for low-noise amplification in vintage vacuum tube recording gear. They are also prized by audiophiles and musicians alike as an affordable upgrade to modern hi-fi amplifiers and musical instrument amplifiers.

They offer the sound and tone that is reminiscent of the vintage American and British versions but with more reliable performance. These have the same look and iconic design as earlier versions produced in Europe, including treble and bass controls, tone switch, and black-Tolex covering on the control panel

These amplifiers really pack a punch! The 6V6S tubes are a design from the 1960s. Rated at 30 watts per channel, this amplifier has to be heard to be believed.

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3. Electro-Harmonix 6V6 EH: Excellent 6V6 Vacuum Tube

Electro-Harmonix Vacuum Tube

The 6V6GT EH vacuum tubes from Electro-Harmonix are specially designed for use in high plate voltage amps like the Fender Deluxe Reverb reissue. These tubes have a rugged make up that allows them to perform more reliably than your standard tube.

It can stand up to extended periods of high plate voltage and output, plus intense overdrive. It’s designed for high-current operating conditions encountered in guitar and high-voltage amps. The 6V6GT EH will give you hours of great tone with minimal noise even when pushed hard.

Great for high-plate voltage amps, like Fender’s Deluxe Reverb, this tube tames breakup and distortion while adding tonal roundness and complexity to the sound. For over 40 years, players have trusted Electro-Harmonix to provide the most innovative and highest quality vacuum tubes available. This tube will exceed your expectations.

This is an improved version of the classic 6V6. 6V6 valves have a very warm tone and they’re capable of handling high plate voltages better than any other small-tube. The EH 6V6 GT is a perfect choice for amps that use solid-state rectifiers or those with oversized transformers.

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4. JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube: Outstanding 6V6 Tube

JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube

The JJEH6V6S-JJ-MP is the standard 6v6Mullard manufactured in the UK by JJ Electronic. This power tube has a warm, smooth tone and long sustain. These tubes are manufactured under military specs for quality assurance and reliability. This tube looks very similar to the 6v6 Mullard but is technically superior because it uses lower noise parts from RCA. Because of this, they are more fragile than the standard US-made 6v6’s.

Like all of our tubes, it is designed and manufactured with military specs that ensure strict quality control. This tube is a balanced triode with a lower gain 12ax7a type element intended for use as a power tube, pentode, or phono preamp tube that would be used in a 2A3 push-pull or similar amplifier circuit or driver and/or phase splitter application.

These tubes are sold in singles, Apex matched pairs and Apex matched quad sets (1 = 3 tubes). The JJ 6V6-S is a USA-made product that has been engineered to work with all amplifiers needing EL84 and 6V6 power tubes. These tubes offer excellent reliability and tone for your amplifiers.

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5. JJ 6V6, Matched Pair: Perfect 6V6 Vacuum Tube

JJ Vacuum Tube

This JJ 6V6S is one of the more common higher quality tubes seen in guitar amplifiers. The Apex matched pairs each feature premium glass construction, carefully screened vacuum parts, and premium grade electronic components. These new 7581s are extremely rugged with a strong solid state type rectifier and a simple short signal direct from the preamp to the power amp stage.

They have tight bass, smooth mids, and bold highs as well as detailed dynamic response and excellent separation. One of these should be in every guitar player’s collection. This tube has a rugged construction that allows it to handle much higher plate voltages than the typical 6V6 tube. It has a balanced tone with amazing clarity and responsiveness. This pair is Apex Matched for optimal performance.

This is the modern classic six-transistor small power amplifier with triode/pentode switching. Tube sockets are Philips-compatible, both for tubes from 12AX7 up to 6L6GC. New triode/pentode functions and two pairs of screen grids allow you to work with a wide range of load impedances. The JJ6V6 can even be used in place of a 6L6 in some amplifiers. The tube is designed for true vintage tone and has the power to drive both 8 ohm and 4-ohm impedances.

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6. JJ Electronics: Affordable & Best Amplifier Tube

Electronics Amplifier Tube

JJ Electronics best seller! The 6V6GT has been a favorite for its simplicity, reliability, and affordability. We offer the premium JJ Electronic 6V6GT-S in our Apex Matched Pair or Apex Matched Quad Packages.

These tubes are suitable for many audio applications including Guitar Preamps, Hi-Fi Amps, Home Theater Systems, Instrument amplifiers as well as a variety of Professional Audio Systems with Multi-Pin Connectors. Can be used in place of the higher-priced RCA 6L6 tubes. It is a high-quality, Valve Grade vacuum tube featuring superior performance and exceptional reliability. Matching each tube lot ensures a highly-efficient amplifier design and clean tone.

Great for small scale practice amps, it provides high quality sound at a reasonable price. These tubes are manufactured according to the newest standard and are manufactured in USA.

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7. Mullard Reissue: Magnificent 6V6 6V6GT Vacuum Tubes

Mullard Reissue Vacuum Tubes

A power tube designed across 4 generations of vacuum tubes. The Mullard Reissue 6V6 6V6GT is a high-quality, Valve Grade vacuum tube featuring superior performance and exceptional reliability. Matching each tube lot ensures a highly-efficient amplifier design and clean tone.

It has very low noise due to the high filament voltage. It produces a good, clean power output with both 8 and 16 ohms loads. The T-6V6 is an octal tube, with no internal shield but it does have a mica insulating ring in the bottom. The T-6V6-S is a “still moisture” type of tube, meaning that it has gas in place of the regular vacuum. This is done to prevent shock hazards when using these tubes in high-density situations where they are.

The power tube has been designed to achieve excellent tone across a wide variety of musical styles while remaining stable enough for even the most finicky guitar and amplifier combination. It is well suited for use in the all triode mode of operation on higher power amps, or as pentode driver tubes in lower power amps – please contact us for recommendations.

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8. JJ Electronics(T-6V6-S-JJ): Amazing Amplifier Tube

JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube

The performance of our hand-selected T-6V6-S vacuum tube is far superior to the commonly available JJ versions found throughout the market today. These Apex vacuum tubes have tighter, stable emission characteristics resulting in excellent reliability and longevity. In addition, each tube is hand-matched for optimum performance which can be critical when using them in your tube audio amplifier.

This tube replaces the famous RCA and Sylvania 6V6 power tubes used in many amplifiers. These power pentodes feature a rugged glass envelop, thick mica washer system, and stiff getter. They are dependable replacements for any 6V6 application requiring a 12AX7 pinout.

These Apex vacuum tubes have tighter, stable emission characteristics resulting in excellent reliability and longevity. In addition, each tube is hand-matched for optimum performance which can be critical when using them in your tube audio amplifier.

This tube is the perfect replacement for your old one or to upgrade with no added effort. Available in Octal (so it’s compatible with all your amplifiers that take this size tube) Singles or Apex Matched Pairs or Apex Matched Quads.

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9. Electro-Harmonix 6V6 6V6GT: Best Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum Tubes

The 6V6 is a perfect forerunner to the 6L6 vacuum tube. It is a classic small-signal pentode that is commonly used in preamplifier and power amplifier topologies, due to its ability to develop high-current swings with relatively low grid-to-cathode voltage. Its rugged construction makes it extremely reliable and long-lived. The Gm is medium, transconductance being equal to approximately 38% of mu, or about 280µA/V. The distortion and noise characteristics are similar to those of the 6SN7, but because the peak emitter-to-plate voltage is much lower, the efficiency is slightly lower.

it is not able to overcome the inherent limitations that face any beam power tetrode when being used outside its optimum design parameters in high-powered output stages.

Whether it’s a 100-watts of tube power or an under-wattage amp the 6V6 is the workhorse of vintage amps. These tubes have been re-stocked as a matched pair. If you are looking for an under-drive tube, this is your tube!

It has been one of the most popular small signal tubes in use for over 50 years. Due to its low cost, ease of manufacture, and ruggedness there have been literally billions made and they are still being manufactured today.

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10. Tung-Sol Reissue 6V6 6V6GT: High-Performance Amp Tube

Tung-Sol Reissue

These “Brand New” Tung-Sol Reissue 6V6 tubes are all have been carefully selected for their individual performance to be A (Apex) Matched in power and plate current, then matched in pairs and quads. This means that any two tubes within a single amp are likely to have the same exact transconductance, maximum plate current, and noise factor.

This is a matched set of tubes built to the exact specifications of the original Tung-Sol 6V6GT tube, in appearance, performance, and test data. Built to run at 300 volts, filament at 2.2A, with .6W plate current and a 12 Plate Watts Max rating.

These new reissue power tubes are the closest ones to the original Tung-Sol “Black Plate” USA-made 6V6 ever released. They sound better than any of the Chinese or Russian current-production 6V6GT tubes.

These tubes are a modern interpretation of the original Tung-Sol tubes from the 1940s designed to give the classic, smooth sound that made these tubes popular back in the day. The Tung-Sol Reissue tubes are our closest equivalent to the original power triodes, the 6V6GT.